GPG Dragon Latest Setup File And USB Driver

Last Updated on January 4, 2023 by XDA Team

GPG Dragon is a Chinese phone repair tool that allows you to detect pins, flash and mobile phones based on the repair of MTK, Spreadtrum, NXP, Infineon, Qualcomm, Silabs, Anyka, ADI and SKY CPUs. To use this tools you need a pc or laptop with requirements of 1.8 GHz or higher processor, minimum 512mb RAM and 80 GB hard disk. In this article, we present GPG Dragon setup file and driver download.BST Dongle Setup File Download 2018 Link.

GPG Dragon

GPG Dragon V3.53 Setup File: Download Link

GPG Dragon SPD IMEI Tool: Download

Features of the box:

  • Support reading the mobile code (unlocking).
  • Very fast auto pin finding with speed around the time of 5sec to 15sec.
  • Very easy use, pin finding of the software of the box, flash, and repair all in one.

GPG Dragon support features

Auto pin find MTK

Write flash, read flash, read unlock code, repair IMEI, repair Touchscreen and format plus function on the box you can download the software.

Auto pin find SPD (SperadTrum)

Write, read flash, read the code unlock, format and change IMEI.

Auto pin find NXP

Support NXP CPU write flash, read flash and read information.

Auto pin find Infineon

Support Infineon 7880, 7870 write flash, read flash, repair after flash can read the card SIM.

Auto pin find Qualcomm

Support the old model using COM communication and support the new model using the USB communication.

GPG Dragon crack without box download

GPG Dragon Box Crack has comes with new features. Undoubtedly one of the best tools for cell phones is the box GPG dragon, with this crack we can have a new version of this box. It is compatible with different android models based on several processors. Its installation is very simple, just decompress and install and ready! You will be able to use.

GPG Dragon Crack

GPG Dragon Crack V3.53: Download Link

GPG Dragon Box Driver full setup download

Download most recent USB driver of GPG Dragon box. You can download from here. We have shared latest USB driver GPG Dragon box, and free download joins are accessible under for download. It accompanies fast flashing and support for a few phones for formatting. GPG Dragon box needs some essential things which you should introduce before utilizing your case as a flasher.

GPG Dragon Box Driver

Box Driver: Download Link

At first, download the GPG Dragon setup file and install it your pc or laptop. Connect dragon box with your pc using the USB cable. Make sure that, your USB cable is high quality. Download and setup USB driver.

The GPG Dragon Box driver will take little time during download. So, simply tap on the download link to get your driver setup file

Find PIN number

Forgetting PIN of a cell phone is quite common. Access passwords can be reset on any device and on any operating system. This is good news if we often tend to forget the credentials to unlock the computer or smartphone screen. Here’s how to do it based on our device using GPG dragon box.

Miracle Box Download

How to find the PIN number on your cell phone

Recovering your smartphone’s pin is a miracle. For those who had bought a top of the range, then, perhaps putting its mobile phone offers included compared to those of other operators. Losing the unlock code of your device can become a real tragedy.FRP hijacker tool Free Download Link.

If until recently, in fact, the loss of the unlock code meant to inquire about smartphones on the market to make another purchase. In the best case, a mandatory reset of the device and the cancellation of all data in memory. Now With GPG dragon box, it is possible to recover the pin in a few minutes and at a minimum cost.infinity best crack Full Alternative Download Link.

Even the most distracted and forgetful smartphone users will be able to sleep peacefully. With dragon box, you can enter an unlock method to safeguard the privacy of your phone without being afraid to forget your password and without using child-proof codes. Such as QWERTY or 0000.

In case of forgetfulness of the pin code, in fact, it will be the application itself to automatically send a new unlock mode. You can then continue to use the mobile phone as usual. Without proceeding with formatting and without sacrificing security and privacy.

MI Unlock Tool

gpg dragon latest setup 3.53 download

How to use GPG DRAGON as Pin finder

  • Connect mobile to the box with the desired cable.
  • Run GPG Dragon.
  • Click Connect.
  • Click Read Info.
  • Make sure that you have selected Auto Sense.
  • Click Start (software will detect your pins when you read all the information, then do the following).
  • Uncheck Auto Sense.
  • Click Start (the box will reread all information without finding pins).
  • Open any other software like infinity.
  • Disconnect mobile from the carton and reconnect it again (power cables too).

Final thought,

GPG Dragon Now you’re ready to do whatever you want. You can export the phone book by reading the flash memory (if it is readable) for dead phones and save to the PC. This tool compatible with anti-virus system like Norton Anti-Virus. But AVG Other Anti-Virus is not compatible. It supports in all windows.GPG Dragon 2018 Full Setup File Download Link.