A solder sucker, otherwise known as a desolderingpump, can be of great assistance to you to pull out unwanted, molten solder connections from any printed circuit board (PCB). A good quality solder sucker is a prerequisite to get your desoldering job done. These tools are also an indispensable part of any home soldering setup. Besides, you are going to need, of course, a quality solder sucker to prepare any old PCB for the next fresh soldering process. 

If you are a beginner, then working on electronic projects means making soldering mistakes is evident for you. But undoing soldering mistakes are particularly tricky as you have to reheat the solder connections to liquefy it. And then afterward pull out the molten solder before it becomes stable.  

Best Solder Sucker

Most solder sucker tools feature a compact design and are light in weight. There is no need to spend a lot on a single solder sucker, but the price for a combo package will be high. The combo set comes with all the necessary tools such as solder sucker, soldering iron, tweezers, solder assist tools, etc. You’ll need these tools for soldering and desoldering work.

Here, we are presenting 5 best solder sucker tools that are the must-have tools for your home soldering setup. Scroll below to check our recommended solder suckers.

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Top 5 Best Desoldering Pump

Let’s start with our first pick, BelmaksDesoldering Pump. This one features a gigantic structure, yet light in weight. We suspect that this kind of most giant desoldering pump you have never used before.

If you measure its performance, it works great. We can assure you that this desoldering pump will absorb most of the solder from any printed circuit board on the first attempt. Its high-suction power gives this desoldering pump a great advantage. It can even perform well, staying a few millimeters away from the solder joint. Also, you don’t even need to fit the pump around the IC pins for the desoldering process.  

Many desoldering pumps are built following the usual design, such as using a flexible silicon tube equipped with double spring and some other conventional equipment to execute the suction process. Whereas, this desoldering pump features a giant tube that can create a more potent suction than the regular solder suckers. The combination of replaceable Teflon tip, anti-corrosive spring, and the antistatic feature make this desoldering pump stand out.


  • A great desoldering tool at a reasonable price. 
  • A large extraction volume expedites the desoldering process. 
  • The antistatic feature prevents electrical damages. 


  • Gigantic size; challenging to keep it steady when the release button is pressed.
  • The release button is next to the top, inappropriate location.   

If you want to fork out extra money for a good-quality desoldering pump and heater too, then pick none other than this combo pack, Velleman VTDESOL3U. This combo pack is the best value for money, as it can give you the best user experience. You can use it with ease. And it can be operated by a single hand. 

For the desoldering process, you simply need to heat the solder joint with the heater and then afterward pull out the molten solder by the desoldering pump. If you think that the lag time between the heating and removal of the solder may lengthen, then overheat it to keep it liquid for the extended time. And the repetition of the heating and suction process can easily remove the molten solder even from a fragile component without damaging the circuit board.  

We can assure you that this advanced desoldering pump, combined with a 30W heater, will make your job much more comfortable than before. You won’t like to use the older desoldering tool anymore. 

Now with this vacuum-free, your workpieces from the old soldering residue more efficiently and accurately than ever. Also, VTDESOL3U can prepare any project for the next clean solder by hovering up all the dust or debris with ease. 


  • Simple process; one-handed operation. 
  • Using one tool to heat and remove solder. 
  • Light in weight and feels premium in hands. 


  • The spare tip isn’t included in the package. 

The Crazepony 11 PCS Solder Removal Tool Set comes with 11 pieces of solder removal tools that allow you to execute a wide range of soldering and desoldering applications more efficiently and quickly than ever. Designed to carry out the applications mentioned earlier on a variety of electrical and electronic components such as circuit board, phone motherboard, home DIY hobbyists, jewelry, watches, and any home appliance. 

The solder sucker, which comes with the pack, features an aluminum bronze frame with a high-pressure vacuum that can effectively and efficiently desolder any printed circuit board in the blink of an eye. And the desoldering wick, designed to leave the least residue, is used to clean the residual solder to prevent short circuits. 

The included precision tweezers are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is resistant to acid and corrosion. Also, the non-magnetic and non-sticky characteristics of these tweezers prevent sticking small items in the middle of your work. 

