QPST Flash Tool v2.7.480 Latest All Version (Updated) 2022

Do you want to know about the QPST tool? We’re telling you about the QPST Flash tool. Currently, the QPST tool is known as Qualcomm Product Support Tool. Almost all devices that come with Qualcomm chipset are supported by the QPST flash tool.


In this content, we will also tell you about the QPST Tool latest download links, the features of the tool, and the steps to use. You can download the tool from the download links shown here. Let’s get started.

QPST Flash Tool is an application that allows you to flash stock firmware on Qualcomm Smartphone and tablet devices. It will enable you to install the latest software packages on your device. Now, almost all Android devices come with Qualcomm chipset. The Qualcomm Flash Tool can be used to directly download and flash the latest collection firmware to Qualcomm chipset devices. 

Qualcomm Product Support Tools are the manufacture of Qualcomm Mobility Inc, which is a multi-international company that provides the most excellent bulk chipsets for Android devices. This flash tool also one of the best production of the same company to flash stock ROM on each Qualcomm Smartphone and tablet. This got remarkable features besides with the superpower to boost some version of Android handset.

The List Of Qualcomm QPST Tool (Qualcomm Flash Tool)

You can download the latest version of the QPST flash tool directly from the official host. You can download the QPST flash tool from the links given below. 

Note: If you are not able to download from this link, please use any VPN service to access.

Features of QPST Flash Tool

Qualcomm Product Support Tools Known as QPST or Qualcomm Flash Tools as Qualcomm chipsets nowadays come with almost every Android Smartphone or laptop. The following are the features of the QPST Flash Tool.

  • Supports Windows XP to Windows 10
  • EFS Explorer
  • PDC
  • QCN View
  • MemoryDebugApp
  • Dimple interface
  • QPST configuration
  • Flash MBN file
  • Backup and restore NV items
  • Radio Frequency Calibration
  • QFIL tool

How to use QPST tools?

Are you thinking about using the QPST tool? You can quickly flash the firmware using this tool. Qualcomm Tool is a useful application that lets users download ROMs and flash them on a compatible device. Before using the Qualcomm Flash tool for flashing your device, remember that this guide only applies to Qualcomm devices.

  • Connect your Qualcomm device to the PC by using a USB Driver With Cable cable.
  • Next navigate to C/ program files QPST bin folder.
  • Open the Configuration file.
  • Once the Configuration file is launched, click on the port menu.
  • Click on the start clients menu and choose software download. Now you will be capable to see the QPST software dialog box.
  • Promptly tab on the browse button and locate the firmware on your computer that you want to flash on your Qualcomm device.
  • Now under the boot image, select the browse button to find the BOOT_LODER_HEX file.
  • Currently click on the start button to start the process.
  • After success full flashing process you will be able to see the green bar.
  • Now remove the handset from the PC and restart it before using it.


Through this content, we have told you about the QPST tool. We have included download links for all versions of this tool to facilitate your download. You can easily download this tool with these links. Here we highlight all the features of this tool. Even if you are a new user of the QPST tool, no problem, we have outlined the full rules of use here.