Account Application Area Query Failed| Cannot Unlock Bootloader Because Of The Error.

Last Updated on January 4, 2023 by XDA Team

For customizing our android devices, we often go for bootloader unlocking. It allows us to use custom ROMs as well as new updates. But unlocking the bootloader in your smartphone is a hassle.

It’s a hassle because unlocking the bootloader pops up many errors like Account Application Area Query Failed. But why does this occur?Also, if you face this issue, what should you do then?

So we’ll be clear out your queries related to bootloader unlocking today, especially on the account application area query. So read to the end.

What is Bootloader Unlocking?

This is a known topic to most people but unknown to many. So what actually is this? Well, when we buy our Xiaomi devices, there is a custom ROM and UI installed.  The manufacturers use their own ones most of the time. But there remain some bugs that can be pathetic sometimes.

That’s why people tend to use custom ROM in their devices by flashing it. Manufacturers lock the Bootloaders so that people can’t use custom ROMs on their devices. So for flashing your device, unlocking the bootloader is a must.

Simply put, the bootloader is a security system from the manufacturing companies. It prohibits users from flashing their devices and using custom ROMs.

Why Need Bootloader Unlocked Xiaomi Devices?

As we already said, for flashing your Xiaomi devices and using a custom ROM on them, you need to unlock the bootloader first. But what if the bootloader comes in unlocked with the devices? Well, it’ll be a blessing for many users as manually unlocking them is an absolute hassle!

So let’s see the advantages of having an unlocked bootloader in Xiaomi devices-

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1.Root the Device

Unlocking the bootloader in your Xiaomi device lets you root the device. That means you don’t have to use the ROM or UI that was preinstalled inside the devices.

2.Install the TWRP Recovery

To whom it may concern, TWRP Recovery Latest Version allows you to install any kind of third-party apps. So when the bootloader remains unlocked in your Xiaomi devices, you can easily install this Recovery Project.

3.Enjoy Custom ROM

This is probably because you know that you can change to any custom ROMs after flashing your device. But to do that, you obviously need to have the bootloader unlocked. You can choose and install any custom ROM you want. Usually, people prefer the stock ROMs or any ROM that has fewer or no bugs!

Having a custom ROM lets you use any preferable user interface as well. You can customize your Xiaomi device the way you like.

4.Can Install Third-Party Apps

Another positive side of this bootloader unlocking is to let you install any unknown or third-party apps. This allows you to install these third-partyapps on your Mi device.  You just have to flash or root your Xiaomi device to have them.

Cannot Unlock Bootloader Because Of The Error Fix?

Well, so far, you’ve learned about the bootloader and its advantages. If you can recall, we told you earlier that unlocking the bootloader can be a hassle. Many people complain that they couldn’t unlock it because of the Account Application Area Query Failed error.

Well, if you also face this problem, then here’s what you should do-

  1. Firstly, you need to link or connect your personal mi account and Xiaomi device.
  1. Now go to the settings option on your Mi device and check the “OEM Unlock” option.
  1. If you’ve checked the above two issues and found no problem, then there can be another reason behind it.
  • Sometimes, the Mi device that is shipped in your region comes unlocked. So it’s a different case. You can check if the device is pre-unlocked by checking the “developer option.”
  • If it’s alright, then it’s a problem from the manufacturer’s (Xiaomi) side. Even factory resetting the device won’t help. So you’ll have to wait until the manufacturer fixes this problem. There is no solution to it, sorry!


It’s frustrating when you can’t unlock the bootloader in your Xiaomi device for Account Application Area Query Failed error. And it’s even more frustrating when the issue is from the manufacturer’s side.

Try contacting the Mi helpline via mail or any other way and explain your situation to them. It worked for some people. Good luck!