Moto FRP Tool | Remove FRP Lock For Motorola Devices

FRP locks are both beneficiary and problematic. They prevent illegitimate and unauthorized access to devices. In contrast, the authentic users, forgetting necessary information, struggle to open the lock often. If you are one of them and want to remove FRP lock for Motorola devices, then this post is dedicated to you. Here, you are going to learn about Moto FRP tool, a program used to bypass FRP locks in Motorola phones, and how to use it smoothly. Let’s get started.


Android OS has a unique security feature namely FRP lock. When an Android phone goes through a hard reset process, it asks for the user ID and password of the last Google account used before starting a factory reset. If one can’t provide the information, the further process is locked. This is an FRP lock. This system is introduced to stop unauthentic usage of a phone like using after a theft. Therefore the lock is undoubtedly necessary.

But, sometimes it can trouble legitimate users if they forget the information. Then, the necessity of FRP unlocking tools arises. These tools can efficiently bypass FRP locks and allow the users to complete factory resets without providing the information. Keeping this in mind, every mobile brand like Samsung, Sony, Google, etc. create FRP unlock tools for their users. 

However, Moto FRP tools are distinctively created for Motorola phones and the FRP locks of Motorola smartphones cannot be broken without them. A bunch of such tools is available for you to download. Here, We are going to discuss some of the most efficient tools. These are the latest programs. Moreover, they support all the new models of Motorola phones. Therefore, you can easily pick one from them.

Some FRP Bypass Tools And Their Features

Many Moto FRP unlock tools are available now for Motorola users. We are presenting a list of some of the most efficient and user-friendly programs to choose from. Note that, before choosing one, check out whether it supports your device or not.

Universal Moto FRP bypass Tool

Motorola FRP Tool
  • Supports all the models of Motorola devices but only three versions- Android Lollipop 5.0, Marshmallow 6.0 and Android Nougat 7.0
  • Quickly bypasses FRP locks.
  • No need of using Motorola FRP bypass APK.
  • Password: iguruforlife
  • Supports all the Motorola Devices.
  • Deletes FRP locks.

Qualcomm FRP Bypass Tool

  • Breaks SPD FRP locks.
  • No installations required.
  • Additionally delete PIN, pattern, password, Face ID and fingerprint locks.

Tool FRP Unlock

  • Can abolish FRP locks for good in devices.
  • Works in one click, therefore easy to use.
  • Supported by all the latest models.

These tools are widely used for the latest models. Choose the most convenient one for yourself. In case, you need a Moto G5 FRP Unlock tool, go for Moto Universal FRP Tool. Again, get Motorola Qualcomm CPU FRP Unlocker, If you want a Moto G4 FRP Unlock tool.

How to Use Moto FRP Tools

Bypassing an FRP lock can be challenging for inexperienced users. But no worries! To make the process easy for you, we are giving a tutorial on how to remove FRP locks by Universal FRP Bypass Tool. Remember, the steps may vary for different tools. But if you know how to do it with one tool, you can find the way out by using your creativity for the others.

  • Download the Motorola FRP tool.
  • Proceed to Factory reset your phone.
  • Turn off the mobile and press and hold the power key + volume down key altogether.
  • Choose the factory Mood option. Use the power key to select and volume keys to move.
  • Use USB cable to create the connection between your phone and PC.
  • Run RReaper.exe to get instructions for bypassing the lock.
  • Tap on how toconnect my device.
  • Choose Install Adb Driver.
  • Press on I’ve done that
  • Click on I’ve connected my device.
  • Select I confirm, when asked are you in factory mood.
  • Allow ADB mode to access your phone.
  • Tap on Unlock Now.
  • FRP bypass will start automatically showing “Exploiting the device, please wait!!”
  • Wait till the appearance of Successful FRP Unlock message.

Final Words

We have covered all the necessary aspects of Moto FRP tools. Hopefully, your issue is going to be fixed. Just choose your tool wisely and run the process creatively. That’s all.

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