ATF Box Setup V12.70 Full Setup File & Driver Download

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ATF is an awesome advance turbo flasher. This ATF box setup is created by the very expert persons which know the valuation of time in a man life. It will stand by your opportunity and cash in a flash, speed is the central component of this device, in a moment it will be associated with your PC to give you the essential data of your telephone like Software information, Hardware data, the Machine version, Warranty information and so on.Samsung FRP  Tool Download

Flashing of the device, as I would see it, will be the center of the heart highlight of this phone. You can flash each Android system, each brand, and each mobile inside looking of eyes. Despite the fact that you have to do flashing with the conscious personality and insurance. It must receive before flashing the phone. Keep in mind that before trying to flash your cell phone it is recommended that you have knowledge about the risks and advantages of flashing your cell phone. Here we bring ATF Box download with the latest version.

ATF Box Setup

ATF Box USB Driver: Download Link

Nokia USB Driver: Download Link

Features of ATF box setup

We additionally give the drivers to ATF box. Download link for its drivers is additionally given below. In this most recent version of ATF box, the developers of this tool present numerous new highlights. So before utilizing new ATF Box programming lets observe its new features.

  • The release of mobile phones (unlock sim-lock network operator).
  • 100% permanent unlocking.
  • Reset of user code and security code.
  • Flash, language change, and firmware update.
  • You can edit warranty on your device.
  • Flash time per terminal of only 28 seconds.
  • Read, repair and write IMEI.
  • Software updates directly from the program.

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What do I need to flash the phone?

Before flashing your phone with ATF box, keep the essential things listed below.

  1. USB data cable (high quality).
  2. ATF box driver.
  3. Program to do a mobile backup.
  4. ATF box.


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Hardware Features of ATF Box Latest Setup 2018

ATF box comes with high-end hardware components. Firstly, it made only for Nokia devices. But now, this box also works on the android device. Read the hardware features and its supported device below:

* First in the world to provide USB 2.0 High-Speed communication of 480 Mbps.

– Connection to the computer is 40 times faster than any other BOX.

* First and completely based on FPG, implementation of protocols via Flash BUS.

– Providing more speed and instability, compared to other BOX based on MCU.

* Adjustable to logical levels VCCIO (3.30v, 2.80ve 1.80v).

– Compatible with old models of phones, logic level 3.30v.

– Compatible with new phone models, 2.80v logic level.

– Compatible with future models of phones, logic level 1.80v.

* Suitable ESD protection on the FLASHBUS port.

– Protects phones from damage due to electrostatic discharge.

* First in the world with ultra-fast flash speed, currently up to 15 MHz

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– Upgradable firmware to support up to 60 MHz, without the need for hardware modifications.

* VPP Voltage Flash Voltages Generator (3.0v, 5.0v, 9.0ve 12.0v).

– Speeds up when you turn off Flash from slow phones.

– Does not require external power adapters to generate 9.0ve 12.0v.

– Uses SEPIC Fast Switching project.

* Updated hardware using internal expansion slots.

* Micro-SD card slot for future developments.

* Dual ports RJ-4x, i.e. RJ-45 and RJ-48 for external communication:

– RJ-45 is the main “turbo” BUS.

– RJ-48 is the secondary BUS and can be used as well.

– To support “Parallel” or “Serial” protocols, such as 2Mbps UART, JTAG, and Flashing Protocols.

* 5 colored LEDs with indicator lights:

– FBUS_RX: Rectangular Orange.

– FBUS_TX: Rectangular green.

– USB_POWER / ACP-X_POWER: Circular blue.

– VBATT: Circular green.

– VPP: Circular orange.

Download ATF Box driver for all windows

You can install ATF box driver which support Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. This box also works smoothly in 32-bit and 64-bit operating system. If you connect this box with USB cable with your personal computer, device setup wizard will start automatically. Use ATF Box update version.

Android OS is the biggest cell phone working framework. Now, the greatest rivals of the Android OS. They are making a decent attempt to draw in with this. As of late, Nokia likewise, the greatest adversaries of the Android are choosing to introduce Android on their up and coming phones. Along these lines, the life has turned out to be so quick. We don’t have enough time to go to the versatile shop to repair or introduce the most recent reports on your telephone. We need everything brisk and fasts.

ATF Box Driver

Advantages and disadvantages of flashing the mobile phone with ATF box

Always make a backup of the phone in case something went wrong during the flash. Check that the battery is sufficiently charged. Do not disconnect the cable until it has finished and checked the firmware version before starting. Use high-quality USB cable.

The benefit is, you can add new functions to the phone that come with the new firmware or expand the memory. And the bad site is, a badly flashed phone may stop working and in that case, you have to perform a Test Point which can be done with software or welding contacts as the case may be. What is the Test Point? It is the process or procedure of repairing the cell phone damaged by a bad flash. So, alert before flashing.Flashing Developer

Final thought,

We here are giving you the sort of use which will work as indicated by your desires and need. ATF (Advance Turbo Flasher) box is a device which can get and resolve each issue on your phone. It is possible that it would streak the telephone or establish access of a brand.Android Multi Tools.

Along these lines, download ATF box setup from the link given. If the link given the finish of this post isn’t working at that point remark down in the area. So, we could settle the issue at the earliest opportunity.

ATF Box Setup Full Installer V12.70: Download Link

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