Moto E XT1022 Flash File & Flash Tool Update Version

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Motorola continues to meet its users and to update all its devices; the turn now is the first generation Moto E. It although it is the last of the list gives the jump directly from Android 4.4.4 (KitKat) to Android 5.1 (Lollipop) official form. The update is now available for the models XT1021, XT1022 and XT1025. At the moment only in some regions and for the free factory. This trick is to perform the official update manually and easily. Here, we present download link to Moto E Flash File and Moto E Flash Firmware latest version.Google Account Manager 7.0 APK Download Link Free For All Visitor.

Download Moto E Flash File with Moto Flash Tool

The first thing is to make a backup copy of the important data. We will use the stock ROM. Then have the drivers installed correctly (restart the computer if it is the first time it is installed), the Battery should be above 70% of its charge and remove the micro SD memory. Moto XT1022 Flash File 6.0 download from here.Android CDC Driver For Windows 10.

Moto E Flash File

Moto E XT1022 Firmware

Moto E XT1022 Lollipop Firmware

Moto USB Driver

  1. Download the latest ROM of Android 5.1 (Lollipop) for your model and unzip it, it can be anywhere, for example on the desktop.
  2. Download ADB Tools and m fastboot-v2, unzip them and copy the files into the ROM folder, as in the following image.
  3. Activate the USB Debugging and connect it to the computer to complete the installation of the drivers, then disconnect it and turn it off.
  4. Download the Motorola drivers and install it, in our case we will use the Windows ones.
  5. Start the device in fast boot mode by pressing the Vol- button for one second and then Power at the same time and release, then connect it to the computer.
  6. Open the folder of the ROM where they are with all the files together. In a blank space press the SHIFT key and right click. The drop-down menu chooses the option Open command window here and writes fast boot devices. It will serve to verify that the connection exists between the equipment.
  7. If everything is fine now, all you have to do is enter the necessary commands to perform the update, copy and paste them with a right click one by one waiting for the process to finish and verifying that it is being installed on the computer.
  8. Wait for it to restart and update the applications. It will take about 12 minutes to load the system.

So, you notice that it does not get scared. After a quick configuration restores factory from Settings, Backup and resets to rule out any system errors. And finally, you will have the Moto E updated to Android 5.1 (Lollipop) officially and with the Stock ROM.

Flash a custom recovery, restore your Android

Moto Flash Tool is a tool with graphical interface for Windows with which you can make much more intuitive many modifications of your Moto terminal. Before starting with any of these

procedures, you should fulfill the most important requirement. To have the bootloader of the device unlocked. You also need Moto E Flash Firmware. Get Moto XT1022 Lollipop Firmware from here.

When you download the file and unzip it, you find a folder with multiple files inside. Among which is an executable called “AllinoneMotoTool.” This is the executable program.

Once you run Moto E Flash File with this tool, you will find a straightforward and affordable interface for any user. If you look at the top of the program, find two tabs. One for Moto devices that are Google Play Edition (Moto G bought in the Play Store) and those that are not GPE (Bought in a store).

The functionalities that this program has are quite complete, although, in my opinion, it lacks one of the most important, to be root. Even so, the rooting process is quite simple once you are in front of the Moto Flash Tool.Android Fastboot Reset Tool V1.2 Free Working Tool.

Moto usb driver

Here we show you step by step how to root and flash your Moto E with Moto Tool’s help:

  • Connect the device in USB Debug Mode
  • If you do not have the installed drivers, click on Install Drivers and then on Do it!
  • Select the operating system (KitKat 4.4 – 4.4.2 or JellyBean 4.3)
  • Mark Push SU 2SD in the Tools section and in the Do it! Icon
  • Select the Custom Recovery that we want, in this case, CWM and you give Flash it!
  • When you are in the fastboot mode, you click on the vol – button to position yourself on top of Recovery Mode and click on vol + to select it
  • Click on Choose Zip from SD Card

Within the theme of the forum XDA itself of this application. You find the full list of features offered Moto flash tool:

  • Flash Stock Recovery
  • Flash Custom Recovery (CWM or TWRP)
  • Restart the terminal in recovery or fastboot mode
  • Copy SuperSU file to the phone
  • Restores by reinstalling the operating system to NO-GPE devices

Restore by reinstalling the operating system to GPE devices or convert your NO-GPE device to GPE. The download link to Moto E Flash File with Moto E Flash Code you can find on the subject of XDA.

Moto XT1022 Flash File

Good program but still to be completed

My opinion about Moto E Flash File is good. A program that facilitates these tasks to people with little control of the terminal window is something that is needed. It is true that there are people who do not do this series of things for not daring to face the command window. I know because in my case when I started with Android, it happened to me.Samsung J2 FRP File Download Link.

It is a fantastic program but to be completed. I think that what this program lacks is that you remotely download the firmware of your device (although I see it difficult having so many different versions) and that the rooting process is in one click as the rest of things.


It is necessary to install Moto XT1022 Bootloader unlock the file. This process has been tested without problems in a Moto E XT1022. This blog is not responsible for possible failures. I hope that the developer will continue with this program and that in future updates you will find a complete suite of Moto E Flash File.Moto XT1022 Flash File.Universal Hard Reset Tool 2018 Download Link.

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