MT6752 DB File Download for IMEI Repair MediaTek Devices

Last Updated on January 4, 2023 by XDA Team

Sometimes you need to delete several unwanted things to improve the quality of your smartphone or other android devices. Then you need to reset, rewrite the IMEI in your device, right?  MT6752 DB File can help you here.

This is a very tiny Windows Computer application that allows you to write and flash IMEI on your MediaTek Device.

The manufacturing companies are the only authority to deal with sophisticated features like the IMEI number. Because it ensures the security of a device. But sometimes, you need to rename or rewrite the IMEI number yourself for more security purposes.

IMEI Writer MTK is a very tiny feature that allows writing or flash IMEI on smartphones and tablets run by the Android system. You can use it in so many CPUs, including MT6752 supported CPU. In this article, we will show you how to download Database and All MTK BPLGU.

How to Download MT6752 DB File

Downloading the MT6752 DB File will take different times based on your internet connection system. For example, in broadband connection, it will take 0.56 seconds; in DSL, 15 seconds, and in mobile, it will take 2.78 seconds.

It will be downloaded as a compressed or zip file. You know the zip file is easy to encrypt, scan, self-extract, and very easy to install.

Follow the steps to Download the MT6752 DB File

  • -Make ready your computer, Android device, and a USB cable.
  • -Turn off antivirus protection temporarily for security purposes.
  • -At the first download a backup tool on the computer.
  • -Check the USB debugging option in USD.
  • -Now, the main process starts:
  • -Go to “menu to settings to about phone
  • -Now press on the built number a few times.
  • -Access Menu to settings to the developer.
  • -Press the USB debugging option.
  • -Make sure your Android phone is fully charged for IMEI data. If it goes off, everything will collapse.
  • -If you lose your password, this tool can help you. In that case, keep your recovery key saved. It will help you to reset your password. We suggest printing the recovery key and store it.

Sometimes the IMEI of Your Android Device gets corrupted. It could be formatted accidentally or gets invalid somehow. If you want to format something on your phone, unconsciously, the IMEI number can be erased. In those situations, IMEI Writer MTK helps rewrite IMEI, and you can use it without any hesitation.

Why Need MT6752 DB File?

-It is very fast transferable


-Secured cloud storage

-Convenient and Simple

-End-to-End encrypted: nobody will be able to see the information you are putting here.

-Two-layered authentication

-Keeps your account protected.

-Will protect you from fraud.

-Keep your data safe.

– If your device becomes the prey of ransomware attack. They cannot harm it as your data is well protected here.

Download AP BP File For MTK Chipset IMEI Repair

  • Mt6252
  • Mt6260
  • Mt6261
  • Mt6571
  • Mt6572
  • Mt6575
  • Mt6577
  • Mt6580
  • Mt6582
  • Mt6589
  • Mt6592
  • Mt6735
  • Mt6735m
  • Mt6752
  • Mt6755
  • Mt6795
  • Mt6797

MTK NVRAM IMEI Repair Database File Download

MT6752 DB File IMEI Repair Guide

There are several methods to change or rename IMEI. Every feature has its own way. Here we will see how we can rewrite our IMEI on our phone using the MT6752 DB file. It is easy and fast. Even if you are a newbie, you can do this if you follow our MT6752 DB File IMEI Repair Guide.

The steps are:

– Download the package and extract it here.

– Run both the IMEI and SN writer.exe file.

– Download Database and All MTK BPLGU for the smartphone.

– Select USB and phone in the IMEI and SN writer.

– Press “Select DB”, now attach the GLU file there. Then attach your DB file (Remember that GlU file will not go away with your double click, you have to select MT DB file again)

– Select 1. Serial Number 2. IMEI 3. Bluetooth 4. Wi-Fi Mac address in the “write” portion.

– Now write the values and numbers here. You can write things whatever you want.

– Now “Start” and switch off the phone.

 – Finally, connect the switched-off smartphone. Now wait for the flash; it may take few minutes.

All done?? You have successfully changed the IMEI, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and SN Number.


MT6752 DB File is an essential tool in the android world. Moreover, you can change or rewrite the serial number of your phone by using IMEI Writer MTK. With all these tools, you can customize your favorite phone of your choice.

We have tried to show how to download the database and All MTK BPLGU for your smartphone. I hope this article helped you. We always welcome feedback. If you face any trouble in using this tool, feel free to contact us.