Oppo F11 Pro (CPH1969)Pattern, Password, and FRP Lock Remove Guidelines

OPPO F11 pro is an excellent device. It has been released on July 2020. The OPPO F11 Pro (CPH1969) contains 6GB ram and 128 GB ROM and the latest Android version Pie 9.0. When a phone with such a value gets locked and you can’t get access to it, it devastates your heart. We understand the pain you are in right now. So, if are hunting for a reliable way to unlock the pattern, password or FRP lock of your device, you have come to the right place. To get the full control, you have to emulate my instructions to the end. Without any further due, let’s begin.

OPPO F11 Pro Pattern Lock Remove

How to Remove PPO F11 Pro (CPH1969)Pattern Lock and FRP Lock

Although it is a technician’s job, you can apply it if you have the necessary accessories. I have broken down the process in a way that you can effortlessly follow it. Take one step at a time carefully because it can be a bit risky to apply the method. Also, I would recommend you to apply it on your own phone, if you are servicing for the first time. Before we move on to the formula, take a look at the caution and necessities.

Caution: This method contains disassembling a smartphone’s different parts and putting them back together. So, this process is risky. Any mistake can result in destruction of your device. So, during the entire process, full awareness is necessary. Also, you have to take responsibility for servicing your device.


  • Phone assembling toolkit
  • Oppo F11 Pro USB driver
  • UFI box
  • A working laptop or computer
  • 4-6 pieces of jumpers
  • Soldering kit
  • USB cable

The first part of the process

  • Take your phone and turn it off.
  • Take the back casing away from your phone
  • Dislocate the mainboard from the phone. Disconnect it from the battery, camera, and fingerprint. You will require a screwdriver to unscrew the screws.
  • In this step, you have to sail across to the eMMC chip on your motherboard. It is placed on the same side where you place your Sim card.
  • On your motherboard, you have to find the four pins: Dat0, CMD, CLK, GND.
  • After that, you have to solder the jumpers with the same four pins of the UFI box as the motherboard. Solder the jumpers to the pins of the motherboard and the UFI box adapter to connect them.
  • Next, put the adapter inside the UFI box.
  • Then, to power the existing VCC and VCCQ pins you have to plug your motherboard to the battery. After that, put a USB cable in the USB port of the phone and connect it to the computer.

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The second part of the process

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  • Run the UFI box tool on the laptop or computer
  • From the user interface, tick the box beside Direct eMMC ISP
  • After that, click on the Identify eMMC button and your phone will be recognized by the software.
  • Then, sail across to the User Partition tab
  • Now, go to Special Task and click on it. From the appeared options, select Factory reset.
  • The procedure for resetting your device will be started. Just wait a while until finish.
  • Once confirming the completion of the procedure, plug all the connections out.
  • Assemble your phone back to its previous condition and turn it on.
  • That’s it.

Oppo F11 Pro (CPH1969) Firmware

If somehow your phone gets dead along the way, you will require this firmware file to recover it. You can download it from here. (link)


Thank you for following our OPPO F11 Pro (CPH1969) Pattern, Password and FRP Lock Remove Guideline above. I hope you are going to be benefitted from the procedure. Later, you can share your experience with us. By the way, if you have any further questions regarding this method, you can ask us too. Don’t forget to share it with your acquaintances. We would love you to visit us back and back again for the latest updates. Take care and spread knowledge rather than controversy.


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