Xiaomi Model Finder V1.2 by Habeeb Kambrath Download

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Is your searching for a tool that finds your Xiaomi phone firmware? If so, you are in the correct place. In this article, we are going to present the Xiaomi Model Finder. Habeed Kambrath developed it. The latest version of the tool is V1.3. You can find your Xiaomi phone firmware according to the model and version. Download the tool now and start using.

Xiaomi Model Finder

How to use Xiaomi Model finder?

The Xiaomi Model finder online tool works as a model finder. At first, download the tool. It supports all Windows operating system both 32bit and 64bit version.

Double click on the setup file and install the file pressing next.

Xiaomi Model List

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How to install firmware Xiaomi Model finder Online?

Before starting with this method, it is a good idea to keep something in mind, and installing a more up-to-date firmware than ours does not format the phone but installing an older one does. Keep that in mind when you choose which firmware you are going to download. There is a Xiaomi Model List in the downloaded folder. Now, let’s start.

  • With the downloaded firmware, we connect the Xiaomi phone to the computer.
  • Copy the firmware in the downloaded_firmware folder that we will find.
  • Open the Updater application in the Xiaomi, press the Menu button and choose Select installation file or Choose installation file.
  • We chose the firmware that we downloaded and placed in the folder in point 2.
  • Press Update now or Update and wait.
  • When finished installing the firmware, click on Reboot or Restart to restart the mobile.

Once it starts, we will have finished.

Xiaomi Model Finder online

What do you need to install the firmware on your Xiaomi device?

You do not need many things, but there is necessary material to be able to carry out the tutorial, as well as some files that have to be downloaded.

You need a PC with Windows. It serves to emulate it in Mac, but the best thing is to use Windows directly. It is necessary to use Windows 64-bit, but My Flash does not work well. Normally everyone uses this type of Windows, but it is good to make sure.

Yes, you only need a USB cable. Now, we are going with the download of files that we need to be able to install the firmware through the MI Mobile Model Finder:

  • Download the firmware for our Xiaomi mobile or tablet firmware here. The recommendation is to download stable Global.
  • Download MiFlash, the program needed to flash the firmware.
  • Download Minimal ADB and the fastboot driver.

Download Link: Mirror Link

Rar Password: freepass

Final thought,

Once we have this, we must bear in mind that this tutorial will erase what you have on your device. So, it is best to use Xiaomi Model Finder to do everything (Apps and configurations) or make a manual backup on your PC, connecting the mobile to your PC and saving everything you need. Download the Xiaomi finder tool and don’t forget to share.

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