WPS WPA Tester Premium No Root APK Download

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Are you curious about your Wi-Fi security? You’ve always been concerned about the reliability of your Wi-Fi network. WPS WPA Tester Premium will assist you in determining the security of your Wi-Fi network as well as other tasks.

If you’re still unsure whether or not your wireless access point is vulnerable to the WPS protocol, this app is the one to ask. You can check your Wi-Fi using the WPS PIN, which is determined using a formula based on your MAC address.

WPS WPA Tester Premium No Root APK Download

WPS WPA Tester will assist you in determining whether or not a wireless network link using the WPS protocol is secure. If your access point is found to be WPS allowed, you can disable it. In addition, the app aims to alert users to their Wi-Fi vulnerabilities so that they can deal with them quickly.

Furthermore, if you discover that your Wi-Fi is being used illegally, you should change the password. Finally, if you want to know more about the WPS WPA tested (no root permission), keep reading.

What Is WPS WPA Tester Premium?

WI-FI WPS WPA Tester is a free app that allows you to check whether your wireless access point’s Wi-Fi Protected Setup protocol has any vulnerabilities. WPS is often enabled for the initial setup of Wi-Fi connections, but it must be disabled afterward due to the security risks it presents.

Since WPS isn’t encrypted, it’s simple to hack. This mobile tool lets you check whether or not your network is safe from unauthorized users. The GUI is color-coded, so you won’t get lost: red denotes safe, yellow denotes average power, and green denotes vulnerability. 

The app also displays WI-FI passwords on rooted computers, and users can pay to remove advertisements.

The Feature of WPS WPA Tester Premium No Root APK

The majority of Wi-Fi password testing apps for mobile phones enable users to root their phones. WPS WPA Tester premium no root APK download because it is self-contained. Install this app on your android smartphone, then wait for it to search all nearby Wi-Fi networks before selecting one to check the password.

When users need to access a social network but can’t find a Wi-Fi network, WPS WPA Tester comes in handy. When the application is successfully run, a green lock icon appears, indicating that the router’s WPS function is allowed, and the user can find the password using a PIN. This is not possible if the icon is red.

Is it possible to detect whether the access point is WPS allowed and has been compromised using WPS WPA Tester’s multiple link modes? This app assists users in quickly identifying flaws in their Wi-Fi protection.

The Key Features of WPS WPA Tester Premium No Root APK

Here are some of the app’s most important features.

1. Please Include the Wi-Fi Specifications

Due to distance and obstructions, the program allows the user to verify the received signal strength indication. First, go to the gear icon and uncheck the WPS filter to ensure that all of the Wi-Fi around you is visible.

Wi-Fi parameters such as channel, Mac Address, Vendor, and RSSI will be displayed by this program. For example, RSSI indicates whether Wi-Fi has broad coverage in a home or only in a

specific region. Good routers usually have a greater Wi-Fi range. You can use this app to test the Wi-Fi in your house if you notice it is poor in certain areas.

The coverage of the Wi-Fi transmitter is very strong if RSSI is greater than -60 dBm. At this time, the provider could be to blame for the poor network. If the RSSI is less than -80 dBm, you can upgrade to a more powerful Wi-Fi transmitter or a repeater. You should also pay attention to the Wi-Fi channel.

If there are too many Wi-Fi connections on your channel, conflicts can arise, making your Wi-Fi connection unstable. In this situation, you can change the channel of your Wi-Fi.

2. Check Wi-Fi Security

WPS WPA Tester Premium is a program that checks the WPS protocol for vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, others will crack your Wi-Fi password if you can hack theirs with this program.

Therefore, the application will help you find ways to increase security.

In some cases, this method is also used to hack Wi-Fi. The creator, on the other hand, does not recommend that you use this feature. So what is Wi-Fi that is dangerous? These networks have a green lock icon next to them, indicating that the Wi-Fi will damage your computer.

It’s possible that they were hacked through the WPS PIN code. The program provides a range of password-finding algorithms, including Zha, TrendNet, Dlink, Dlink + 1, Belkin, etc. In most cases, the connect automatically with the try all pins option will suffice.

The app will look for a Wi-Fi password on its own. Not every case is good. You should not be subjective if the app cannot locate your Wi-Fi password. To ensure optimal security, turn off WPS.

