Best List For HTC One M8 Custom ROM (All Variants)

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If you’re here to know about the HTC One M8 Custom ROM, you will surely get it as this article will precisely tell you about that. First of all, to install any custom ROM, you may need to have the TWRP recovery on your particular device. So once you install the TWRP, you can easily start the installation process with HTC one M8 custom ROM 2019.

HTC One M8 Custom ROM

Also, if you follow our step by step description of the HTC One M8 custom ROM install guide, you can surely have it on your smartphone. But to make sure that you need to read between the lines of HTC One M8 custom ROM free download guide here:

Lineage OS:

HTC One M8 custom ROM Lineage is from the old school custom firmware, and it is renowned as CyanogenMod or CM. This company, however, causes disappointment for the many users for withdrawing the popular Android mod.

Still, some people believe that the legacy of this CyanogenMod came up with the Android mod, but the cloud is overcast over there as uncertainty. The chaos remains with the introduction of CyanogenMod’s latest one, but the company is giving back the reply with Android Mod.

Whatever happens with this mod, the Lineage OS is still on the track as the best custom ROM for HTC one m8, so don’t look further, if you want to have it on your smartphone.

Single Sim variants:


Dual Sim variants:



Who can forget about the HTC One M8 custom ROM MIUI? Today you have the MIUI 9 version developed by Xiaomi company. Apart from its own devices, it is also famous in some other devices too. This one is coming out based on the Android OS. More specifically, it has a great variety of features like Theme support, Status bar, Customization, and Mi launcher without the app drawer is now become more popular. However, there are some other features too.

Download Link:

Rom V7:!Y9wQnJ7I!fSiqg8vcW…7fkgCY3OysW29o


Flyme OS 6:

Flyme is considered to be the stock android, and it is developed by the Meizu for smartphones based on Android OS. From many features, it is one handed user experience with completely redesigned apps and also has great performance optimizations. In this OS, you may have a great flat design depends on the number of optimizations for performance. It also has a black feature that allows on-screen navigation for you.

Download Link: Mirror Link


You may have already heard of the Android Ice Cold Project which is now become a mature custom ROM having the best community. However, AOKP, the developer stopped the development until Lollipop came to us. But in the next year, it came to the track and handshake with the source of Lineage OS. For HTC one m8 custom ROMsxda it would be one of the best choices for you out of the crowd.

Latest Stable Release Version 13.1

Download Link:

Resurrection Remix:

Who can forget about to tell Resurrection Remix to you? This is a great combination provide with the amazing stability of CM features from Omni, Slim. The original Remix builds an awesome combination along with the performance, power, and customization. Also, the latest features brought directly to smartphones. Once you have it, then we assure you-you will have the stable and combined best open-source of custom ROM. XDA HTC One M8 Download By

xda htc one m8

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Wrapping Up

Thanks for reading between the lines of this article of the Best list for HTC One M8 custom ROM. We’ve poured all the information here so you can thoroughly get to know the list here. If you think there is anything we’ve missed out, do let us know.

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