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Are you looking for LG Android MTP Driver for your Windows? Here we share the MTP USB driver for your Windows, which is free to download.

LG USB driver is a simple driver tool that you can connect the drive with your phone and Computer. When you want to connect your LG device with your computer, you must use these drives.

LG Android MTP Driver

People use this to secure their connectivity between phone and computer. Here we will show you how you download this LG USB MTP driver for your windows. Also, show you the features so that it is easy to check out this driver and you can enjoy it.

Features Of LG Android MTP Driver

Mobile USB Driver:

The LG Android device MTP driver is a Mobile based USB driver to connect your phones easily with this driver. Like Android phones and computers, you can connect both with LG drivers. The LG Android MTP USB driver is free to download, so installation and downloading systems are accessible. You can download the latest version of the LG Android driver for your Windows OS.

Easy To Use:

LG MTP driver is easy to use. When you use this LG Android Driver, the transferring data system becomes very easy to transform from your Windows computer to your Android phone as well as from Android to your PC. If you want to search for the most helpful drive tools for your phone, then LG is the best option for you.


Though LG supports Android phones, it is compatible with Windows XP, OS, Vista, Windows7 to 8, 10, etc. You will get all this with the 32-bit version, and 64-bit versions. Using 32 or 64 bits version, you can operate LG Android MTP USB Driver on your computer.

Update Breeze:

LG MTP driver updates your firmware breeze and scans your phone automatically. The updated version of the LG drive changes your phone’s work and looks. 

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Why Need LG MTP Driver

LG Mobile MTP device driver helps share movies, music, video from your pc to your mobile phone. It is secure to share your favorite things or files. Because LG MTP driver has software that makes a firmware breeze that scans your phone. 

When lg mobile support tool is offline installed on your computer it does not take too much space. You can download LG drivers for windows 10, which supports 64 bits. 

So that you can share more files from your phone to your computer without viruses. When you connect your drive with your phone, you feel free that your phone is in safe mode. To secure a phone device and share many files and documents, you need to download the LG MTP driver.

Download LG Android MTP Driver For Windows

LG MTP driver supports Windows 8, Windows 10, XP, Vista, etc. Now we will share how you download the MTP driver fast on your computer.

  •  When you download the LG driver, the first step is to update the LG Android USB MTP on your computer. And click on the link given to download the LG Android MTP drive.
  • After downloading the drive file, you have to install the LG driver by using the zip file of the LG.
  • Extract the LG drive file and install it successfully on your pc, windows 8, or Windows 10, consisting of 32 to 64 bits.
  • After installing the Lg drive, restart your computer.
  • After rebooting the system, you will see a setting option appear on your screen.
  • It is time to connect your device with your LG MTP USB drive.

LG pc suite download is free. Lg drivers download now easy for your Windows OS, XP, or vista. Follow our above instructions to install the USB driver and enjoy the drive.

How To Use LG Android MTP Driver

  • When you download the LG Android MTP driver for your computer, you must first install it on your computer. 
  • Remember, various Windows OS installations are different. For instance, in Windows XP, you must first click on the start button. 
  • Then go to the control panel and system and maintenance. After that, go to the device manager.
  • When you connect your driver with your device, first, you have to go to the phone menu. Then click on the setting option and go to general. 
  • Now, set the phone to the MTP driver.
Why does MTP USB fail?

MTP means media transfer protocol. So when it is not installed well, then the USB fails to work. So before installing, you must ensure that your phone hardware is working well.

What is LG Mobile Support Tool?

LG support tools are, AirDroid 3.7.0, Syncios 7.0.4, LG Bridge 1.2.54, Droid4X 0.11.7, Helium Desktop 1.0, Moto Contacts Tool 1.0.

Final Word

LG Android MTP Driver is essential for your computer because it can share so many files at a time. And it also scans your LG phone or Android device automatically. 

It is safe to share files from your device to your computer using LG drivers. So you can download the LG MTP drive for free. You do not need to subscribe to install the driver.

Above discussion, we try to show you the details of LG drive and its support tools. Support tools help you to give a different look on your device. Download this drive from the link box and enjoy sharing your important document, image, music, video, etc.

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