Lenovo k50a40 Flash File Firmware Free Stock Rom Download

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Sometimes many users do not know what the main cause of why this happens is. In general, mobile phones could fall into boot loop due to incorrect installation of applications that can damage the firmware. In my experience, it happened to my Lenovo k3 note once when I decided to root it with the wrong method, causing it to stick to the logo and restart itself. In this article, we will teach how to use Lenovo k50a40 mt6752 flash file.

Lenovo k50a40 Flash File

How to use Lenovo k50a40 mt6752 flash file?

1) Download Lenovo k50a40 mt6752 flash file.

2) Put the firmware file on the Lenovo k3 note SD card. Remember not to leave it in a folder.

3) Then turn off the Lenovo device.

4) Connect your device with PC through a USB cable and run the flash file.

5) Now press on the option Wipe Data/factory reset, then Wipe Cache partition> Wipe Dalvik Cache> Battery Stats> and finally Install zip from sd card.

6) Select the .zip file of the downloaded firmware.

7) Click on install and then on YES. Once done, wait until the installation process has been completed.

8) Now Go back and click on Reboot to restart your Lenovo Smartphone.

That is all. If you have questions, you can leave a comment.

What is the firmware?

The concept of firmware was used for the first time in 1967. The firmware is part of the hardware since it is integrated into the electronics, but it is also considered part of the software since it is developed under a programming language. It could be said that it works as the link between the instructions that arrive at the device from the outside and its various electronic parts.

Any firmware must fulfill three clear functions. First, give the system the fundamental routines of operation and response concerning the usual requests it receives and must satisfy the user. It also establishes an interface so that, in this way, the configuration of the system can be made quickly. Finally, another function is to control and manage the boot of the device system, as well as the initiation.

Download Lenovo A6000 Latest Flash File

How to use Lenovo k3 note lollipop flash file with Lenovo smart assistance?

Download, install and run Lenovo Smart Assistant and Drivers.

Go to the Device Rescue option and choose the Model Name “Lenovo k50a40”, HWCode “33” and click ROM.

Choose the ROM in the “Online” option (Lenovo k50a40 flash file tested) and click “Download”.

If you want to install other firmware such as “S032” for example, just download it (available link in the necessary files of the first method).

Then unzip to some folder and inside the Lenovo Smart Assistant instead of choosing the “Online “at the time of choosing the ROM, choose the” Location “option, then click on the folder icon. Go to the folder you unzipped and chose the file and then click on” Flash “and follow the next steps.

After downloading click on “Flash” choose the file “rawprogram_unsparse.”

If you have not installed a Custom Recovery like TWRP, turn on the SECURED (VOLUME +) phone, then choose the “Download” option on the mobile phone.

Firmware Download Link

Keep in mind some considerations:

You will lose everything stored in your phone’s internal memory, including photos, videos, games, and even root access. TWRP just like any other type of customized recovery will be eliminated. Instead, the recovery stock version will be installed. If you want, you can reactivate the root user or reinstall a customized recovery again soon after this process is finished.

After completing the tutorial process, your mobile phone will again be able to receive official firmware updates, provided you do NOT re-enable root and DO NOT reinstall a custom recovery. It is recommended to have at least 70% charge to do the process.

Final thought,

In each Smartphone has a different way to flash or reinstall the OS, either from a software manufacturer or a custom recovery. It is for simplifying the installation and be able to return to the previous status of your Lenovo device. Download Lenovo k50a40 mt6752 flash file from here and don’t forget to share.

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