Best List for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Custom ROM 2022 (Update)

Last Updated on January 3, 2022 by XDA Team

So many people are now surfing on Google to know what is the best Samsung Note 4 Custom ROM in 2019. You are none but one of them. As you are already in this article, I will assure you that you won’t go anywhere else. Stick to this article until you finish the bottom line as we are going to reveal the best Samsung Note 4 Custom ROM for you. If you see some Samsung note 4 custom rom 2018 don’t surprise if few of them may pop up in 2019 because of huge popularity.

Samsung Note 4 Custom Rom

So don’t look back and begin the journey to know Samsung note 4 custom ROM 2019:

Lineages OS 15.1:

We know that you will not get surprised if you see the Lineage OS 15.1 at the top of our list. As this is the best one available to us, and it is keeping the popularity on the same track, so it pops up to you like the first one. So this also calls for Samsung as Lineage OS note 4.

To be apparent, this comes to you after the death of Cyanogens. This one built with a great amount of customizations windows. Again, this is a fully packed with the complete Stock Android interface. Due to the Lineage’s team hard work, it can come up in every Smartphone. The developers bring it to us as the highly recommended os, especially for the Samsung note 4 firmware.

Resurrection Remix:

Resurrection Remix 6.2.1 comes to us this year based on Android 8.1 (Oreo). This one is pretty vigilant with the help of CM, Omni, and Slim. Again, it is built in Original Remix ROM, so we are pretty much sure about the excellent performance with the newest features. Don’t forget one thing that it is one of the ROM which has the greatest diversity with features. If you don’t have it on your device, don’t worry as you can have the Samsung note 4 ROM download option available. Last but not least, this OS comes out as snappy and enhances the durability to last longer.

Emotion OS:

Don’t be surprised, if we tell you about the Lineage OS. The Emotion OS is a great OS, which is based on the Lineage OS. So, some feature will be the same, including but not limited to Navigation Bar, Status bar settings, Omni Switch, Gestures, widgets, App circle bar, and the notification drawer. This OS is providing the best performance based on security patches, theme support, and ultimate customizations from the recent updates.


The last but the final effective best custom ROM for your galaxy note comes up here. We have found it as a well built with many decent customization options. To be frank, this ROMs interface is similar to the traditional Samsung one. However, it omitted the bloatware.


So, you are now in the bottom line of this article. We are pretty much sure that you get the best Samsung Note 4 Custom ROM list (Updated). All this ROM has impressive features, and now the time comes up to choose the one for you. It depends actually on many things; however, it up to you from this list which one you will finally select. But there is no doubt all of it are the best choices for you.