Download HTC One M7 Best Custom ROMs List 2022 (Update)

Last Updated on January 3, 2022 by XDA Team

So you came here to know about HTC One M7 ROM which is the best in 2019. The phone came out in the market in 2013 February. Here we will tell you all the HTC one m7 ROM download options. Once you read the full article you will get to know how you can have HTC one m7 custom ROM download. So let’s not wait anymore and see htc one m7 ROM list: Download Category All Custom ROMS

Lineage Os:

Lineage os htc one m7 is the most popular and earlier version of the firmware. It is known as CyanogenMod or CM to us. However, the CM has withdrawn the popular version of the Android mod. Therefore many users got disappointment. Few of the users still think that CM mode will be taken into the new Android mod. But the whole scenario is uncertain.

Overall, we can assure you that Lineage OS is considered as one of the best custom ROM for any Android users. So, Lineage ROM comes with a lot of variation in terms of features. Those features are including but not limited to:

  1. Customizable status bar
  2. Theme
  3. Resizing Navbar
  4. Navbar color
  5. Quick toggle feature

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Android Oreo:

You must hear about the Android Oreo which was released in Aug 2017. This is the 8th iteration of the Andriod version that comes with htc one M7 ROM official too. Currently, Android Oreo 8.1 is still alive in the market. In this OS you may find the features like

  1. New emoji
  2. Picture-in-picture mode
  3. Multi-window
  4. Better public Wi-fi connections
  5. Revamped notification
  6. Notification dots and channel
  7. Google Play Protect

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Viper OS:

Viper OS is another custom based firmware which relies on AOSP code but it has its own custom mods. More importantly, this is famous for its custom made versions other than CM, Lineage, and Slim. This ROM was designed when Google released the code and htc one m7 ROM install with that Android 7.1 nougat. Consequently, it becomes one of the most stable custom firmware providing many features.

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Xiaomi developed the latest MIUI which is called MIUI 9. This is now available on the latest smartphones of Xiaomi as a Customized ROM. Again, this ROM developed based on the Android OS. you can also use this ROM in other devices. In that case, you need to HTC One m7 ROM zip file. Once you get the zip file you can run on it in a customized process.

> Download Link


AICP is commonly recognized as the Android Ice Cold Project which has started on Desire HD after that it evolved into a great ROM by dint of big community. Until Lolipop popped up in the market, it was based on AOKP. When AOKP stopped the development process, it came back on the next year with Lineage OS.

AOSP Extended ROM:

AOSP extended ROM is based on the source code of AOSP and it provides smooth and lag-free operation. In 2019 they come with many great features to run the ROM even better. It would be with the Status Bar, Lock screen customization, Theme and so on.


So here you come to the bottom line, I hope you get to know the all HTC one M7 One Best Custom ROMs list in 2019 as we have brought this exclusively for you.

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