Samsung USB Driver All in One Download Updated 2022

Last Updated on January 12, 2022 by XDA Team

Are you looking for a Samsung USB driver for your computer to connect with your Samsung Galaxy phone? USB driver is a computer program and permits you to communicate with your smartphone or tablet. 

Samsung USB Driver All In One

Using this Samsung driver, you can transfer files, documents, sync data, and flash the stock firmware. Making all these things easy, you need to download the driver.

In this post, we will help you know how to download the USB driver of Samsung for all models. You can download this driver from Windows XP to Windows 11 and all Windows 7, Windows 8, etc. Ok, let’s discuss how you install the Samsung driver on windows.

What is Samsung USB Driver For Mobile Phones?

Samsung flash driver or USB driver connects your Samsung device with your windows. So that you can easily share syncing data, transfer files without wires. USB driver helps when flashing the stock firmware using Odin, developing apps, Working with ADB, and debugging software. 

Android USB Driver For Samsung mobile phone is used for Android app developers. Samsung USB driver all -in one for mobile phones is a package that allows you to work with the device and equip your Windows OS. And you have to use developing tools. Samsung device driver is not designed to file transfer. 

Features Of Samsung All in One USB Driver

Features Of Samsung All in One USB Driver

1. Windows package

Samsung has a windows package that supports the official Android smartphone of Samsung and tab. Samsung driver also supports Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Samsung USB Driver For Windows 10.

2. Easy installation

You can download a USB driver for Samsung quickly without pain. It is accessible to install Samsung USB Driver for windows 7.

3. Fast USB Connection

Samsung-USB-driver-v1.5.55.0.exe gives you a fast and reliable USB connection with your device.

 4. Unlock access

Samsung drives unlock the low-level access to your phone and make perfect your smartphone for software developers. 

5. Free to use

Samsung drivers offer you a free download. You can download the drivers link for free and use it, because it is developed for all enthusiasts.

6. Secure 

You can install drives by PC as per as possible that are 100% secure to use.

7. Support model

All Samsung android manufacturers’ smartphones support USB drivers. The futuristic model is also supported by it developed by official Samsung. The support models are Galaxy S21 Ultra, S20 Ultra, Galaxy S21, S20 FE, Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21+, Galaxy Note 20, and Galaxy Note 10. Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Fold, Note 10 Lite, Galaxy Note 9, and more. 

Download Samsung USB Driver New Version And Previous Versions

Samsung Drivers Download with all previous versions, we will give you the instructions. So which version do you want to download to make sure of that? We recommend you to download the new version to avoid any issues. If your computer does not recognize the Samsung Download Mode Drivers device, you have to download the previous versions.

If you want to download the new version, know it very well and click on the link.  

The latest version is the Samsung v1.7.48.0 USB driver that supports Windows OS, and the file size is 35.1 MB. If you have MAC OS or Linux, you do not need to download any USB driver. Go to their website and click the Zip file and download the previous or latest versions. Samsung USB Drivers For Odin is also the latest version that is now available. To connect Samsung Galaxy with Odin tools, you can use a Samsung USB driver on your windows. 

  • To download, you need to Flash on your Stock firmware. 
  • Then Unbrick your Galaxy.
  • Root your Samsung Galaxy.
  • Install TWRP for your device. And download Samsung USB Driver for Odin Zip file.

How To Install Samsung USB Driver On Windows

It is simple to install a Samsung USB Driver on your Windows. Let’s discuss how you install Samsung Driver.

  • Before installing, you have to download the Samsung USB drive file first.
  • You will find the zip file on your windows home screen and now extract the file and open the tool from WinaR.
  • Open the folder and double-click on it.
  • You will see the MSS wizard dialogue box on your computer screen.
  • To allow the user account click on the button ‘Yes.’
  • Another box will appear where you will find it next and the cancel button. Click on the Next button.
  • You will find another option where you can select your preferred language and click the Next button again.
  • Now select the location where you want to install on your PC. Select c drive to install your driver.
  • Now the install box will appear, and click on the install box and wait for a minute to install it. 

Now the installation and downloading are complete for your Windows. You can now connect your Drivers with pc and transfer files, data, etc. 

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Why do you need the USB Driver of Samsung?

When your computer and Android device come to connect with each other, you need a USB Driver. We cannot depend fully on our smartphones to share files, sync data and documents. Nowadays, Android has come to have the sheer processing power and exclusive features.

And some files you cannot share with Bluetooth via computer to mobile. So you need a USB driver to make a safe connection between the computer and Android set. You can copy files from computer and pest to mobile by USB driver. Not only that, but you can also back up your data, photos, and important files by using a USB drive. 

At present, you will see that everything is based on cloud service and wireless processing. Once upon a time, people buy the CD, DVDs to watch movies. And cannot store their files secretly. Now, after the computer, all are stored in a C drive. In that case, you can easily play streaming services or share your file. You do not need to download the media file, and you can just share it via USB driver.

Now, most of us depend on their smartphone, and that’s why the smartphone is full of files. So you need to clean cache data and share files to make space for your phone. And that’s why you need a wireless connection like a USB Driver.

USB Driver is a programming utility for the mobile phone that allows its users to connect with a computer device to their mobile device. USB drivers help developers to test mobile apps. All the mobiles are preferred to the Windows pc, desktop, macOS and can share the files with each other. The USB driver for Samsung Galaxy phones makes this hard thing easy and possible for running Android apps. 

Advantages of Samsung USB Driver

Samsung drivers can make a stable connection between your Pc and Smartphone. From your smartphone, you can flash your firmware file. As well as you can sync your important files. You can easily transfer files between a computer and an Android or Galaxy phone without any obstacles. When you have a Samsung USB driver of Samsung Galaxy or Note, you use your computer’s official Odin flash tools because Samsung devices support the official site for USB Driver.

Where can I download Samsung USB Drivers for Odin?

For Odin, there are no exact drivers to download Samsung USB drivers for Odin. Samsung Drivers enable Odin to flash tools so that your Samsung tab is in download mode.

Do I need Samsung USB drivers for a Linux or macOS PC?

You do not need Samsung drivers for a Linux or macOS PC. You just connect your mobile phone or Samsung tab of Samsung that is recognized automatically. You can simply use the Android file transfer tool to transfer files.

Are Samsung USB drivers safe to install?

Samsung driver is safe to install. From the Samsung official site, you can officially sign up for it. 

Do I need old versions of Samsung USB drivers?

We recommend you download and install the latest versions of Samsung drivers. Because the latest versions are supported by Samsung galaxy, Galaxy note, Tab, etc., but when your computer does not recognize verses, you can download the old version of USB drivers.


Samsung USB Driver, all in one for All model, can easily support your desktop, Windows, and Pc. You can download the Samsung driver for Odin in a smooth way. In a nutshell, above, we clarify all things about using USB drivers. And we describe the instructions step by step so that the download processing of the USB driver can be easy for you. 

The USB driver can work on both computers and smartphones because Samsung updates its USB drivers features. Above discussion, you can download the latest version of Samsung Drivers from the previous one. So download your drive now from our link.