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The Nokia Software Recovery Tool has been around for some time, and there are several models of this utility software. In the old days, people who needed a Nokia device recovery tool were limited to few versions. But right now, you can get access to several versions of the Nokia update tool and supercharge your device fixes.

But for your selected recovery tool to work, access to correct information is a must-have. That’s why in this post, we’ll be checking out how the Nokia XL software recovery tool works.

With the information in this post, you’ll be able to understand much about Nokia recovery tool latest features. Maxing out the functions of your preferred Lumia recovery tool will be more comfortable than ever when you’re done.

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What is Nokia Software Recovery Tool?

The Nokia Software Recovery Tool is a utility application designed to help device owners carry out important fixes. Users of this recovery tool will quickly find that it has more to offer than retrieving some lost software patches. Several versions of this software are available, and it supports easy. DIY fixes for newbie users.

Features of Nokia Software Recovery Tool

The Nokia recovery packet supports users with a comprehensive set of features designed to help retrieve lost software patches. Apart from being excellent at that, the recovery tool goes several steps further with other exciting, useful features.

OS version reader

Finding your Nokia device’s OS version could be challenging, especially if your phone is hard to navigate. However, with the help of an OS version reader, you can get wind of your phone’s software version without hassle.

Several devices may not be fixable without knowledge of their OS version. But with this tool, you can make the most of your device software fixes without stress.

Bug fixes

Taking care of bugs on your device ensures you get 100% smooth usage and more access to smart features. The utility software provides users direct access to clear off nagging bugs from their phones. Such a tool makes sure your phone doesn’t come down hard from a software error anytime soon.

Layout tweaks

Recalibrating a device’s layout can be done with a software version update. And you can also make relevant changes to your device’s layout using this software recovery tool. Getting wind of how to use this feature is simple, as most functions of this utility app are self-explanatory.

Firmware update

Users of the Nokia recovery software can get direct firmware updates, making the most of their smart devices. With the software, you’re guaranteed direct access to a range of features and can fast-track smooth operation for your device.

Whenever a newer firmware update for Nokia devices come along, upgrading your device with this recovery tool is a smart move.


Engaging bypass or device reset protocols has to happen with pinpoint precision. Some devices may experience accidental or forced lock, especially through misplaced security codes. When you’ve lost the screen lock code, the Nokia utility tool can come in handy to provide superb fixes.

A few clicks are all that’s required to get your device working again, even when the screen lock code has been acting up. Your phone will get a quick refresh, and allow you set a new recovery code. 

FRP removal

If your Nokia device is fitted with factory reset protection, this utility app helps you to get rid of it. When you can cancel this protection, it becomes easy to enjoy using your device after a hard reset.

How to Use Nokia Software Recovery Tool Latest Version

After installing the software recovery tool, what’s next involves connecting your device and running its launch software. With this launch, you can engage your Nokia device and complete whatever fix you want.

Supported Nokia Phones and System Requirements to Use the Nokia Software Recovery Tool

The Nokia recovery software boasts a broad reach when it comes to supported devices. Here’s a look at some of the compatible devices that can run this recovery software:

  • Lumia Series
  • Asha Series
  • Series 40 (USB interface only)
  • X2 Platform Series
  • Symbian Series
  • All other Nokia series

Other Nokia phones that support a USB interface can also function with the recovery software. These are the minimum requirements to use Nokia software recovery on your PC:

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, and higher
  • Minimum storage space available: 4GB of space free on your device
  • Interface: USB 2.0 or external serial bus dongle compatible; exclusively for devices that support data cable transfers

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