The ergonomic 6 pieces of soldering aid tools are designed to feel comfortable in your hands. Besides, due to the hardened tips of these tools, they can be of great assistance to you to effectively control the hot and molten solder.    


  • Best combo pack at a fantastic price. 
  • Simple to use; one-handed operation. 
  • The solder sucker is itself very reliable and works smoothly. 


  • Nothing mentionable. 

Choosing Weller 7874B can be a wise decision if you’re looking for a heavy-duty desoldering pump without paying a high price for a combo pack. To do your regular desoldering job effectively, this desoldering gun, of course, is an ideal tool.   

The aluminum construction gives this desoldering pump a sturdy built-quality. Consequently, it’ll last longer than the ordinary plastic made vacuums. 

This solder sucker’s performance is incomparable when it’s essential to maintain high accuracy while repairing a printed circuit board. There is a 95% chance that it can completely suck the molten solder on its first attempt in terms of cleanability. 

Also, this desoldering pump is compatible to use with any soldering iron. And its antistatic characteristic prevents the damage which may result from the building-up of static electricity. 

The only negative side of this tool is that its tip is made of plastic. As a consequence, heat from the soldering iron can deform the pump’s tip over time. 


  • The best tool to repair and clean any printed circuit board.
  • Sturdy built-quality; should last long.
  • An excellent tool if you use it appropriately. 


  • Plastic made tips; might get damaged by heat. 

If you dislike the plastic made cheap-quality tips come with a solder sucker, you can check our chosen Engineer SS-02 Solder Sucker. This desoldering pump is designed following the cutting edge of desoldering pump technology. Beyond that, this one is further equipped with a flexible silicone tip that gets your job done without being damaged by the heat of a soldering iron. 

That’s because the silicone tip is heat resistant, which allows you to keep the nozzle closer to the soldering iron, during the desoldering process. It gives better suction and better solder removal. It is designed to withstand the heat when it comes into direct contact with your soldering iron machine. 

Due to such advantage of silicone tip, the suction process improves. Consequently, most of the solder is sucked with each action. Remaining least residue of solder means less risk of electrical malfunction. 

Apart from its excellent performance, it features an eye-appealing compact design. Also, light in weight. And its ergonomic structure facilitates smooth one-handed operation.

The material used in its construction is very high-quality and environment-friendly; its inside mechanical components also feature the same quality. 

For your convenience, this tool comes with a spare silicone tube, which you can cut into several pieces to use them as fresh nozzles. 


  • Better suction and better solder removal. 
  • Simple, one-handed operation. 
  • Expedites the desoldering process with high accuracy. 


  • For some users, it failed to create enough suction. 

Buying Guide for Solder Sucker: How to Choose the Right One?

Choosing a budget-friendly and good-quality solder sucker is a little bit difficult. In the crowd of different types of solder suckers, you may get confused that which one to choose. We suggest you look at this buying guide for both expert or a beginner before purchasing a solder sucker. Mainly because on the face of every desoldering pump, it seems the same. But these tools vary in quality, type, structure, suction power, and the like. Thus, you have to wisely choose the right solder sucker by considering the following core factors:   

Different Types of Solder Suckers

There are 3 types of solder suckers available on the market: Plunger solder sucker, vacuum solder sucker, and Bulb style solder sucker. 

1# A plunger solder sucker is usually shaped like a pen and features a compact, lightweight design. These types of solder suckers have a built-in spring-loaded piston, which you need to press and lock. As you trigger the release button, the inside mechanism creates a powerful suction that pulls out the molten solder from your printed circuit board. Most plunger solder suckers are simple to use and can be operated with a single hand. How much solder you plunger sucker is going to pull out. It depends on the suction power and the nozzle size. Make sure you empty the hollow tube when it gets full with molten solder. We recommend that you go for the plunger-type solder suckers as they are designed following modern desoldering pump technology. Also, there will be no maintenance cost as such solder suckers are manually operated.

2# Vacuum Solder Sucker is for professional soldering suction operations, e.g., industrial operations. These devices are powered by electricity and usually expensive. For domestic desoldering applications, Vacuum solder suckers aren’t applicable. 

