Supersu Binary Zip (All Version 2019) Download

To use mobile phone with crazy speed, people are going to root it. Supersu Binary zip is such a software that can root mobile phone internally. It does not need the support of a computer or another device. Moreover, the same file can root in average all the device. But the computer needs framework and flash file particularly. From this corner, Supersu is more advanced.

Recently the updated version of this software was released. In this article, we are going to feature all the information and download link too. Even how does it work and why do you have to use this will added here. Download Qualcomm FRP Tool latest 2019 Version.

SuperSu Binary

Supersu Binary Download Full Free

Basically, we consider it as a superuser access provider software. But it can root any android phone. All the boot loader file and other script are included here. To download the SU binary file, check below. You may be trying to use SU superuser application. But it will not work without a rooted device. And the same company of software developers provides the rooted software. Before installing the superuser access, you have to root the phone first. This is way Supersu binary software is demanding.

Download the software from the bottom. And install it to start the process to root the phone. All the easy steps of rooting will be described here. Of course, all suggested advantage and disadvantage of root have added here. Don’t forget to read it out.

NameSuperSu And .APK
Download SizeMinimum 5MB Maximum 100 MB
APK SupportAndroid Version 5XX,6XX,7XX
Download TypeDirect Downloads
PasswordNo Password

How to use Supersu Binary file

Before rooting make sure your phone has enough charge. Because if it became switch off at the mid of rooting process, it may occur the huge problem. Maybe the OS will fall down and it wants again to flash itself. But the facility of using Supersu Binary is, it will never make your phone like the brick. Now keep following those step what I say below.

  • Step 1: Keep the zip file on your phone memory at the very front part. I mean no need to use any folder to keep the zip file. Then eject all the memory card and SIM from your phone.
  • Step 2: Turn off your phone. Avoid the reboot option. After getting properly getting off you have to turn on the boot on recovery mode. To turn on recovery mode press “volume high + power + lock” button. It will go to the recovery mode. Basically, this mode is used to recover all the data if unfortunately, the phone becomes dead.
  • Step 3: There you will get the option that is, “Start update from phone”. Maybe the option can be different based on the phone. You can select this by the press power button. There you will get “”.
  • Step 4: Wait for a few minutes to over the rooting process. Don’t reboot the phone while it working. If the phone says to reboot itself, then reboot it. Else it will restart by its own self.

After turning off the phone is ready to use. Add memory chip and SIM cards. Now the stock ICS/JB ROM will be running. You can check this by ROM checking app.

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Features of Supersu ZIP of Binary file

  • Data backup: from the latest update you can back up all the data on your mobile. After root your phone you will never lose any of them.
  • Freehand root: you need no another device to root your phone. You can root your phone from an internal file. It is easier and less affords.
  • Data security: because it does not want internet access, this software is totally secure. Still, it does not gain any scam that it makes harmful data losing.
  • Fixing update: most the computer tools are not free from TWRP or CWM issue. But the Supersu Zip is free from this issue and it will make smoother the rooting process.

Why Supersu AP is most accepted

The most important reason for its acceptance is, this is totally free. We are used to with rooted mobile device. But when we install the android on the computer, sometimes it needs to root. Supersu is also able to root your Android OS from your computer. all the other way how people root their device, sometimes they face lots of problems. It actually occurs just because of the missing file. But the zipped file of a given application is compiled with such technology where have no chance to file missing.

The most important part is, it is able to back up your files. From both of your memory card and phone memory. But the previous version of Supersu binary application was not able to do this. That’s why the updated version is suggested to use.

The disadvantage of phone rooting: Almost every mobile company are saying that, after rooting their device, those are will go out of warranty. Even you will never get any OS update from your company. Meanwhile, the company will never get any liability to your data security.

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About latest Supersu Binary Update

CCMT is the company who develop the application. They regularly develop application only for mobile phone and another Android device. The latest Supersu Binary Update they get huge change than the previous version. This is true that the company does not release update regularly. But still, it is secure and able to root any version of the android phone. The main of this developer company was making an application what can compact with both computer android and mobile android. They have different other software. To know about those keep reading our site.

We can consider it as the way of smarter. Because this software is faster than a computer. Even it unlock the superuser menu after rooting. Because of all the advantage, I like to suggest you use the application to root your phone. This is true it will never provide you custom rooting facility. But still, it is better. Even at the updated version of Supersu, they provide facility to root all the users. Hope you are going to reach this software to root you’re your next smartphone.

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