How To Install Miracle Box Step By Step (Guidelines)

Last Updated on January 4, 2023 by XDA Team

Miracle Box is such a servicing solution that is designed for mainly Chinese mobile phones. If you want to flash or unlock your device then the “Miracle Box” is the perfect option to use. It also helps users for software repair operations. This is really a handy tool for laptop and Windows computers. This repairing solution has released a lot of new update versions which you can able to download and install now. This servicing software mainly works for Mediatek supported smartphones.

How To Install Miracle Box

This article is all about the installation process of “Media Box”. Here, we will discuss how to install the latest version of Miracle Box’s latest version which is Miracle 2.54. So, take a look at this article.

Installation Process of Miracle Box Latest Version (Miracle 2.54)

[#] Download the Miracle 2.54 Software & Download Miracle Box Driver.

[#] Then the most important step is to turn off antivirus software

[#] Go to WinRAR archive and extract your download file

[#] Go to the extracted folder of “Miracle box_2.54” and then click on the “Miracle Box

[#] Click on the “Miracle Box 2.54 Loader” and run it as Administrator

[#] Now, you need to go popup BOX and then copy “Hardware ID”

[#] Here, you can see “Miracle 2.54 keyGen”. Go there.

[#] Now, it’s time to open the “Miracle Box 2.54 KeyGen” application

[#] Here you need to type any name in the “Name Field”

[#] Write “Hardware ID” is the hardware id field

[#] Now you can click on the “Generate Key” button

[#] When you do it successfully, you need to copy the “Generated Key” from that box

[#] Now again go to the popup window where you copied “Hardware ID”

[#] Write “Generated Key” in that box

[#] After it, click on the “Register” so that you can use Miracle 2.54 software

[#] Now click on the start button from the loader

[#] Wait for a few times until the software launch successfully

[#] Here you can find an error “Access Violation at Adress” after clicking on the “Start Button”

[#] Now, it’s time to solve the Access violation Error

[#] Go to the “My Computer” icon and click on it

[#] Click on the “Advanced System Settings” and then go to “Properties”

[#] Now, go to the “Settings” option and click on the “Data Execution Prevention”

[#] You can see here “Turn on DEP for all programs”. Click on that option

[#] After going to that option, click on “Add”

[#] Here, you need to select the “Miracle Box_2.54 Loader’ from the extracted folder of Miracle Box_2.54”

[#] After selecting that, click on “Apply” and then select “OK”

[#] Now, you need to restart your computer to solve the “Access Violation” problem

[#] After restarting your computer, go to the “Miracle 2.54 Loader” folder

[#] Now, click on the “Miracle Box 2.54 Loader” and run it as administrator

[#] Go to a popup window and click on the start button to run the “Miracle 2.54” software

[#] Now, click on the ” Start” button from the Miracle software and then check the “access violation” error. If it is ok then you can now use this software.

Download Miracle Box Latest File

Final Thoughts:

Miracle Box is a really useful servicing software that helps the users for servicing any kind of Mediatek and Qualcomm Supported device. It has released so many versions and here we discuss the installation process the latest version of Miracle Box which is Miracle 2.54. I hope, this article is helpful for you to know how to install this software and run it.