Samsung Galaxy A01 FRP Bypass Without PC Or Sim Card

Last Updated on January 4, 2023 by XDA Team

FRP APK is an amazing tool to use for Google bypass factory reset protection in Samsung Galaxy A01. Do you want to use a Samsung A01 FRP Bypass tool? Then this is the right guide for you.

Samsung Galaxy A01 FRP Bypass tool works great when the user forgets their Google account username and password by any chance. This tool helps unlock or remove FRP problems from an android phone.

Today, I will discuss the easiest methods of using a Samsung Galaxy A01 FRP Bypass Without a PC or Sim Card. So, keep reading to know the details.

Samsung A01 FRP Bypass Without PC

When you forget your Google account and password, FRP Bypass can help unlock the Samsung phone without pc. So, here are the steps of the Samsung A01 FRP Bypass Without PC.

Step 1: First of all, apply a factory reset on a Samsung A01 phone and wait until it reboots perfectly. In this case, the user should choose a specific language.

Step 2: Turn on the WIFI network and connect the Samsung galaxy phone with the A01 device. There will show a page that asks to provide the Google account information.

Step 3: Press on the text box until the keyword appears clearly. Click on the button until the pop-up in the setting menu. And then choose Google keyboard layout.

Step 4: In this step, you will see three dots on the upper right side of the screen. The user should click on the “Help & Feedback” option from the new page.

Step 5: After clicking on the help and feedback option, a new dialogue with the search option will appear. Click on the search option and send the feedback to the keyboard.

Step 6: After then click on any word from the mobile screen until it is highlighted in blue. And find out the “Web Search” option to click from the upper right side.

Step 7: A new page will appear now where the user will see the recent google search result that will help in the next step.

Step 8: A search bar will be found in the middle of the page, where you have to search by typing the settings. Then click on the icon>backup>reset and factory data reset.

Step 9: Now do the factor reset, and a Samsung phone welcome page will appear. Then connect the galaxy phone with the internet network. This step will get a new option to add a new Gmail account and password.

Step 10: Add a new Gmail account to activate the Samsung Galaxy A01 android phone. That’s it; you have already solved the FRP Bypass Samsung Galaxy A01 problem on that phone.

What is the best FRP bypass tool?

There are various FRP bypass tools to unlock several android devices to protect Google account and information. Here are the most popular tool lists for FRP unlocking.
·        D&G Password tool.
·        Pangu FRP Unlocker tool.
·        FRP Unlocker App.
·        GSM Flasher Tool.
·        Advanced Android Box.
·        FRP Hijacker.
·        FRP Lock Bypass Tool

Can the FRP lock be removed?

Yes, it is easier and quicker to remove an FRP lock within a few minutes. Although there are many general unlocking tools, there are also some Tenorshare 4uKey tools. This tool is good for FRP unlocking and efficiently recovering the forgotten PINs, patterns, and passwords.

How do I manually remove FRP?

Here are the simple steps to deactivate or remove the FRP problem manually.
·        Go to the setting option
·        Navigate to the open account option
·        Now click on the Google
·        Choose your real Google account
·        Click on the menu bar from the upper right
·        Tap on the FRP remove option

Final Word:

I hope you have known from this guide how to Samsung A01 FRP Bypass with a few easy steps. Remember that Bypassing system is a legal way to remove FRP from the Samsung galaxy phone when the user needs to factory reset or buy a new phone.

In some cases, a Samsung galaxy A01 can be dead without proper bypassing. So, it is crucial to do bypassing on FRP locked phone. We have shared the easiest ways to try this for an easy solution.

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