Android Reverse Tethering Tool Latest Version V3.19 Download

You have just your device or phone is enough to make sure that you can only access the spending internet test use and the hotspot capability. The Android reverse tethering tool is, that we can use reverse tethering in many methods. You can obviously install the internet connection of your phone to PC through a cable.

By the tool, allows you can share your computer’s Internet connection with your Smartphone through the USB cable. FRP android 7 APK For Google Account Locked Devices.

Android Reverse Tethering Tool

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What is the Android Reverse Tethering Tool?

Reverse tethering is a process which you can use to share your Computer internet connection and with other devices like tablet or Android.

When your Android device’s Internet connection is very slow? Already, you’ve your smart or android connected to your PC for charging, file app debugging? Why you can’t use your computers perfectly or Internet linking on your device?

In this way, I’ll speak the Computer internet connection with an Android device so that, you can create to follow any connection between two devices.

SPD Upgrade Tool

Reverse Tethering without Root PC to the Android connection

Hello friends; I’m sharing with all of you how to connect windows/Mac Computer internet connection to Android phone USB connection without root. Basically, it is said that you can share Wi-Fi internet to Android device using Data cable.

Android device owners have three options to share your connection with their PC or tablet, laptop Also, you can connect through Bluetooth.

Using USB cable how to connect PC to Android internet device

  • Firstly, you have to download all the files that you need to do the PC to Android internet connect.

  • Using a USB data cable connection with your Android device.

  • Then, install the Java JRE on your device.

  • After, on your PC you have to install the USB Drivers. Please download USB drivers if don’t work your drivers.

  • On your PC installed all files, Reverse tethering Apk have to copy on your device internally and externally.

  • After, Download ADB driver. Recently, connect your Android device and Run ADB drive on your device and then you have to click on Install. After sometimes wait to complete it. Then complete it and go to the next.

  • APK file Install have completed on your device

  • You can start or open now reverse tethering on your PC

  • Click on the connect option from your device.

  • Finally, it will be done and you can do sharing

Reverse Tethering Without Root


Before connecting you need to download all the files that I am sharing with you.

  • Windows PC.
  • USB cable
  • RT or Reverse Tethering for your PC
  • You need to download Reverse Tethering APK file that is the free version of RT in Android device.
  • Download ADB Drivers and Android USB Drivers.

Reverse Tethering for Windows 7 or 8 just I want to communicate between the windows PC and the android so the tablet doesn’t have to work beyond the PC.

Micromax D303 Flash File


If you trying to connect the Reverse Tethering, but it does not work or connect because of the Android drivers aren’t setup generally on your PC.

So, download the correct drivers of your device and then install clearly.  You can try this method that you wish; it’s a very simple process to set up the connection.

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