How To Fix Facebook Dating Not Showing Up 2022 Android

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Facebook is always bringing in new features for its users. And surprisingly, they’ve brought an additional feature called Facebook dating for their users this time. Facebook aims to connect strangers and build a relationship between them with this new dating feature.

How To Fix Facebook Dating Not Showing Up

Using Facebook dating is simple. You’ve to log in with an email and create a separate profile for the dating platform. And after that, you’ll get to meet strangers according to your taste, interests, location, and other factors.

Although this is an exceptional feature, the problem is people are complaining that their Fb dating is not showing up. So if you’re one of those and seeking this particular solution, you’ve arrived at the right place.

Let’s find out how to solve the dating app not showing up issues-

Why is the Facebook dating app not working?

The newest addition to Facebook, which is Facebook dating, is sleek. People just love facebook’s newest and the latest addition.

However, there’s a problem that some users aren’t finding the Facebook dating option. And in some cases, the dating feature isn’t working.

There can be several reasons behind the Facebook dating app is not working. The first one is-

For using Facebook dating feature, you just need to use the Facebook app. Some users use Facebook lite or different 3rd party browsers for using Facebook. So Facebook dating is not available for those users or devices.

And the second one is an age restriction. Although Facebook is looking to make it simple yet interesting, the dating feature is not for all. No one below 18 years can use or enjoy the Facebook dating feature, irrespective of male or female.

So if you’re wondering Why Don’t have Facebook dating, well, first check whether you fall under the above two criteria or not. If you’re above 18, use the Facebook app for the Facebook dating feature. This would solve the issues we believe.

How To Activate Facebook Dating

The Facebook dating feature or function is available in both Android and iOS. The dating feature needs to be manually enabled by the user.

Here’s how to activate Facebook dating feature-

  1. Open FB app on your Android or apple device
  2. Next, tap or click on the “3-dot” option or menu
  3. Search for the Dating option in the all shortcuts menu. If you don’t find it, keep scrolling add tap on see more
  4. When you find dating (with a heart signed logo), tap on it
  5. And that’s it. You’ve enabled a dating feature on Facebook. Next, follow the on-screen instruction for the dating feature to set up everything!

How to Fix Fb Dating is not Showing up Problem

We understand how eager you’re to use the latest dating feature of Facebook. So that’s why we’re here with a troubleshooting guide if the Facebook dating feature is not working or showing up.

Here are the top 6 ways to Fix Fb Dating is not Showing up Problem:

  • Update Facebook App:

When Facebook is bringing in any new features, there is an update in the app too. Developers fix bugs and implement new features in the app. So if the dating feature isn’t showing up, check whether the Facebook up is up to date or not.

For this, go to Google Play Store and check if Facebook is updated to the latest version or not. You can provide auto-update permission to your Android or Apple device to automatically update apps on their own. Updating the Facebook app solves the Facebook dating app not working on iPhone issues too.

  • Check Internet Connection:

Check your internet connection beforehand, trying to fix the dating app not showing up issues. Sometimes, due to faulty or bad net connection, some of the features of Facebook don’t show up.

So check properly if your phone has a stable internet connection. If you’re using mobile data, check the network speed too. For testing, you can run other apps and see whether all the features are running or not.

  • Enable Facebook Notifications:

Enabling app notifications is another way to fix the existing problem you’re facing. You can enable the app notifications from the app list in settings. In the app list, find a Facebook app and provide the necessary permissions.

  • Clear Data and Cache

Our mobile phones store data of different apps to hold information and run those apps faster. But if the data storage becomes too much, issues like app dysfunction or app failures occur. So clearing those app data and caches helps regain the functionality, and the apps run smoothly.

So if Facebook dating is not available, try clearing the data and cache.

  • Is Facebook Down?

Facebook developers sometimes perform a different maintenance check. At that time, Facebook remained down, and users could not enjoy any functions or features.

 Uninstalling the app doesn’t solve this problem. There are several websites to check whether FB is functioning or not. If not, wait until it becomes operable again.

  • Uninstall-Reinstall Facebook

If any of the above solutions aren’t working in your case, first, uninstall the Facebook app from your Android or Apple device. And after that, reinstall it. And now check whether Facebook dating is available or not.

So that’s the top 6 ways to Fix Fb Dating is not Showing up Problem. In case any of the solutions don’t work, try contacting Facebook Help Center. Hope they’ll fix the issues in your device or account!

How come Facebook Dating isn’t showing up?

The Facebook dating feature might not show up for mainly 2 reasons. The first one is if you’re using Facebook from any browser other than the Facebook app. And the second one is if you’re below 18 years old.

How do I get Facebook Dating back on my phone?

The Facebook dating feature is available for both Android and iOS users. You’ve to manually enable the dating feature from settings (3-dot menu). And after enabling, set up the profile using the on-screen instructions.

Can new Facebook accounts use Dating?

The Facebook dating feature is for anyone except people below 18 years old. You need to enable the dating feature and set up a dating profile.


Facebooking is always eyeing for innovating new techs and features to improve communication. And the Facebook dating feature is another example of it. Now you don’t have to go visit other apps to set up a profile to match another person. Instead, you can do the same from the facebook app and do this efficiently.

Reading this far, you’ve certainly learned the ways to activate the Facebook dating feature. Also, now you know how to solve Fb dating is not showing up the problem. We hope you can use this troubleshooting guide to fix the Facebook dating feature issues!

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