Epson l380 Printer Driver Download For windows

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If you somehow lose the printer’s CD, downloading the Epson l380 Printer Driver is a must. It also comes in packages that consist of both the printer driver and the essential software.

Epson l380 Printer Driver

But as the software and drivers are mostly installed through the CD. So finding the proper downloading link can be difficult. But don’t concern if you’re finding one on the internet.

This article is about Epson printer’s drivers, features, and everything you want to know about them. We’ll also cover the downloading and setup part as well. So read the full article.

Epson l380 Printer Driver Feature

The Epson L380 is full of exceptional features. And for this, they are especially wanted by the customers. The l380 model of the Epson printer is compatible with many windows versions. So that makes them wanted by people more.

Now let’s jump on to the features-

  1. Model Number: Epson L380
  2. You can print your documents with this printer
  3. Alongside printing, this printer also allows scanning and photocopy. So it’s like a 3-in-1 device.
  4. It uses a very high efficient On-demand inkjet technology. It’s also called “Piezoelectric” technology.
  5. This printer has Flatbed type scanning.
  6. It doesn’t have any wireless moe printing technology. It’s not compatible with wifi.
  7. It also doesn’t have any LAN port
  8. It supports both colored and black and white printing
  9. You can print A4, A%, or any other size paper with it.
  10. The paper capacity of this printer is about 100 pages.
  11. It doesn’t have any card slot and doesn’t support duplex printing.
  12. One of the most fantastic features is, it has a display screen to monitor the printing.

Epson l380 Printer Driver List

As we already mentioned, this printer is compatible with many windows versions. Now it’s time to see what specific versions the Epson l380 Scanner Driver is compatible with.

Description Supported OS
Epson L380 Driver ·        Windows 10, 8.1 and 8, XP, Vista

·        Server 2000,2003,2008,2012,2016,2019

Epson L380 Driver ·        Linux (32/64 bit)

·        Ubuntu (32/64 bit)

Epson L380 Driver ·        Mac OS v10.4 to 10.13 versions
Epson L380 Software It’s compatible with all windows and Mac versions

Here is The Download Link:

Download Epson l380 Printer Driver For Windows 7/8/10

The Epson l380 Software Downloads easy if you know the process and follow them accordingly.

If you have the Epson printer driver disk, you don’t need to download it. In case if the driver disk is unavailable, Download the Epson l380 printer driverfrom here.

Visit the link provided above. The link is accessible from all windows versions.

Download the Epson l380 Driver For PC just like any other file. While downloading, save it to your desired directory.  This saving process of the driver file might take 1-2 minutes, depending on your internet speed. And after finishing, it’s ready to set up.

Download Epson l380 Printer Driver For Mac

Since you already know the supported versions of Mac Os, now, it’s time to know about the downloading process. The downloading process is also identical in the case of Mac as well.

Go to any of your Mac browsers. After that, try searching the download links manually. You can download the Epson driver for Mac from here in case you can’t to avoid searching manually.

Follow the procedures that you’ve told above. Now it’s time for the Epson l380 Install.

Install Epson l380 Printer Driver

After downloading, let’s head on to the installation part. Here’s how to install the driver manually-

  • First, download the driver file from the link. Then save the file in a directory.
  • Save the file carefully because you’ll need it for extraction
  • Now, select to the control panel from the “start menu.”
  • You’ll see a “Hardware and Sound” option. Click on it.
  • Select the devices and printer option
  • Now just like the image, click on “Add a printer.”

L380 Printer Driver Add in your PC

  • After selecting that, select the option marked in red in the picture.

How To Install L380 Printer Driver

  • This time, select the “use an existing port” option and select USB001 like the picture below.

Select L380 Printer Driver Model

  • Then find your printer model. If you can’t find one, you’ve to select manually by clicking on the “browse” button.
  • After selecting your printer’s driver, click next and follow the further instructions.
  • When you do everything correctly, you’ll receive a pop-up like the below picture. And your Epson l3800 Setup is done.

Epson l380 Driver Install Successfully

  • If you don’t see anything like this, start from the beginning again.

Uninstall Epson l380 Printer Driver

To uninstall the Epson Printer’s driver file-

  • Go to the control panel
  • Go to Programs. Now click on “uninstall a program.”

How To Uninstall Epson L380 Printer

  • Find the driver file from all the program files.
  • After you find the driver file, right-click and choose the “uninstall” option.
  • Then click yes for uninstalling.

frequently asked question

1. How Do I Install Epson L380 Printer?

  • Go to the Epson website.
  • Select the file according to your OS model
  • Download
  • Install by following the directions

An alternative way is to follow the step-by-step guide that we’ve shown above.

2. How Do I Install Epson L380 Scanner Software?

Ans: To install the software, first, you need to download and save the file. Next, follow the steps we have shown above.

3. How Do I Update My Epson L380 Printer?

Ans: For windows 10 versions-

  • Select the Epson L380 Printer software
  • Next, click on the Epson Printer Software Updater

For Windows 8:

  • Find the Epson software from the App screen
  • Select Software Updater

For other Windows Versions

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Click on all programs
  • Find Epson Software
  • Right-click and select Epson Updater

Now follow the procedure in the installation process. You might need to input your name and password in the process as well.


Although manually downloading and installing the Epson l380 Printer Driver can be a hassle, yet it’s the most effective way to use the drivers.

If you have the Epson printer driver disk, use it to install the driver. They are the easiest way to use the printer’s drivers. But if you follow the steps we have shown above, I’m confident that you can do it yourself! So give it a try. Good luck!

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