10 Best Root APK For Android All Version Download 2024

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Do you want to enjoy the hidden features of your Android device? Do you want to have more battery back up and speed? If yes, this post is for you.

You must know the advantages of rooting a phone. It lets you use hundreds of apps that you could not imagine using before. Some of these apps were either incompatible with your device or you could not use them without rooting your device.

Android Root APPS

However, finding a good root app is not very easy. That’s why we have come here with 10 best root apps for you. You can securely root your device and use all the Android apps for the rooted device if you use the following apps.

1. King Root APK Download For All Android Version​

If you have King Root Apk, it is fairly easy for you to root your android device.  what you need to do is just download, installing and press the Root Button, and you are all done. Rooting does not take much time as it works fast.

Kingoroot APK

Being one of the quickest root apps in the Root Apps Market out there, King Root apk works in most of the Android devices with a variety of versions. Even if you have got an Android 9.0 version, this app has got you covered. After you root your app with this app, you will notice that the battery life and phone speed has increased to a great extent.

2. Framaroot APK For Android All Version

If you want to securely root your Android device, Framaroot can be a good choice. With this app, you can easily avoid the complications of phone hang or death as it explores all the devices by model, operating system, and chipset as well. Framaroot comes with a simple and easy UI that makes the process easier.

Framaroot APK

Framaroot APK V1.9.3 Download For All Android Version: Mirror Link 1 | Mirror Link 2

When it comes to rooting, you can go for one-click rooting. You can also unroot your device whenever you want with Framaroot. And you do not need to use a computer for anything as you can perform every operation directly from the app itself.  One good advantage is that it installs SuperSU for you after the rooting process is done.

3. SRS Root APK Download Latest Version For Android

If you have an Android version of 1.5 or above, you can root your device with SRSRoot. Being available for PC and Android devices, this app is developed by XDA developers. Along with rooting your device in one click, it accommodates features like resetting, reading gesture locking, Tmobile Simlocking, FRP bypassing, removing Sprint, and many more.

SRS Root APK Latest Version Download For Android: Mirror Link1 | Mirror Link 2

It is a single-click rooting solution that also comes with an ADB toolbox to perform locking and resetting the device. When it comes to the premium SRSRoot app, you can also avail the features of the smart root where the app will find the best way for you to root your Android phone and tablet. However, you can also use this app to unroot your device.

4. Root Genius APK Download For All Android Version

Being available for the Android devices and PCs, Root genius latest version supports more than 10000 Android devices. If you have a device that uses Gingerbread to Lollipop version, you can safely root your Android from the APK version. However, you can also use the PC app which supports up to Android 9.0.

Genius Root APK

Root Genius APK Download For All Android Version: Mirror Link 1 | Mirror Link 2

If you download the PC version, you can perform a variety of tasks including rooting. You can flash Custom ROMs and Kernels and remove all the preinstalled crapware of the system that you do not need to use. You can take the backup of your device completely along with enjoying new skins and apps as you want.

5. iRoot APK For Android All Version

iRoot is one of the best Android Root Apps to download and use. With the latest version of iRoot, which was previously named as vRoot, you can root your Android devices that fall within Android Froyo 2.2 to KitKat 4.4 very comfortably. It combines root and unroot features along with a single process for the tasks.

iRoot APK

iRoot APK For Android All Version Download: Mirror Link1 | Mirror Link 2

You will not lose any data or personal files if you use the most recent version of iRoot. Note that, you do not need any presettlement of  TWRP recovery or CWM installation for using this root app.

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6. SuperSU APK Download For All Veresion

SuperSU is one of the most popular apps that you can use to root and make many other changes in your Android device. SuperSU pro version will let you access a world of features. Keeping track of the apps that you have root permissions, it helps you to grant those apps with permission again and counts the time they use it.

Supersu APK Download Latest Version: Mirror Link 1 | Mirror Link 2

You can also use this app either temporary or completely unroot your device with ease. On top of that, you can use this app in recovery mode. OTA survival mode, per-app user override, personalization options with different themes and other features have contributed to its popularity.

7. Vroot APK Download For Android All Version

Vroot is the old version of iRoot. Though developed in China, Vroot also has simple instructions in English. Being completely free, this app is supported by over 8000 Android devices.

Vroot APK

Vroot APK Download Latest Version For All Android Version: Mirror Link 1 | Mirror Link 2

It is possible to securely root your device with this tool. You do not require technical knowledge to use this app as it is super- easy to use. With a simple user interface and easy rooting process, you can have the complete authority of your device after you root.

8. Magisk Manager Root APK For Android Devices

No matter whenever you have SuperSU or other root apps installed on your device, Magisk Manager will give you extra benefits that you may not get from other root apps.

For most of the rooted Android devices, using banking software and other apps that do not allow rooting is difficult. Users need to unroot their devices to use those apps which is a lengthy process sometimes when you need badly. That’s the very reason why Magisk Manager has come into existence.

Magisk Manager APK

Magisk Manager V27.0 Download For Android Devices: Mirror Link 1 | Mirror Link 2

Magisk Manager has certain techniques that will make your rooted device look like an unrooted one to the apps that have issues with rooting devices. With this app, you can use all the apps that you could not use due to rooting. So, you do not go to unroot and root again and again if you have Magisk Manager in your rooted device.

9. Baidu Root APK Download For Android Devices

Baidu Root APK supports rooting for Android devices that are run by Android 2.2 and above (up to 4.4). Though it comes in the Chinese language, it has English version APK for easy use. This root APK supports more than 6000 devices.

Baidu Root APK

Baidu Root APK Download For Latest Android Devices: Mirror Link

Baidu Root APK is loaded with features that help to boost the speed and overall performance of the device. It helps to manage the memory along with the cleaning process. Being a safe app, it does not cost money to use it.

10. OneClick Root APK Download For Android Devices

Be it rooting, unrooting, or repairing your Android device, OneClick Root is one of the best root apps 2019. To unlock the full potential of your Android phone or tablet, you can use this app without hesitation.

OneClick Root APK

Oneclick Root APK Download For Android Devices: Mirror Link 1 | Mirror Link 2

If your phone or tab has any problems that need to repair, using this app will help you to troubleshoot and fix. However, one good feature of this app is that you can use this same app to unroot your device whenever you can without harming your device. It is easy and does not take much time.

To enjoy a bloatware-free device with unlimited MOD apps and root apps, installing this app is a must.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the best root apps, you can explore hundreds of new apps and Mods that were not available for you before the root. Use any of the apps mentioned above to get your device rooted and unrooted as per your need.

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