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Who doesn’t like to watch movies? Everyone, right? But not many people like to have Netflix or other streaming platforms as they are paid services. Aside from that, people like to watch the latest movies free of cost.


So if you’re one of those, you’re at the right place. Today we’ll be talking about a popular movie watching and free downloading platform. But as it’s a pirated site, it’s illegal, and there’s a high chance that you cannot access it without a VPN as it’s banned.

But with such a huge number of people who want to watch movies for free, we’re with a popular site named Moviesflix. Yes, there are other movie-watching sites like this one, but there are some extra advantages of watching movies from this free site. So let’s find that out…

What is Moviesflix?

Movieflix is a website from which users can download content like movies, tv shows, series, etc., for free. As it’s not a paid service like Netflix, amazon prime, or other platforms, users are really interested in this site.

Besides, moviesflix offers the latest content in a quick time. Due to this, users tend to visit this site and download content rather than buy the original ones.

You can get the latest movie or documentary on moviesflix within a week of its release. Since you’re getting the chance to watch the same content for free and enter the Movie Ki Duniya, why would someone want to pay for it!

Another noticeable feature of this site is, it has a dedicated search option for users and categories. Movies, series, tv shows have different categories and listings. So you can find your desired show easily. Even if this doesn’t work, you can manually search for a movie or show in the search bar. And it’ll appear after that!

Although it’s a useful site, there’s a catch! Moviesflix is a pirated site. Yes, you’ve heard it right. Almost all the free content downloading sites are pirated, and Moviesflix is not an exception. In many regions, pirated sites like these are banned.

Besides, it’s also illegal to download movies or content from pirated sites as it’s against the rule. So by no means do we support pirated sites and their use, but our sole purpose is to clarify things regarding this!

But if you still want to visit these sites and enjoy watching content, you can use VPNs to access them.

Why Should You Choose Moviesflix?

Moviesflix is an all-in-one place for movies, documentaries, and series.That’s why it’s also called Movie Flix Hub. According to a report, it has millions of content to watch and download for free.

Here’s why Moviesflix would be a great choice-

  1. It’s free. The most beneficial things are that you need to have a subscription or pay to enjoy content on moviesflix. Due to this, users get mad over this.
  • Moviesflix is the all-in-one place for all types of content. Whether it’s movies, series, or even documentaries, you just name one thing that it doesn’t have!
  • Moviesflix houses more than millions of content for its users. And the site is live 24/7. So no matter what the region is, you can always enjoy the free content on Moviesflix.
  • Moviesflix has the latest released movies and shows on its site. Yes, it takes a few days but considering it’s free and easy to use, the wait is worth it!
  • Doubtful about the resolution and quality? Well, no worries. You can enjoy HD quality movies on MoviesFlix. Besides that, it has 360p, 480p, 1080p content according to customer needs. So if you want to save space by downloading low-resolution content, you can also do that on Moviesflix!
  • If you want to download any content from movies flix and want to watch it on mobile, you can also do that. Mas said earlier, Moviesflix offers high quality as well as low-quality movies. The low-quality ones come just only at 300MB on Moviesflix. So even if you don’t have much storage, it won’t be a problem.
  • Moviesflix has different categories like English, Hindi, Tamil, and Bangla. You can get all the latest movies according to the categories there.

Alongside Bollywood movies, movies flix also has Hollywood, Tamil language movies for all types of viewers. Besides, you can also find movies with subtitles.

But among all these pro features, there are some cons of Moviesflix as well-

  1. It’s a pirated site. So it’s illegal to download and watch movies from these sites
  2. Sites like movies flix are banned in some countries and regions as they violate the laws
  3. To access these sites, you’ll need a VPN
  4. Moviesflix has many ads that redirect you to different websites. These websites can have malware
  5. While downloading content from movies flix, your PC or mobile can sometimes get attacked by viruses and malware. So be careful!

Why is Moviesflix better than Paid Platforms?

As you already know, Moviesflix offers free service to viewers. As it’s non-paid and has millions of movies in one place, that’s why the majority of the users prefer this over any paid platform.

On the other hand, some content watching platforms like Netflix and Amazon prime where you need to buy a monthly subscription. Yes, it’s possible to enjoy the latest content at the time of release, but they don’t have a huge collection compared to moviesflix.

Here’s why moviesflix is better than paid platforms-

  1. Moviesflix is free, and it has a huge collection of movies, series, and documentaries compared to paid platforms
  • Moviesflix has all types of content. But the paid platforms have the contents that are only released on their site. So they don’t have a huge collection compared to the free-moviesflix site
  • Moviesflix have old and classic movie and Tv show collections that are not found on paid-platforms
  • You need to create accounts on paid platforms, and only 1 person has 1 account for himself. But being a free site, moviesflix can be enjoyed by anyone.
  • If you want to pay the bills on paid platforms, your account will get disabled. So you need to renew every month or buy a long-term package. But as moviesflix is free, you don’t have to take this type of hassle ever!

How to Download Any Content from The Movies Flix

Moviesflix is also called Movies ki Duniya. With millions of movies, series, and content to watch, it has truly gained people’s trust.

As you already know, you can download and watch any type of movie; it’s necessary to know about the downloading rules first, right?

But remember that, as Moviesflix is a pirated site, you cannot access it without a VPN (VPN might not be needed for some regions). Also, the pirated site has ads that redirect you to other websites. So you need to close those and come back to the original sites for downloading any content.

Step-By-Step Guide for Downloading Contents

  1. Starting with connecting the VPN on your phone or PC
  • Next, you need to the moviesflix website
  • There you’ll find many categories termed as movies, TV shows, documentaries, and much more. In those categories, there are sub-categories as well based on Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Bangla, etc.
  • You can look into those categories to search your content or can use the search bar to search manually
  • After getting or selecting the movies, you need to download them on your PC.

After selecting the content, the download instructions are given there. We recommend using third-party applications like Qbit-torrent to fast download the contents on your PC or mobile

  • And that concludes the downloading procedure!

Is Moviesflix Legal or Illegal?

There’s no doubt that Moviesflix is illegal and banned in many states and countries. Moviesflix uploads the latest movies on their sites after their release, and it costs the original filmmakers a lot. Moviesflix is maintained by a team that collects the original movies and uploads them on their server.

As movies flix is a pirated site, we highly advise users not to use these sites. The government has been trying to shut down these sites, but they always come with

new names and domains. As these pirated websites need no payment and are available 24/7, that’s why viewers get mad over them. But the bottom line is that we highly discourage people from visiting and using these sites for content watching. Instead, use legal ways to watch movies, series through paid methods In Netflix, amazon prime, Hotstar, etc. So follow the laws and enter the legal Movie Ki Duniya!


The sole purpose was to enlighten you about third-party sites where you can enjoy movies 24/7. In no way do we promote pirated sites and their legality. The pirated sites are 100% illegal, and as a responsible citizen, you shouldn’t visit those sites.

But there’s no denying that Moviesflix does offer a wide range of movies, series, and TV shows free of cost!

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