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HD Box is a platform independent hardware that can be used in any environment. The prime function of the HD box is to unlock or recover the password by testing different combinations to unlock the phone. It supports both IOS and Android. The Android, Universal Box, iCloud for MAC computers, iPhone interface is already preinstalled.

HDBOX Setup File

Use of HD Box for IOS devices:

  • Retrieves password from IOS devices.
  • Solves the issue of disabled iPhone with IOS7
  • Solves the connection problem of IOS devices with iTunes.
  • Saves everything automatically.
  • IOS devices such as iPhone 4s, 5s,6s,6+ and many more with up to IOS7 is fully supported by HD Box. It also supports IPad, IPad Pro, IPad mini, etc.

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Use of HD Box for Apple computers:

  • It discovers the EFI password for Macintosh devices. EFI stands for Extensible Firmware Interface. It connects the operating system and the firmware platform to boot the runtime calls available to the OS and sets up an environment to boot OS and run pre-boot applications.
  • Helps to unlock iCloud account from Macintosh devices.
  • Macintosh devices include- MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac, etc.

Use of HD box for Android devices:

  • Removes any sort of security lock from the phone including pattern, pin, passcode, fingerprint, and face recognition if the phone undergoes root using ADB driver which lacks security.
  • If a device has Android version 4.1-4.4, any type of security lock in a phone including pattern, pin, passcode, fingerprint, face recognition can be removed through ABD Driver.
  • If the above methods are not compatible with the Android version of the device, brute-force can be used to unlock the phone. Brute-force is an algorithm to guess the password using a different combination. This method is not instant and it supports the largest number of different versions of Android models.

Additional features:

  • The firmware can be updated when new updates are available for better performance.
  • It gives a service warranty for a year.
  • It is user-friendly, portable, light-weight and the best thing about HDBOX is that they are platform independent, so it is compatible with any devices of the different operating systems without the help of a computer, internet or any other form of login system.

Download Link: Mirror Link

Price of HD box:

The price of the HD Box may vary depending on the model and type of specifications, but the range can be from USD170-USD300 approximately.

How to Use HD Box?

To recover the password, follow the mentioned step by step:

  • Charge the HD box using a PC or power bank.
  • Put the sensor cable in RJ45 and data cable should be inserted in a USB port. Make sure the sensor cable is placed on the display of the phone.
  • The iPhone app 2.1 should run immediately if the application is set to default and the Confirm button is selected.
  • Connect the iPhone and wait until the “Ready to run” message appears. For devices with IOS8.0/ IOS8.1, make sure to connect the adaptor as well to prevent the phone from going to the Disable Mode.
  • If the iPhone is connected for the first time, the display counter will show “0000”. The joystick can be moved and the desired number can be selected.
  • After entering different combinations of the passcode, a message will be displayed if a match is found.


HDBox is a very useful tool recommended to anyone. You can actually feel its usefulness upon using it. I hope now you know all that you needed to know about the HDBox.

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