Samsung 3322i Flash File And Tool Download Free

Last Updated on January 4, 2023 by XDA Team

Want to flash your Samsung 3322i phone with Samsung 3322i Flash File? Then you are in the right place. If your Samsung device has a software problem with your Samsung mobile, you can fix it with Flash. Flash is similar to factory reset, but it is more powerful. With the Flash tool, you can repair all the software problems of your phone.

Samsung 3322i Flash File

Currently, the use of different types of software causes different kinds of problems in the phone. However, if your phone is Samsung GT-C3322i, you can flash your phone by following our article. Here we will discuss How to Flash Samsung GT-C3322i and all the software used in it. So, let’s get started.

Required for Flash

  • Samsung GT-C3322i device with good battery charged
  • Samsung C3322i Flash File 
  • Samsung C3322i Flash Tool 
  • USB Driver 
  • Computer or Laptop

Download Samsung C3322i Flash File

If you want to protect your Samsung C3322i device from any software problem, you must flash it. To flash, you first need to download the Samsung GT-C3322 flash file to your PC or laptop. You can easily download it from the link given below. Also, you can use this flash file on your desktop or laptop without any errors. Download the file directly from the link below.

Download Samsung C3322i Flash Tool and USB Driver

Before flashing Samsung GT-C3322i, download GT-C3322i Flash Tool and USB Driver with Flash File and computer or laptop. This USB driver allows you to connect your GT-C3322i device to a PC via USB cable. Flashing can make your mobile more efficient than before. Below we have mentioned the link to download the GT-C3322i Flash Tool and Samsung C3322i USB Driver. From here, you can easily download this tool and USB driver.

How to Flash Samsung GT-C3322i?

If you want to flash your Samsung C3322i for free, follow the steps shown by us. We have already discussed what you need to use this method. Now we will discuss how to flash Samsung GT-C3322i. You must follow the whole process to get the correct information.

  • Step-1: At first, download the flash file from the given link and extract it to desktop or laptop.
  • Step-2: After extracting, a folder will be creating. After that, download USB Driver and install it.
  • Step-3: After installing, open the ‘Flash Tool’ file, click on the ‘add file’ button, and choose the C3322iDDMG4_BSY.fls file.
  • Step-4: Again, click on ‘Add file’ and choose C3322iDDMG4_CDS.fls file
  • Step-5: After adding, click on further ‘Add file’ button and choose C3322iDDMG4_BSY.CUST.pdf file
  • Step-6: Now click on Add file button and choose the C3322iODDMG4_ROOT.dfat file.
  • Step-7: After adding all files, click on ‘Add file’ again and choose the C3322iODDMG4_USER.dfat file and click on the ‘Next button.
  • Step-8: It’s time to click on the ‘Start USB1’ button.
  • Step-9: Now press and hold 1 + 3 Keys, insert the USB cable, and wait until full Flash.

Some Essential Tips for Flashing

When you flash your Samsung GT-C3322i, there are a few things to keep in mind. Such as:

  • Tips-1: Check the micro USB cable. If it is not good, you will not be able to flash it.
  • Tips-2: If your device has a low battery, turn off your device in a flash.
  • Tips-3: Save your data like contacts, photos, videos, etc., before flashing.


We hope you can flash your Samsung GT-C3322i Samsung 3322i Flash File by following this article. We’ve tried to flash your Samsung GT-C3322i device for free in a very short time. Here we have also mentioned each required software link. If you want, you can download the files by clicking on these links directly from here. Also, the way we flashed is if you have a PC, then you can quickly get the job done sitting at home. If you still want to know more about this, please let us know in the comments.