How to Use FRP Bypass APK The Smart Guide

Last Updated on June 16, 2021 by XDA Team

If you use a Google featured device, then you are well known about “Factory Reset Protection”. This feature protects your phone from others trying to enter into factory reset of the device without your permission.

How To Use FRP Bypass APK


If you forget the password of your own device, FRP Bypass APK help you out. This article will show you how to use FRP Bypass APK perfectly.

FRP Bypass APK Features

FRP Bypass APK is a Google feature in android devices to avoid Google factory reset protection. It can erase your Google account and unlock the phone.

Google has brought many other features for the android system; FRP bypass APK is still the most reliable and user-free tool to unlock an android device of any brand.


  • Free- You can use it without paying a single penny.
  • Safe and user-free.
  • Flexibility- you can use it on almost every android device
  • Quicker and faster than any other tools.
  • Multitask- works alone to remove the locked account, unlock the device and erase the history.

How to Use FRP Bypass APK?

There are two methods to bypass Google factory reset protection using FRP bypass APK.

  1. FRP Bypass with OTG Cable
  2. FRP Bypass without OTG
FRP Bypass Using OTG

Step-1: Download FRP Bypass APK first.

Step-2: Then locate the APK file. Copy it to the USB.

Step-3: Connect the phone to that USB by using an OTG cable.

Step-4: Go to your file manager, then locate the APK file.

Step-5: Just click the file and then click on ‘Install.’

Step-6: Installation procedure completed. Now you can enter into the ‘Settings’.

Step-7: Open ‘Settings.’

Step-8: Press ‘Backup and Reset’, then click ‘Factory Data’. Now click ‘Reset Device or Erase Everything.’ Files will be deleted. This includes app data, settings, system and data apps, and many other data along with the Google account.

Step-9: Restart the device. It is ready to use afresh.

FRP Bypass without OTG Cable

You need a fast and stable internet connection for this method.

Step-1: Turn on the android device first.

Step-2: If you see the “setup wizard”, then follow instructions.

Step-3: You will see the “FRP Bypass tool. Take the keyboard and press on ‘Settings.’

Step-4: Click the “Menu”, then tap on “Help”, and now on “Feedback”.

Step-5: Type a word or something and then click ‘Share’.

Step-6: Choose the message option and type a number in the ‘To’ part.

Step-7: Choose it, now click the “contacts” icon.

Step-8: Then, click on “call”, tap on the “new call” option. If dial pad comes, just type *#*4636#*#*.

Step-9: Now click ‘usage statistics’, then click on the *back button*.

Step-10: Go to ‘Settings.

Step-11:  Click “Backup and Reset”. Select ‘Factory Data Reset’ and just confirm it.

Congratulations! You have avoided the Google verification successfully. Your device is ready to serve you again.


I hope you have learned how to use FRP Bypass APK and escaped the Google verification. In the Android world, so many tools and have come. But the FRP Bypass is very popular among them.

Your device may be the product of any brand; you can rely on this feature. And you can do it all by yourself. We always welcome feedback from you.