FRP Bypass APK Download For Android 2024

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  • shieldx_install.apk
  • technocare.apk
  • Google Account Manager 5.apk
  • Google Account Manager 6.apk
  • Google Account Manager 8.apk
  • Google Account Manager 9.apk
  • Easy Frp Bypass.apk
  • Android_8-9_GAM.apk
  • Apex_Launcher.apk
  • Development_Settings.apk
  • ES_File_Explorer.apk
  • FRP_Android_7.apk
  • FRP_addROM.apk
  • File_Commander_Manager.apk
  • Google play service.apk
  • Menu_Button.apk
  • Nova_Launcher_v5.5.4.apk
  • Phone_Clone.apk
  • QuickShortcutMaker.apk
  • Setting.apk
  • Smart_Switch_Mobile.apk
  • Test_DPC.apk
  • hushsms.apk
  • remote gsmedge.apk
  • System_app_remover_pro_v7.2.apk
  • Bar_Settings.apk
  • PackageDisabler_crk.apk
  • Shortcut_Master_1.2.7.apk
  • (Navigation Bar) Power Shade v18.4.4.1 [Pro].apk
  • Notification.apk

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Did you recently restore your Android device? The latest Android devices have a built-in security feature called FRP Lock. Unless you enter the correct old Gmail ID and password, the FRP lock won’t be unlocked. One of the simplest ways to unlock your smartphone is using FRP Bypass. In this article, I will guide you on how to download, install, and use FRP Bypass on your Android device.

What is FRP Bypass APK?

FRP Bypass APK is an unofficial, third-party application to remove the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) lock from the latest Android phones. It is mainly useful when you have forgotten your old Gmail ID and password. This app gives you smooth access to your phone without verifying your identity. However, some users may use this software to access personal data.

Download FRP Bypass APK For Android

Downloading an FRP Bypass application is pretty simple. You don’t need to be a tech freak to use this software. This small-sized app has user-friendly features to quickly remove the FRP lock with a few clicks. Check the above link.

How to Remove the FRP Account?

Android users mostly face FRP problems. However, you can solve this problem effortlessly. Samsung smartphones are more prone to have this issue as these devices are equipped with an FRP lock feature. If your Android device has still a warranty, it is best to take it to a nearby service center.

However, if your smartphone doesn’t cover any official warranty and you don’t want to spend any money, an FRP Bypass app is enough to remove the FRP account. You won’t have to enter your old email ID and password. Once the FRP lock is removed, you can enter a new email ID and password.

How to Use FRP Bypass APK?

Step: 1) At first, download the FRP Bypass APK from the above-mentioned link. You can search on the internet to find a compatible option.

Step: 2) Now, visit the file manager option followed by the download section. Tap on the app and install it. Wait for a few seconds. Once it is completed, open the app.

Step: 3) Next, visit your web browser and enter either of these URLs on the search box: or

Step: 4) Navigate to the FRP apps area and choose the “Open Settings App” option.

Step: 5) Tap on the option and you will be redirected to your phone Setting.

Step: 6) Scroll down and choose the “System Settings” option. Now, choose the “Backup & Reset” icon followed by the “Reset Phone” option.

Step: 7) Next, click on the “Reset System Settings Only” option. Confirm your choice to start the reset procedure.

Step: 8) Afterwards, tap on “Select Erase All Data” and confirm your submission to erase all data.

Step: 9) Let your Android phone to restart. It will initiate the factory reset procedure. Wait for a few minutes until the procedure is finished.

Step: 10) Let your smartphone restart automatically. Now, set up all the primary steps on your smartphone.

Step: 11) Now, you have finally unlocked your FRP verification without any cost. Your phone is ready to use without any issues. Enter a new email ID and password.


You don’t need to be a techy guy to unlock FRP Lock on your Android device. All you need is a compatible FPR Bypass APK and a proper guideline. Hopefully, our above instructions have helped you remove the FRP lock and enabled you to use the phone smoothly without any issues.

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