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OMH Android Reset Tool is a useful tool which works on the Windows operating system. Its main function is reset android phone settings. The tool uses the ADB method to wipe out data from the phone. It can bypass FRP lock of all devices. Apart from this, it can unlock MI account, transfer fastboot to edl, restore settings, etc. Download OMH android reset tool from here. Most of the required file Xiaomi Test Point Tool.

How to use the OMH Android Reset Tool?

This first is the simplest method so that the mobile is as if you turn it on for the first time, buy it. To start, enter the Settings menu of your device, and in the Personal section, click on Backup. Now, among the options that you will see, look for and click on the option Factory data reset. By doing, you will start the process to delete all the data. Download Miracle Box Good Update Setup File.

OMH Android Tool V1

OMH Android Tool V1 Feature

Myanmar Font

  • Coc Font
  • 2.3 To 4.0
  • 5.0 to 7.0
  • Restore

Android Mode

  • Recovery
  • Fastboot
  • 9008/EDL
  • Exit Fastboot

Mi Userlock

  • ADB Sideload
  • Fastboot
  • 9008
  • Enable Comport

Other Services

  • Root
  • Unroot
  • Pin/Pass Remove ADB

Android Remover

  • Monkey Virus Remove
  • FRP Remove ADB
  • FRP Remove Fastboot
  • FRP Remove Fastboot 2

Driver Installing

  • ADB+Fastboot Driver
  • MTK Vcom Driver
  • Qualcomm 9008 Driver
  • SPD Driver

The next two steps are confirmation. In the first one you will be given a list of all the personal data that you are going to delete, and to continue, you will have to click on Reset phone. Then you will be notified that the action cannot be undone, and to confirm and start it you will have to delete everything.

Now, the phone will take a few minutes to reset. It will automatically restart and show you the same home configuration screen that you will see with any other device that you just bought and have to configure for the first time. For Bypass OPPO Devices Download OPPO FRP Bypass APK 2018 Version.

Also, Check Samsung FRP Remove Tool Latest Version.

Reset with Recovery mode

Now we go with a method that performs a cleaning something deeper and with which you can get to solve some operational problems. The first step is to start the mobile with the ‘Recovery Mode,’ for which you have to turn it off. Then turn it on by holding down a specific combination of keys.

This combination can change depending on the manufacturer, so here we leave you a list with the keys that you have to leave pressed with each one.

  • Samsung: Volume up + Start + On. In the Galaxy S8, it is Volume Up + Bixby Button + On.
  • Google Pixel and Nexus: Volume down + On.
  • Motorola: Volume down + On.
  • LG: Volume down + On.
  • Asus: Volume up + On.
  • Huawei: Volume up + On.
  • BQ: Volume up + On.
  • HTC: Go to Settings> Battery, where you have to uncheck the Fast box boot. Then turn off and press Volume down + On.

Xiaomi Recovery

In Xiaomi devices, the recovery is even easier. You have to enter the Updater application. Click on the top right corner of the icon and, in the menu that will appear. Choose the Reboot to Recovery mode option.

It is possible that with some manufacturers the menu you go to is not directly the recovery. If so, you will have to move through the menu by pressing the volume keys. When the Recovery Mode option appears on the screen, press the Power button to enter that option.

Final thoughts,

OMH Android Reset Tool is one of the best options in the Android Tool Collection world. Download Oppa Min Hot tool from here and share with your friends.

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