3# Vacuum Solder Sucker is for professional soldering suction operations, e.g., industrial operations. These devices are powered by electricity and usually expensive. For domestic desoldering applications, Vacuum solder suckers aren’t applicable. 

As we can see, neither the vacuum type nor the bulb type is going to serve your desoldering purpose. Thus, we suggest you go for the plunger-type solder suckers. Please note that the 5 solders mentioned above are among the plunger-type. 

De-soldering Braid

Choose a solder sucker that comes with desoldering braid otherwise called as desoldering or soldering wick. This copper wire, which is coated with rosin flux, is usually supplied on a roll. The braid is heated along with the soldered connections to melt the solder. Desoldering braid is mainly used to quickly clean any unwanted soldering. This wire roll can be of great use to desolder the joints, which are in hard-to-reach areas.      

De-soldering Iron Machine and Other Essential Tools

To melt any soldering joint, having a desoldering iron is a prerequisite. Thus, you can go for a solder sucker that comes with a desoldering iron. 

As we know, to complete the desoldering process, a few more assist tools are also required, e.g., tweezers, solder assist tools, and micro shear flush cutter. You might need all of these tools for the desoldering process, consider our chosen “Crazepony 11 PCS Solder Removal Tool Set.” rather than buying the appliances separately. You might pick this combo pack as it is cost-saving.

Design and Build Quality

Solder suckers usually feature a hollow tube or cylinder-type frame that houses the suction mechanism. The frame is either made of aluminum or plastic. Since you’re intending to use a solder sucker for several years, choose something made of aluminum. You can also buy a plastic built solder-sucker, if only it’s made out of premium quality plastic, which gives it a sturdy appearance.

Of course, your solder sucker will often get into direct contact with the soldering iron. Thus, make sure your chosen solder sucker’s frame is durable and heat resistant. Otherwise, the frame structure may get warped by the heat of soldering iron over time. 

The tip or nozzle of your solder sucker is commonly made of silicone, nylon, or plastic. Also, you must be ensured that the tip is flexible instead of hardening. That’s because flexible tips can tightly seal on a circuit board for better suction.  

We suggest you avoid the solder suckers with plastic made tips as the plastic may get deformed by the heat. Thus, always go for a solder sucker that offers a heat-resistant tip. Silicone tip is primarily used due to its flexibility and resistance to heat. You can check our “Engineer SS-02 Solder Sucker” as it comes with a silicone tip. For future usage, a spare silicone tube is also included in the package. 

Suction Power

Of course, your chosen solder sucker can create enough suction to pull out the entire molten solder on the first action. A good-quality solder sucker gets your desoldering job done on the first attempt and doesn’t leave any residue behind. If you have a bad experience with your previous solder sucker, check our chosen “BelmaksDesoldering Vacuum Pump.” This one features a giant cylinder that creates an incomparable suction power to pull out the entire solder on the first action. Most Compact size solder suckers claim to have durable suction power. Yet, you have to confirm it before making the purchase.  

Ergonomic Design

Since you are going to work with your solder sucker for an extended period, make sure your chosen tool features an ergonomic design. Of course, you often have to hold your solder sucker next to a soldering iron. Thus, the handle must not get heated; otherwise, it can burn your hands. Also, it’s strongly recommended that you should choose a solder sucker that features a firm grip. Your chosen solder sucker must support one-handed operation as you have to hold the soldering iron with the other hand. 

Final Thoughts

Quite frankly, we are sure that the solder suckers from the discussion, as mentioned earlier, are the 5 best solder suckers. That’s because we have done a considerable amount of research and experiment to find these top picks. These tools are inexpensive yet powerful enough to execute your everyday desoldering job efficiently and effectively. 

If you are looking for a budget-friendly solder sucker and a soldering heater, “Velleman VTDESOL3U” can be an excellent option for you. You can also check our chosen “Crazepony 11 PCS Solder Removal Tool Set” if you’re looking for a combo pack that includes all tools for solder assist. Besides, if you’re worried about the suction power of a solder sucker, you can confidently buy our “BelmaksDesoldering Vacuum Pump.”  

Hopefully, this discussion will let you find the best solder sucker at an affordable price that effectively does all your soldering work.