Pan Baidu Downloader Link Generator Without Login 2023

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Baidu is an authoritative search engine that is made on focuses on China’s local search. This search engine has a chromium-based browser that is called Baidu Spark browser or Baidu downloader. One of the great advantages of Baidu Browser is that it allows a user to download audio, video, files, and documents directly from the web browser.

Pan Baidu is an amazing cloud server of Baidu search engine company that has provided Baidu services to the user. Are you concern that how to download files from then we are here to help to download from Baidu without account. So, let’s start to know the easy procedures of downloading from Baidu.

How to Download Files from

There have two principal ways of downloading files from pan Baidu cloud server webpage. Many often ask for download file without account and a vast user want to download files without login. If you are a regular user of Baidu and facing problem to down loadthen chrome downloader will help to download anything with great speed.

Method 1:

Step 1:

First of all, download Baidu-dl chrome extension and then install it correctly. The Baidu-dl extension link is here

Step 2:

Now unzip the downloaded file and copy the baidudl-master folder into the c-drive. And open the chrome browser then start the developer mode.


In this step, go to the baidudl-master, drag the extension folder and drop it in the chrome://extensions tab. And then go to link to log in to the Baidu account.

Step 4:

Hence, click on the download option and enter the Baidu username and password to access Baidu website properly.

Step 5:

Now click on the baidudl-master extension icon to generate a download link. It may take few minutes. So, wait till the link is generated. When the link is generated, copy the HI Link.

Step 6:

At the last step, paste the link in any download manager on the browser. This process will allow downloading any file at full speed.

Method 2:

Step 1:

Sometimes, download manager system may not work then a user can follow this RPC Download method. For this, go to the baidudl-master\baidudl_rpc\Windows” folder and run baidudl_rpc.bat file.

Step 2:

Go to the download page and click on the baidudl-master folder. Then click on the RPC Download option.

Step 3:

Store the downloaded file in the baidudl-master\baidudl_rpc\Windows

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The process of Getting 2tb Cloud Storage for Free with Baidu

Baidu users can get 2TB cloud storage for free with Baidu pan mobile client. For this, the first task is to download Baidu mobile client and log into it. Then the 2TB free storage will be available for the user. Also know that iPhone iPad and Android, these three types of devices that are available for these advantages from Baidu.

How Do You Download Baidu Link with IDM?

Follow the below steps to download the Baidu link with IDM. These are easy and take less time.

Step 1:

At the beginning, save the file to the cloud and extract the download link to click on the file.

Step 2:

In the meantime, install Baidu online disk. And then click on the new task and paste the generated link that ensures download

Step 3:

At the last stage, copy the download link and open the IDM.

At the last stage, copy the download link and open the IDM.

Baidu Browser is safe for windows and some limited android devices. This browser allows sharing of personal information without encryption. Even it allows taking services with easy decryption. But there have several risks when executing the code for software updates. However, Baidu released anti-virus for protect personal information from threats.

Can I download Baidu?

Yes, you can download Baidu from the web. A dedicated panbaidu chrome browser is required to download anything like audio, videos and documents from Baidu search engine. The dedicated browser allows a user to download from Baidu search engine with great speed and less hassle.

How can I download Baidu file without client?

There have four simple procedures to download Baidu file without client or account. Even these procedures work great to download Baidu resources.
•                   Open the Baiducloud website
•                   Paste the Baidu link on the box
•                   Click on the show button
•                   Copy the User Agent for the link
•                   Save the download link
•                   Follow up the next command

Final Words:

Baidu downloader is the easiest medium to use, access and download all services from Baiducloud and baidudl search engine. Downloading anything from Chinese search engine Baidu seems difficult to the outside people of China. But we have mentioned the easiest way of Baidu downloader that is convenient for all internet users.

If you got benefitted from this guide, then share it with your community and online social platforms. Also, let us about any of your queries of Pan Baidu downloader. We will update this guide as soon as possible.