Download Best LG G3 ROMS (Official And Custom Version)

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Do you want to download the best Roms for LG G3? And it should be an official and custom version? We are here to help you with how you can download LG G3 Roms for your device. LG G3 can run into your device if you have an Android Os version. 

LG G3 comes from the famous flagship company with ergonomic design power and volume key. People want to use custom Rom because They offer better performance and usability than the stock firmware.

For daily usages, you need a better Rom for your device. We make a list in our blog post so that you can find the best official and custom Roms for LG G3 versions. 

 What is Android Stock ROM

When you buy an Android device, you will know about the Stock ROM, which means preinstalled operating system. It has another name, and that is ‘stock firmware.’ Rom is the best operating system for Android devices. Yet, stock Rom is the phone manufacturer, and it has limited function. Stock Rom runs into your android device perfectly, and the software is stored in the ROM. 

What is Custom ROM

A third party develops custom Rom, modifying the operating system uniquely. You will get custom Roms in your old or new manufacturers of the best LG G3 Roms devices. A custom ROM is more flexible than a Stock ROM, and you can customize it as you wish. 

To replace your device with Android’s original Operating system, you need a custom ROM for LG G3. The community core developers develop the Custom ROM. Custom ROM modifies the original firmware using the Android source code and improves the functions of the Android device.

Best Custom ROM For LG G3.

LG G3 comes with the best custom ROM. Below we make a list of LG G3 ROMs. To install the best LG G3 ROMSyou need TWRP recovery to root your android device. Before installing TWRP, you need to unlock your bootloader for security purposes. 

Now your device is ready to install TWRP and root your device. It backups your Android data, cache, restore, wipe out the system, etc. Here we briefly describe the best custom ROM list for LG G3.

Android 10 Q ROM Download For LG G3

Android 10 Q ROM is the best custom ROM for LG G3. You will find the official google tenth version. Android 10 Q has new features like live caption, smart reply so that you can take responsibility for your incoming messages. The sound amplifier is fine-tuned with a battery backup system. 

  • To install Android 10 Q, you have to unlock the bootloader and then flash any custom ROM. 
  • Also, be sure that you download all required files.
  • Reboot the recovery mode of LG G3.
  • Now go to the recovery menu, click on the install button, and tap on the install images. Now you will see the TWRP file and select the image file.
  • Now confirm the flash and reboot the recovery mode again.
  • Go to the wipe option from the TWRP menu.
  • Go to the advance wipe and select the data system, cache, vendor, and again swipe to the wipe options. 
  • Now flash your ROM zip file.
  • And reboot your device again, which will take a few minutes.

Android 9.0 Pie ROM Download For LG G3

Android 9.0 Pie ROM is the updated version of Google Android OS. Android 9.0 Pie comes with a UI design with an advanced battery. 

  • First, unlock your bootloader on your device and root your customs recovery installed on your device.
  • Backup your important data and file before installing Android 9.0 Pie.
  • Find out your initial storage on your device and transfer the file.
  • Reboot the TWRP and down the volume button together to hold your power.
  • Go to the home screen on your device and take a backup option.
  • Now install the Android 9.0 Pie ROM file and flash your device.

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Lineage Os ROM Download For LG G3

To download the Lineage Os ROM for LG G3, you must follow the essential requirement. You can install Lineage OS ROM officially by custom recoveries like TWRP or philz.

  • So first, download Lineage Os Rom and transfer the file to the gapps file internal storage.
  • Boot your recovery device and click on the wipe.
  • Tap the TWRP menu and install the Lineage OS Zip file to transfer to your device.
  • When you select the zip file then swipe flash to begin the custom ROM.
  • You will find the Wipe cache option when you successfully flash your device. Select that, flash the Lineage OS gapps file, and reboot your device again.

AOSPExtended ROM Download For LG G3

If you have any hardware-related issues, flash your Stock ROM from your device first before downloading AOSPExtended ROM for LG G3. After that, check your LG G3 and Lineage tracker options. Now you can download AOSPExtended ROM from the Mega site and install it. Open your GApps and root your device.

Bootleggers ROM Download For LG G3

  • Go to your phone screen and tap the Gapps package. You will find the bootleggers ROM. 
  • Go to the advanced and boot to recovery. It takes a few minutes for LG G3 ROMS. 
  • Now you have to back up to save your data from losing. 
  • Now go wipe and then advance wipe and check the Direct, cache, data, system, and then swipe everything on your device. 
  • Then go home and install and select the ROM.
  • After that, click on add more zips, select the Gapps package, and swipe to confirm.
  • Now flash is complete and reboots your device.

Pixel Experience ROM Download For LG G3

  • The bootloader should be unlocked on LG G3.
  • Install TWRP recovery for your device and download Pixel Experience ROM for LG G3.
  • Now boot the recovery and flash your custom ROM.

ViperOS ROM Download For LG G3

  • Download ViperOS for LG G3 and then reboot it into TWRP.
  • Select wipe and swipe the factory reset when your phone enters into the TWRP recovery, select wipe and swipe the factory reset.
  • Return to the recovery menu and install ViperOS ROM for LG G3. Before doing it copy all files and data on your SD card.
  • Back to the TRWP and navigate the gappsViperOS file.
  • Install and reboot your device again.

CrDroid ROM Download For LG G3

You will find CrDroid Rom for LG G3 available now. You can now download CrDroid ROM official versions.

  • Do not use titanium backup when installing CrDroid Rom. Yet, you have to download the custom recovery.
  • Follow the custom recovery guide, reset the wipe data factory, and go to cache and system.
  • Download CrDroid ROM and copy it to Oreo gapps on your phone.
  • Select the ROM file for installing, swipe to the flash, and wait for completion.

Resurrection Remix ROM Download For LG G3

Resurrection Remix ROM is the version of Lineage for LG G3. You can download the resurrection remix from above. Before downloading, be careful that your clean flash is high. Then go to wipe, data, cache, and system and flash the ROM zip. 

MIUI ROM Download For LG G3

MIUI also uses a custom ROM device for LG G3. To download MIUI ROM for LG G3 go to recovery, then fill the wipe. After that, flash the ROM and reboot your device again. 

Liquid Remix ROM Download For LG G3

Liquid Remix comes with the latest versions and has great features. It is the best ROM today for LG G3. To download Liquid Remix, clean and flash the wipe, data, and cache. Before doing it you need a Recovery system like TWRP. 

Final Word

In a nutshell, we describe above the best LG G3 ROMS that change your device super fast. You can download any custom version depending on your Android device. All the ROM consist of customs and stock ROM, and when you download any of them, you need a recovery system. All the ROMS downloading systems are in the same category. 

Read the recovery guideline and follow every step. And download your best ROMS for LG G3 and enjoy your customs ROM.