Smali Patcher 7.4 Magisk Module Latest Version Download

Last Updated on January 4, 2023 by XDA Team

Do you want to download the Smali patcher 7.4 magisk module’s latest version? But you do not find the right direction for downloading this magisk module. In our blog post, we will show the installation of this module.

The patcher does the framework of the files on your android device and provides maximum compatibility. The patcher will also work to back up your device. 

The online driver is modified by it and also modifies the game. So when you are trying to install the patcher 7.4 magisk. Download the latest module from our download link that is given below.

What is Smali Patcher?

Small patcher 7.4is a simple module that comes with various features with exceptional patches. It is a very useful model that makes a framework of android with magisk smartphone. Developer fOmey created this latest version of the patcher that recognized XDA. 

the systemic file that you can change. A patcher module is a user-friendly tool. The patchers offer much more features. Like:

  • You will get a Mock Location patch where you can hype the games like Pokemon Go and treat them to genuine location updates.
  • When you face a payment security problem or are bothered, the patcher allows you to download a Smali Patcher secure folder where you can take screenshots or screen sharing on secure pages’ apps.
  • You will get disabled signature verifications that support executing or modifying the system app.
  • Signature spoofing is the latest feature that behaves like a third party to sign applications.
  • By TWRP mode, you can reboot your device directly and back into the power menu with recovery.
  • It has the bypass Samsung Knox tip protection system. Using the patcher, you will protect Knox’s tip.
  • You can disable the high-volume popup dialogue by using this patcher. 
Not only the above features, but you will also get a patcher with odex and deodexRoms that are compatible. By changing your location, you can catch pokemon go games. With lots of smartphone tasks, you can use this patcher smoothly.

How To Install Smali Patcher On Android

To install smali patcher on your android set, you have to install java first. Because java is not detected with this. Also, you need a USB debugging connection. Ok, let’s see how you Smali PatcherApk Download?

  • Download samlipatcher 7.4 magisk module and unzip the files. Extract the patcher file and separate the folder.
  • Enable USB drive debugging that consists of a developer on your smartphone. 
  • Smali Patcher Without PC, you cannot install the USB debugging system. To connect your phone with your pc and always be connected with it before installing.
  • Accept your USB debugging system. 
  • Now download the latest necessary SmaliPatcher.exe and choose your patcher.
  • Hit the ADB method patch; hit the patch button when it fails.
  • After completing magisk module and generating the name of the smalipatchermodule.xx
  • Install recovery mode and generate the magisk module and enable it.
Smali Patcher APK Download Link

Smali Patcher Has Stopped Fix Guide

It is common that many patchers have stopped their working sometimes. Here we give the fixed guideline of the patcher. 

  • Before fixed the patcher, you have to clear all files from samli. Then copy the patcher and run it. Go to your computer browser and find the smalipatcher folder. Now click on the smali and open it. 
  • A dialogue box appears on your screen where it says to allow the following program and press the yes button.
  • You will see smalipatcherfomey@XAD box will appear. Select all the patcher options and click the browser button.
  •  After clicking on the browser button, you will see another folder is open. Find the service services jar and press double click on it. 
  • E:/ SMALLI/58/58/service.jar will appear under the patcher options. Click on the Patch the jar button.
What is the use of smali patcher?

The smali used for your device pulls out the framework files from your Android device. 

How do you use Magisk in Pokemon go?

Open your magisk hide and search the game pokemon go.
Go to the magisk setting options.
Use a package name randomly; it will repack the magisk manager app.
Install a safety patch on your device and reboot it.


Smali Patcher is a unique thing for your android device. This application pulls your android framework. So you can download the latest version of smali 7.4 magisk module. The patcher provides the compatibility entire your android device. And support your device project also. Above, we try to give all the information of Smali and show you the fixing guideline. 

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