UFI Dongle Setup File Latest | UFI Software Update 2022

Anyone in the smart device repairing industry would know the importance of a proper dongle to fix the software issues. In this regard, the UFI Dongle works fantastically for android and Qualcomm devices. It is usable with UFI Android Toolbox and repairs various software issues.

Ufi Dongle

Hence, the UFI Dongle is a go for the tool for people when it comes to working with android devices with the most effect and least costing. And to add convenience in your android working experience, we are going to discuss everything related to the UFI dongle.

The discussion includes UFI Dongle setup, costing, using the procedure, and many more.

So, are you up for it?

Before we move forward with the discussion, let’s take an in-depth look at the actual meaning of the UFI Dongle. According to the manufacturer, UFI Dongle is a universal security platform made by UFI to use with the UFI Android ToolBox.

It is a plug and plays dongle, and so needs no additional activation. That is why people worldwide love using the dongle for working with Android Intel, Qualcomm, and MediaTek devices.

Since this is a universal android platform, you can actually use the dongle for quick fixes of Asus, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Oppo, and many more. Furthermore, the dongle comes with ultra-rich features and superbly low costing. All these are a huge plus point for the users.

UFI Software Update v.

UFI Dongle has widespread use in the android industry. So, almost everyone linked with android devices repairing world for software and system, they all need the UFI Dongle in some stages. Also, the dongle comes with instant usability without any activation. It is incredibly easy to use, as well.

You may need the UFI Dongle for the below-mentioned works and applications. It broadly includes-

  • Those who are already familiar with the UFI Box they will love the UFI Dongle most. Both platforms use the same software, which is a great benefit.
  • If you want to debrick the Intel-based android devices, including Asus, Lenovo, and many more., the dongle is also usable.
  • Android Qualcomm devices sometimes need debricking their system for software updates or fixing. In these cases, the use of UFI Dongle is quite useful. The dongle has a practical system to work in such challenging conditions.
  • Not only the android Intel devices but also the Qualcomm Android devices work brilliantly with the UFI Dongle. So, you can use the tool to fix software issues of the Qualcomm devices that includes¬†HSUSB 9008.
  • Sometimes, the devices may require repairing their IMEI address. It is necessary for both Android Qualcomm and Intel devices. So, you will love using the tool to fix IMEI issues of the two platforms. What’s more, the next update is expected to include the MediaTek based devices, which will be another plus point.
  • If you need to fix support files in devices for the firmware, UFI Dongle will also work exceedingly well in such conditions.
  • The dongle is also applicable for flashing. The flashing system will include Qualcomm Sahara, Fastboot, Intel as well as the Firehose protocol. So, you will enjoy working with the UFI Dongle.

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How to Setup UFI Dongle

The UFI Dongle setup is pretty straightforward. So, you won’t face any problems with the entire setup procedure. The installation steps include:

  • At first, you will need to download UFI Dongle from the ascribed page. You will find multiple versions for the UFI software to be used with the dongle.
  • Carefully go over each software version and check for the supports, applications, and other usability with different platforms and devices. Then click on the UFI download option for selecting it.
  • Once you have successfully selected the right software version, click on the ‘zip’ file that is associated with the version.
  • Then, wait till the ‘zip’ file finishes downloading. Once downloaded, open the file and follow all on-screen installations. The rest of the setup will be quite a breeze.

The setup is thus pretty easy. However, if you lack the confidence to setup the UFI Android ToolBox software, you can always contact the support team for assistance.

How to Use UFI Dongle

Once you have setup the UFI Android ToolBox software and activated the dongle, you can move on to the application step.

To use the UFI Dongle, you will require selecting the right platform and brand at first from the software screen. You should determine which type of platform you will work for the device. Once you have selected the platform, select the device brand from the dialogue box.

Then you will see the next dialogue box from where you can find the right device name from it. Then you will need to find the device model and proceed on using it.

You will find multiple options for the dongle and toolbox. Depending on the device’s necessity, you would need to select between the IMEI fixing, firmware, or flashing options. Once adequately set, the toolbox software will start fixing the issues.

However, if you find the software application challenges, we recommend you to contact the UFI Support team and proceed to the next steps.

UFI Dongle Supporting Devices

UFI is a universal platform and so works on almost all types of devices and systems. It includes Android Qualcomm, Intel, and MediaTek platforms. The devices will broadly include Asus, Lenovo, Oppo, Xiaomi, Meizu, and many more.

You will need to ardently make sure that the device has a proper system, and it works with the dongle.

How to Uninstall UFI Dongle

Although you may not want to remove UFI software seeing its widespread applications, at times, you need to uninstall it for some unavoidable reasons. To uninstall the UFI Dongle, you can access it from the computer system.

Once you have uninstalled the toolbox from the system through the computer system, you will also require removing the files from the registry section. This way, you can thoroughly remove the files.


UFI Dongleis a multipurpose tool and works exceedingly well for Android fixers. Once you use the dongle for the first time, you will know its worth. Also, it comes with a relatively low price, which is a plus point for users.

It works on Android systems, including Intel, Qualcomm, and the next update will include MediaTek too. So, you will enjoy working with the toolbox.

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