How to Remove your iCloud Lock Using the iCloud Unlock Deluxe

Last Updated on July 13, 2020 by XDA Team

If you forget your Apple ID and passcode, or if you purchased used apple phone but cannot trace its original owner, you won’t be able to access your iPhone. Luckily for you, this is not the end of the road.

With products such as the iCloud Unlock Deluxe, you can easily regain access to the iPhone without so much strain or hiccups.

Icloud Unlock Delux

What is the iCloud Unlock Deluxe?

This is a professional software that is basically designed to enable you to bypass any iCloud Lock so that you can easily regain access to your iCloud account even. The software is simple to use and will easily unlock the iPhone, iPad, or iPod irrespective of the model or even your version of the installed iOS.

What is an iCloud Lock?

An iCloud Lock is also called the Activation Lock. It is a feature that is found in Apple phones/ devices. The feature which has been implemented by iPhone developers (Apple) is basically designed to give your phone complete protection.

As such, the iCloud lock will protect your personal data and information. By so doing, the iCloud Lock will prevent an unauthorized access to your phone. The iCloud lock technology is usually automated to start from the moment that you turn on your iPhone.

What are the Advantages of Using the iCloud Unlock Deluxe?

If you use this software to unlock your phone, there are a number of things that you will enjoy, such as the following.

  • The software will automatically detect the IMEI and the Serial number of all iDevices
  • The software will Unlock any iDevice IMEI including the one for iPhone/iPad/iPod
  • The software is tested and found to be working with every version of the iOS
  • You can easily Upgrade or Sync your iPhone, iPad, and iPod with iTunes
  • The software allows all the iPhone features to retain their 100% efficiency
  • You will not lose any data or information once you choose the software

in-box v4.8.0 icloud unlock tool

iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Latest Version

Disadvantages of Using the iCloud Unlock Deluxe Software

Apart from the merits that we have seen, there are existing demerits that this software might still present such as:

  • The software offers limited access – it offered in only one blog
  • There could be some personal privacy leakage while using the software

How to Use the iCloud Unlock Deluxe Software to Unlock your iDevice

To unlock your iDevice using the iCloud Unlock Deluxe Software is no brainer at all. All that you will need to have a successful unlocking to your iCloud is the USB Cable and also the IMEI Number of your phone.

Thankfully, the IMEI number is often easy to find, as it is usually highlighted at the back of your iPhone. If not, you can easily find it by simply dialing the *#06# on your phone.

Once you have these two requirements, you can then follow this step by step guide to unlocking your iDevice (iPhone, iPad, and iPod). Take a look at the procedure.

Step 1: Download iCloud Unlock Deluxe.

The first thing that you have to do is to download the iCloud Unlock Deluxe into your computer. Then follow that by installing the software into your computer. Once the software has been installed, you can then proceed to this next step.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the Computer

Now you can connect your iDevice such as the iPhone to your computer. This is where the USB cord comes in. Use the USB cord and connect your iPhone to your computer. However, you must ensure that your iCloud Unlock Deluxe software is opened first before you proceed to connect the phone to the computer via the USB.

Step 3: Follow the Command

Once the phone is plugged in, it will prompt you with the “Connect via USB” command option. This command will appear on the home screen of the iCloud Deluxe software that’s already opened on your PC. Allow the command to connect the phone to the computer successfully.

Step 4: Allow the Device to Reboot

The next thing that you should do is to wait for your iPhone device now reboot. While rebooting, it will upload the new bootloader to your iPhone. While this rebooting process takes place, you shouldn’t disconnect your iPhone from the computer.

Often the process shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes. However, if it does, you can allow it to drag for a while until it is complete.

Step 5: Confirm the Pop-Up Box

Once the process is complete, the software will prompt you to use a small check box. You should check mark this corresponding box and immediately assume legal ownership of your new iPhone device.

Choose a Configuration:

To assume legal or full ownership, you will choose the configuration that best suits your needs here. You can go with any of the following.

  • Refresh Serial Number and VOID the warranty. It also ensures that your iPhone can no longer be identified by Apple.
  • Renew IMSI to match IMEI – this is ideal for the people that have a blacklist in their carrier.
  • Allocate new IMEI (this one also applies if you have the same blacklist problem)
  • Block Apple ID Verification Servers to keep off from iCloud Servers

Step 6: Click “Install”

Finally, you will click on Install and allow the iCloud Deluxe software to complete the process successfully. Once the process is successfully completed, you can then unplug your iPhone and switch it on as a new user.

Initializing the Customized Bootloader

As I mentioned, the process will reboot your device. Then it will upload a customized bootloader. It is this bootloader that enables the iCloud Unlock Deluxe to gain full access to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. So, you don’t have to do anything. It just allows the process to complete within five minutes before you continue.

How to Download the iCloud Unlock Deluxe Software

To use the iCloud DeluxeSoftware, you must first download it and install it on your computer,as I have mentioned above. To download and install the software, you will access the “only blog” that the developers of this software provider to their users.


Well, once you finished downloading the iCloud Unlock Deluxe Software on your computer, it will automatically prompt you with an installer. You can then click on the installer before you plug in your phone and start to unlock it.

The best thing about this is the software has an auto prompt for either activities that you intend to do. This means that you don’t have to worry about going through a complex route at all. Rather you will only follow the prompts.

You can, therefore, have an easy time without necessarily being a tech guru. Just follow the user prompts.