All in One Android Tool (Drivers, Unlock, TWRP, Factory Image) Updated 2023

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If you unlock the bootloader, TWRP flash, factory images, and drivers, then an all-in-one android tool is for you. These tools allow you to do many things comfortably. You have to use Android all in one tool because it supports 67 devices.

All in One Android Tool

It can control each device from different companies. When you use it, all devices support fast boot and ADB functions. 

However, the Android tool device is developed by the AIO team so that you can easily erase all data, flash your TWRP, stock images, root your record video, Unlock your device perfectly, etc. Here in our post, we will show how you download the updated version 2022. 

What is Tool all in One

All-in-one can work on different devices because it is a multi-purpose program. Using this tool, you can unlock your bootloader, install drive files, lock bootloader, stock images, reboot TWRP flash, recover flash, and update your device easily. 

You can download the All-in-one android tool with free antivirus that is safe for your device. Download Android Tool and run it into windows 7, windows 8, windows 10/vista, and 64 bits with a free pc program. Program 1.1 and 1.0 is the most popular version of Android tools.

However, the tools can support 64 devices but now currently supports 12 devices, and fix all the problems of your device. 

The Features Of All in One Android Tool

Android tools have come with amazing features for your Android device. 

  • Easy to download: All-in-one Android tool can easily download and install on your computer, and you can connect this android tool with your computer. 
  • Easily can remove: Some android devices have the problem of FRP lock of any mobile. You can remove this FRP lock problem using all-in-one tools. Android tools provide tutorials so that it is easy to read and solve your problem.
  • Change IMEI number: It is important to change the IMEI number, and you will get it from the Android tools update version 2022, and change it.
  • Flash boot ROM: You will also get the great features of All in one tools: Android flashboot ROM. Android All in One Toolkit makes workflow easier and has mass storage.

How To Unlock Bootloader Using All In One Android Tool

Unlocking the bootloader is not difficult when you are using all in one tools. Here we show you the step to unlock the bootloader.

  • Select the bootloader you want to unlock and install the USB driver.
  • Your device has to be compatible so that you can easily install USB drivers.
  • Now, go to setting options and click on the phone. After that, click on the build number seven to eight times, and then go back to the developer option to enable OEM unlocking.
  • Now, enable your USB debugging on your device.
  • Switch off your device to enter into the fast boot-bootloader, and then go to power and click on the vol down button.
  • Interface the tool to connect with your PC and unlock the bootloader.

How To Flash TWRP Recovery Using All in One Android Tool

  • You will get Mobile Flashing Tools All In One So you have to install USB drivers first and unlock OEM by building the number.
  • Enable your debugging USB and go to the power button. Click on the vol down button to unlock the bootloader.
  • After unlocking the bootloader, you should go to the recovery section to select the device.
  • Click on the recovery button and choose the update recovery version for flash.
  • Reboot your TWRP recovery options, and click on the flash button to flash TWRP on your device.

 Which Device Support in Android All in One Tool:

Above we mention that android all in one supports 64 devices. But at present, it supports only 12 features, and that’s are-

  1. LeEco Le Pro 3
  2. LeEco Le Max 2
  3. LeEco X52X
  4. Oneplus 3
  5. Oneplus Two
  6. Oneplus One
  7. ZUK Edge 
  8. ZUK Z2 PRO
  9. ZUK Z2 
  10. ZUK Z1
  11. Generic Phone
  12. Nexus 4

Above this, you will find more device that supports all-in-one tools. Like Pixel, Pixel XL. Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Xiaomi Mi A1, Nubia M2, Huawei Mate 10 ,etc.

How to Download All in one tool?

When you want to download an all-in-one tool for your device, make sure that your device is compatible. However, you will find all-in-one for windows all versions like windows 7 to windows 10. Also, this android tool is available for XP, vista, and android phones like oppo, Xiaomi, etc.

To download this tool, go to your browser and search for All-in-one tools for Android. When you get the official link, then click on the zip file.

  • Download the Android tools zip file from the link.
  • Put your cursor on that file, and click on the right button.
  • Go to the properties, you will find the check button options at the bottom of the dialogue box, and unlock the box.
  • Now, double click on the zip file to extract and the go-to set up.exe to install, or you can click all-in-one application.
What is the tool in all in one?

All-in-tool is such a kind of windows utility tool. It works with various activities like unlocking your device, flash recovery of TWRP, the flash stock image on your device, etc.

Which devices are compatible with Tool All in One?

Oneplus 3, Oneplus Two, Oneplus, OneZUK Edge, Pixel, Pixel XL. Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Xiaomi Mi A1, Nubia M2, Huawei Mate 10, etc. Are compatible with the tool.

Final Words      

An All-in-one android tool is not only for windows; you can also see it on your phone device. This android tools support 64 devices and have exclusive features.

In a nutshell, we try to describe all the sections of these Android tools so that you can easily download them for your pc or phone. It helps to unlock your device, and the most important is the flash recovery system.

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