Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock Samsung (New Method) Updated 2021

If you own a Samsung android phone, you may notice “Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock” that comes in red color when you switch on your phone. It is normally prompted along the top right corner of your android phone’s screen.

Prompted on the black screen, especially if you’ve flashed your android phone using ROM software, this red alert error, when seen for the very first time, might easily confuse you, especially if you are uninformed about it.

It can prevent the smooth operation of your phone, and that’s why it is necessary that you actually bypass it.

But how do you remove the Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock? Since it provides you with a smooth operation of your phone, it is necessary that you find a perfect way to remove it. Below, I give you the simplest ways to remove the Custom Binary Block error.

In addition to that, I have given you several helpful tips about this type of error message and what actually causes it to occur. Please take a look at what I’ve got in place for you. Make sure that you read every part if you want the perfect mastery of the error code.

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To get what you must do right, I will give you a simple breakdown of what you’ve got to keep in mind. The article is equally toned down to the same so that you can easily understand how this error works and how you can remove it.

With that said, let’s get down to business by looking at every breakdown independently. It is simple, so don’t worry.

What’s “Custom Binary Block by FRP Lock” Error?

The abbreviation FRP normally stands for the term Factory Reset Protection. Its better version is what’s called the Binary Custom Block by FRP Lock.

In short, this is a new security feature that was first used in android 5.1. It is slightly complex but won’t allow any unauthorized access to your android phone by any foreign body that could tamper with your operating system or software and consequently factory data reset your without your permission as the original user.

Even so, you aren’t completely immune to this as the problem can still occur in case you’ve rooted your android phone or modified some internal settings.

Again, the FRP Lock will prompt you to use the Google ID and password which you had previously used to sign in to your android phone when you last reset the phone.

How to remove custom binary blocked by FRP lock flash with Odin

Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock can be the cause of so much fuss. Even so, the good news is there is always a simpler way to bypass/remove this error code without necessarily interfering with your phone.

As such, we signed into a Samsung smartphone to determine how to remove this error to the convenience of all our readers.

This means that we signed into each and every possible technique and eventually chose the best but the simplest method that will work for you in case the Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Lock is prompted to your android phone.

Take a look at How to remove custom binary blocked by FRP lock flash from your Samsung mobile with Odin.

Because we used the J7 Prime Samsung phone, we will use the same to show you how to remove the error. Take a look.

Step I: Download the Required Tool

There are two main tools that you’ll have to download if you need to fix the Custom Binary Blocked error by FRP. They are.

Step II: Extract the Stock Firmware

Once you’ve downloaded the stock firmware for your J7, please find the file with the downloaded firmware and extract it.

Step III: Open Odin (Give Files Path)

Next Open “Odin Software,” then click on the “BL” in the Odin software. Follow this by giving the “BL FILE” a path from the downloaded stock firmware.

Once this is done, you can then click on the “AP” in the Odin software and again give the “AP FILE” a path from your downloaded stock firmware.

Now click on the “CP” in the Odin software and again give the “CP FILE” a path from the downloaded stock firmware.

Finally, click on the “CSC” in the Odin software and then give “HOME CSC File” a path from your downloaded stock firmware.

Note: It is important to ensure that you’ve given the path in the “CSC ODIN” of “HOME CSS File” rather than that of the “CSC FILE.”

Step IV: Connect Your Device to a Computer

With that said and done, it is time to switch off your J7 Prime, then access the download mode by simply pressing and holding onto (Power + HOME + VOLUME DOWN) buttons all at the same time.

This should prompt you to a “Warning!” screen with other instructions on it. Press on the “Volume UP” key and enter your phone into the download mode.

Next, connect your Samsung mobile to the computer using the “Micro USB Cable” and follow these next tips.

When using the Odin software, “ID COM” shows up as the “COM ID” once it does that, it automatically converts to a “BLUE COLOR.,” which is proof that your device is successfully detected by the “ODIN SOFTWARE.”

Step V: Flash Your Phone

Click on the part marked “START” on the Odin software interface to the Custom Binary Blocked by FRP Samsung in your Galaxy J7 Prime. Let the process continue until you see the “PASS!” sign on your Odin software.


What causes custom binary blocked by FRP lock?

There are two things that cause this error, first is flashing your android phone, and secondly is forgetting your original email and password.

How do I turn off FRP lock?

Use the right software. Odin is reliable and will help you to turn off the FRP lock in the easiest way.

How to you fix custom binary blocked by FRP Lock on Note 5?

Use Odin like we have shown you here. This is simpler and requires no tools and no skills at all.


At this point, your J7 Prime Samsung phone will automatically reboot. Once the reboot is done, the phone will enter into the normal screen mode. This shows that the Custom Binary Blocked by FRP lock is successfully removed.

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