3. Review The Saved Wi-Fi Password in The Device

You’ve also had the experience of losing your Wi-Fi password when you need to share it with others or want to use another computer to connect to Wi-Fi at a familiar location. Inquiring is also a viable alternative.

There is, however, a simple and fast way to use WPS WPA tester premium. This functionality, however, is only available on devices that have been rooted. Visit the passwords saved icon to see a list of all of your Wi-Fi passwords. In addition, the application can now show all of the Wi-Fi names and passwords that your computer or mobile has ever connected.

Wi-Fi WPS WPA Tester Premium APK Free Download

Now that you’ve learned a lot about WPS WPA Tester APK, it’s time to get the new edition of WPS WPA Tester Premium. You can download WPA WPS Tester Premium APK Download for free using the link provided below, but you have to manually install it on your phone, as WhatsApp, Sniffer, APK.

If you’ve installed an APK on android before, you can install this file using the same process. However, if you are unfamiliar with it, you can install it by following the steps outlined below.

  • Open Settings > Security Settings first.
  • Now go to “Device Administration” settings and scroll down.
  • Activate the “Install Apps from Unknown Sources” choice.
  • To download WPS WPA Tester Pro APK, go to the link above.
  • Save the file to the download folder on your phone.
  • Next, find the APK file that you just downloaded.
  • Then press on Install after you’ve clicked on it.
  • Allow time for the installation to complete.
  • When it’s done, you can immediately open it and begin using it.

The WPA WPS Premium Free aim is instructional, informing clients about the vulnerability of their access point.

Download WPS WPA Tester Premium APK for Android 10

WPS WPA Tester helps users do well at work by employing a number of clever algorithms. The developer Sangiorgi Srl owns this software, which has over 50 million downloads thanks to its numerous beneficial features. So if you want to test your Wi-Fi security, download WPS WPA tester premium APK for android 10.

Wi-Fi WPS WPA Tester Premium App File Information

App NameWPS WPA Tester Premium APK
File size4.05MB
Latest versionv3.9.2
Android versionAndroid 4.1 and Above
DeveloperSangiorgi Srl
Last updatedJuly 2019
Total downloads6M+

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WPA WPS Tester Premium 3.2.1 APK Download

If you want to take your game to the next level and increase your chances of winning, you can get our excellent WPS WPA Tester Premium 3.2.1 for free right now. WPS WPA Tester Premium 3.2.1 APK Download is now available for free on our provided link.

WPS WPA Tester Premium 3.2.1 APK is a free Android APK. WPS WPA Tester Premium v3.2.1 APK’s most recent version is 3.2.1, released on the 17th of August. This app has a total of 2028 downloads. 320.8.

How to Install and Use WPS WPA Tester Premium No Root APK?

1. Installation Instructions

We spoke about some of the app’s best features. WPS WPA Tester Premium piqued your curiosity, and you decided to try it right away, right? Please see the instructions below for a free download and installation of the paid edition of this app.

  • Download the APK file by clicking the download button in this article and saving it to your browser.
  • Ensure that the “Unknown Sources” option in settings is activated.
  • Next, tap Install after opening the APK file.
  • Allow the installation process to finish. Now, open the program.
  • Accept the application’s permissions before moving on to the Root permissions.
  • It’s over! Shortly after, you will be guided to the application’s main screen.

2. Simple to Use

You can easily search passwords and get results in only a few simple steps. It can be shared with other people by copying the password (copy password to clipboard) and sending it to a friend, or it can be used to link the network to a large number of other devices. WPS WPA Tester has the advantage of being quicker and having a higher performance rate than other tools.


WPS WPA tester premium is a fantastic application that allows you to fine-tune the Wi-Fi parameters to improve the connection’s performance. Users may also use the app to verify the security and locate a WPS-enabled Wi-Fi network.

If you connect to a Wi-Fi network successfully, you won’t be able to see the Wi-Fi pass unless your computer is rooted. With the premium edition, you’ll get rid of all ads, as well as more pins and brute force pins options.

We’re always update our download connection with the most recent edition of WPA WPS Tester pro APK, so check back for updates. If you like, you can also download WPS WPA Tester Premium for Windows and use it with emulators such as Bluestacks and Nox App Player.

If you have any problems installing or using WPS WPA Tester Premium Android APK, please let us know in the comments section below.

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