Micromax USB Driver 2022 Update Version Download

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Micromax has published a large number of Android devices in recent years. If you are using one of them, then maybe you are wondering how to connect it to the PC. As you know, Micromax does not offer any package of programs like Sony or Samsung. However, there is another way for it. Download the Micromax USB driver that we offer on this page that is suitable for all Micromax Android models.

Micromax officially delivers all USB drivers that are delivered here. Therefore, with the installation of these, you can connect your cell phone or tablet to the PC and transfer music, images, contacts, movies, etc.

Micromax USB Driver download from here

Most Android USB drivers, for both Windows and Mac, are on the manufacturers’ websites. However, there are some that are not so easily found. For this reason, we have at your disposal a compilation with the controllers of the main companies.

In the following list, you will find the most popular drivers with their respective links for download. Download Micromax USB Driver For Windows 7.

Micromax USB Driver

The USB driver for Micromax Mobile Phones is a package that allows the installation of drivers for your Samsung smartphone. It supports all the most known devices, among which are the A106, bolt and other Micromax devices with the Android operating system. The process of installing the drivers is simple and fast.

Drivers for your terminal

The installation process is very simple. Select the region and the language and follow the installation steps. Once completed, we can connect our device and other options and start managing our files.

A lifesaver

The driver will be especially useful for those who have problems installing applications. We can directly download the drivers to gain compatibility between our Windows operating system and the Android terminal. If you are using Windows XP OS, Micromax USB driver for Windows XP.


Whenever we talk about the different mobile devices. The tutorials to take into account when we want to send the files from a computer or root them. For example, we say that it is necessary to have the USB drivers of these terminals installed on the PC. Because otherwise, it will not work the system. In this particular case, the idea has to do with solving these problems for all those users who have smartphones. The Micromax Company has developed it.

Indeed, in this case, you will find all the necessary information about the possibility of downloading the famous USB drivers for Micromax. Bearing in mind that unlike other companies. Micromax does not offer any package of programs such as Sony or Samsung. Anyway, this is not a big complication. In that, all we have to do is look for the links that lead to the USB drivers for Micromax, and start to have them.

How to use Micromax USB Driver

Well, if you have any problems then with the USB drivers for Micromax. The first thing we recommend is that you contact the Micromax Support section directly. Something you can do with this link because they will offer you the solutions in this regard. When you count on them, you can get Root tutorials. The stock ROM installation and many other options that in contrary cases would be completely impossible when we think of Micromax smartphones. Download Micromax USB Driver Windows 7 64 Bit from this link.

We would like to make a clarification on this matter that we also consider very important. To the extent that absolutely all the USB drivers for Micromax that we are going to teach you now. They are distributed officially by the company. Once you have them, you should have the possibility to connect your mobile device to your computer or tablet without problems. So, you can root the USB drivers for Micromax from the PC, or transfer files between both computers.

These USB drivers for Micromax are useful for the following phones:

Micromax Canvas A1, Micromax Bolt A24, Micromax Smarty A25, Micromax Bolt A26, Micromax Bolt A27, Micromax Bolt A28.

Micromax Smarty A30, Micromax Bolt A34 Micromax Bolt A35, Micromax Bolt A36, Micromax Bolt A37, Micromax Bolt A37B Micromax Bolt A40.

Micromax Punk A44, Micromax Punk A45, Micromax Bolt A46, Micromax Bolt A47, Micromax Ninja A50.

Micromax Bolt A51, Micromax Aisha A52, Micromax A54 Smarty, Micromax Bolt A54, Micromax Ninja A54.

You must take into account:

1) All these drivers are provided by Micromax officially. Therefore, if you are facing any problem during your use, please contact Micromax Support.

2) If you wish to obtain root tutorials, stock ROM installation. More for your Android Micromax devices, the Root, ROMs and custom recovery categories of our website.

3) If you cannot find your Micromax model in the list previously mentioned, do not worry. The drivers are valid for all Android Micromax smartphones and tablets.

micromax usb driver for windows 7 free download

Update the USB device drivers

If you have had problems with the external hardware of your computer. Such as, your USB device does not work, one of the first things you should check is if the USB drivers are updated. Normally, these updates solve most of the most common errors regarding the installation of the hardware. Including speed problems and the occasions when your USB device is not properly recognized.

When updating your drivers, be sure to properly disconnect all USB devices through the built-in ejection process. Do not remove the cable from the computer. As this can cause several errors, including a complete hardware failure.

If you want to avoid the risk of downloading the wrong driver, we strongly recommend that you use the Micromax USB Driver.

Final thought,

The USB drivers are the files that make the connection between the PC and the device through a USB cable possible. Micromax USB Driver is one of them. When rooting an Android device, install a custom ROM, custom kernel or custom recovery to unlock more features. Adjust the system consumptions, put sleep applications, and increase the battery life and performance and also the speed of the device. You can uninstall applications that run in the background unnecessarily.

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