SP Flash Tool DL Image Fail Solution Guideline

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When you know that you unlock FRP of a mediaText-based Android phone, it shows “Tool DL Image Fail” while switching your phone. If it shows up on the “Tool DL image fails” screen, but the phone will be restarted and you can not use the phone, but the question is to solve this tool DL image on any MTK MediaTek Android phone and here we are using the example of Acer T02 MT6573 Android 5.1 phone And this process helps you recover your phone from ‘Tool DL Image Fail’ ‘without blurring the phone.

Occasionally, when we fling the phone, there may be some problems such as TOOL DL images fail! Solve the problem here to resolve the problem DL! This is what happens when I first flashing. Here’s the way to fail the tool DL image! This solution can help solve UBOOT by blocking information by DLO.

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Tool DL Image Failed Solution

SP Flash Tool [Tool DL Image Failed Solution]

  • 1) You will have to flash once more, but with little change from the previous flashing.
  • 2) Open the flash tool
  • 3) Click on the top left option.
  • 4) Click download and check all DL Image by checksum
  • 5) Close the option and open it again and again confirm that the box is being copied to work. Then you can flash again. Then voila It’s complete. Try to be patient with loading because it will take time to load. Thanks 🙂

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Verify / Verify / DL Image Failed Mode Mode:

  1. 1. Power off the phone, remove the battery, insert the battery back
  2. 2. Insert the USB cable. In some cases, keep BootKey necessary
  3. 3. Use the big boot key to find the boot key
  4. 4. Battery should be charged more then 50%
  5. Waiting for USB port …
  6. Set Mobistel PreLoader USB VCOM Port (COM154)
  7. Please “turn on” to connect to the phone …
  8. Phone connected.
  9. CPU: MT6735 SW: 0000 Vertical: CA00
  10. Downloading boot8 …
  11. EMMC size: 0x03AB800000
  12. Flash Type: EMMC
  13. Int / Extreme RAM size: 0x20000 / 0x80000000
  14. Checking DL …

Tool DL Image FIx – Solution: –

If you face the failure of the tool DL image after flashing or unlocking the franchise on Android smartphones, then here’s the solution. If the phone is shown the Tool DL image fails but it is restarted and you are unable to use the phone, but after following the steps you can easily recover it in the normal mode of the phone.

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• It is similar to the FRP unlock step above but instead of the format we download the firmware using Flash or SP flash equipment.

• Load the Open SP Flash Tool and the MT6737M_Android_scatter file.

• Then select only the download and then select only the cache (uncheck the other image below)

• Now go to Options -> Options -> Download and select the USB checksum and the Storage checksum.

• Now click the download button and connect the phone using the boot key (same as the FRP process above)

• Download is OK after you remove the phone and switch it, now it will fine with the DL image failure.

How To Fixed PMT Chnager For The ROM Must Be Download

How To Fixed Tool DL Image Failed

Another Solution with Miracle Box?

Check out this tutorial for troubleshooting this issue using Miracle Box.

• Open Miracle Box V2.87

• Go to Mtab and click Extra.

• Now select the fixed DL mode and click on the Start button.

• Wait until the fail DL image fails to fail.

• Now turn on the phone and enjoy it.

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