Maui Meta 3G IMEI Repair Tool Latest Version Free Download

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Maui Meta 3G is a system that helps to solve any kinds IMEI related issues. You know that International Mobile Equipment Identity is also known as the IMEI number. If your IMEI number has any problem like missing IMEI, losing signal network and you want to change it, you can use this tool. But remember that the IMEI number changing or repairing is not legal in many countries. So take your own risk when you replace or fix your IMEI number on your phone.

Maui Meta 3G

The Maui Meta is an application that thoroughly portable. For that, you do not need to install it on your pc. As Maui Meta is a portable tool, it will open directly. You can use it on any windows pc without any problem. It supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Now read the full content.

What Is Maui Meta 3G Tool (3G IMEI Tool)

Maui Meta 3G Tool is a tool that helps you to repair or solve IMEI related problem on the MediaTek based smartphone. This tool is entirely free to resolving the IMEI issues. If your smartphone or tablet pc have the problem to about IMEI error or Null, then this tool will help you to solve these problems.

maui meta 3g ver 6.1316.1

The List Of Maui Meta 3G IMEI Repair Tool

Why Need Maui Meta 3G IMEI Repair Tool

For many reasons, we need to fix smartphone IMEI number. If you flash your smartphone, that time you will lose your IMEI number. At that moment if you want to back your IMEI number or if you want to change your IMEI number that time Maui Meta 3G MT6592 will help you to fix your device IMEI related issue.

How to download Maui Meta 3G

For downloading the Maui Meta tool latest version, first, you need to click on the download button. After click on the download button then you need to wait for the few seconds for starting the download.

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How to use Maui Meta 3G tool

First, you need to download the tool by using the link or click on the download button. When you download the file, that time you will see the file in the RAR format. For that, you need to unzip the file. For unzip the file you need to use any unzipper tool. You can unzip the file in the two ways. 1st using your phone and another using your computer. For unzipping the file by using your android phone, you need to download the file explorer on your android device then the tool download on your device. When you download the file, then click on the extract option then normally extract the tool. Or if you want to extract the file by using your pc, then you need to download the WinRAR or 7Zip software on your pc. Then install the software on your pc. Download MTK USB Driver All Version Download Link.

When you complete the installing the software then extract the file.  After extracting the tool then you need to open the Maui Meta folder from the extracting location. Then run the program by click on the run as administrator. Then you need to wait until the application dash appears. Now select the option that according to your device. Then you need to click on the reconnect button that looks on the top.

After complete these posses then you need to switch off on your device to the pc by using a USB data cable. At that moment if you see the circle color is changed to the yellow, it means that your device is successfully connected to your pc. Now you need to confirm your device by clicking on the get target version option. Then your device information will appear on the screen.

Enter the IMEI number

Now come back on the main dashboard then select the IMEI download option. You find the option on the drop-down menu. At that moment, the IMEI download box will be shown on a new tab. Now you need to click on the change NVRA1v1 database file. Now in the new tab window select the path of BPLGUInfo file. Then click on the open option. After completing these posses then you need to give 14 digit IMEI number on the box. You can write any number is your wish. Now click on the download to flash button. Once you were successfully written the IMEI number on your device, then you can find a message that saying that the download IMEI to flash successfully.

Hope now you already download Maui Meta 3G too and used it for solving your issue. If following all step by step, I hope you will be a successor to repair or change your IMEI number from your device. But one thing remembers that the IMEI number is not legal in the many countries. So take your own risk when you change or repair your IMEI number on your phone. Qualcomm HS-USB Qdloader 9008 2018 Update Link.

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