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The latest Windows 11version has already created hype among PC users. Though it has many negative feedbacks, there are many upgraded features in this operating system than other older ones. Microsoft took a long time to develop and release this OS in the market.

Windows 11 ISO File

In this post, we will walk you through the proper way of downloading Windows 11 ISO File and installing it on your computer. We will also mention the eligibility to use the system on your computer. Let’s dive in!

Windows 11 Download Free

Windows 11 ISO Download is a highly compatible and customizable OS that you can use on various computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

You can create more than one desktop from the same operating system and adjust them.

Windows 11 operating system has become incredibly advanced because you don’t need to keep all the files of the software systems on your PC. Instead, it has become cloud-based.

So, everything you install will be stored on the cloud system. This allows you to upgrade and fix any system errors quickly continuously.

Windows 11 Free or Paid Price Details

Microsoft is not charging any money to use their newest Windows 11 operating system. People who have been using Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10 can easily shift to the new operating system without paying any money.

The main focus of Microsoft is to bring more people to the Windows 11 platform so that they can remove the old version of Windows operating systems gradually.

Though the task is quite challenging, Microsoft took this challenge to build a better ecosystem for Windows users. The main problem is people’s unwillingness to get used to the new system and the usage of very old computer hardware and parts.  

Windows 11 32 Bit And 64 Bit ISO File Download

No doubt, Windows 11 is one of the biggest updates of Microsoft for which users had to wait more than six years. A lot of improvements people will experience while using this operating system, such as notification panel, Settings, Microsoft Store, and so forth.

One of the very noteworthy introductions of this operating system is the modified Start Menu. Like Mac-style, Microsoft has included all the Start menu icons in the center of the taskbar.

Users can’t have any live tiles accessibility any longer. Thus, the customization options will be limited compared to older versions.

Though you can arrange icons in different ways, the size of the start menu is fixed. You can’t change it.

Another noteworthy feature of Windows 11 is its “recommendations” panel. It will show the most used app in this section so that you can find your preferred application quickly without navigating unnecessarily.

Managing settings and notifications with the Windows 11 operating system will be easier since you don’t have to visit the setting panel. You can control it from the desktop.

Windows 11 ISO File Features

Since Microsoft took six years to release Windows 11, it is not hard to see that they have come up with a significant change in their operating system. Let’s see the main features of Windows 11 ISO.

Windows 11 ISO File Features
  • The design, location, and font style of the Start Menu, Taskbar, and Search Bar are completely new compared to older versions.
  • You will notice the latest animations when you move or drag the windows. Not only this, you will experience a new animation for opening, closing, or minimizing a window. They are not similar to older versions.
  • Now, you can split your desktop screen, giving you higher efficiency for multitasking.
  • Microsoft has also improved the touch controls substantially. The problem people were facing on the Windows 10 will be vanished on Windows 11.
  • Windows 11 comes with multiple improved sound systems. There was a lack of change in the sounds on windows 10. But Microsoft introduced some quality sounds in the Windows 11 OS.
  • Microsoft has cut off all the pointy corners in their Windows 11 OS. Instead, they replaced it with rounder corners to bring a Mac-like ecosystem.
  • Like Android and IOS operating systems, Microsoft has introduced dark mode in their Windows 11 OS for the first time.
  • Differently designed sizes of Widgets are included on the Windows 11 OS.
  • The folder color of Windows 11has become multi-colored and horizontally oriented.
  • Microsoft introduced a new Snippy application to take screenshots more easily.
  • Many older applications will have a new design and font to make the entire windows system more user-friendly. Everything will have a consistent design for better compatibility.

Some issues of Windows 11

Though there are more than 100 pros of Windows 11, it is not free from cons. For example, Windows 11 is compatible to use with Intel Killer networking software. Hence, the performance of this OS may not be up to the mark while streaming videos or browsing websites.

What’s more, you can upgrade the Microsoft Windows 11 using the Coc Coc browser since it is compatible with their OS. Apart from that, VirtualBox is also incompatible with Windows 11.

For Windows 11 System Requirements

There is a minimum hardware requirement for installing Windows 11 System.

  • In order to install Windows 11, a minimum of 1 GHz with 2 or faster cores processor is required.
  • Though higher RAM can be more convenient, 4 GB RAM is the least requirement.
  • A minimum of 64 GB Hard disk is recommended.
  • If your BIOS has UEFI with secure boot, you can use windows 11.
  • Your monitor or screen should be at least 9 inches with a 720p resolution.
  • The minimum requirement for a graphics card is DirectX 12 compatible with WDDM 2.x driver.
  • Lastly, a stable internet connection is necessary.

If you are unsure whether your Computer hardware is eligible to install Windows 11, you can use the PC Health Check software to figure it out. Additionally, other third-party applications are there to see requirements in in-depth detail.

Windows 11 Setup Size Need

Having enough space in your hard disk is necessary to ensure smooth download and installation. According to Microsoft, you need to have a minimum of 64 hard disk space, or more will be required to install this operating system.

Having enough space in your hard disk is necessary to ensure smooth download and installation. According to Microsoft, you need to have a minimum of 64 hard disk space, or more will be required to install this operating system.

How To Download Windows 11 ISO File Updated Version

If you want to download the Windows 11 ISO directly, safely, and easily, it is easily available on Microsoft’s official website.

  • Navigate to the only one website of Microsoft by clicking on this link
  • Choose Windows 11 from several options, which is located below the “Download Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO).” The file is mainly helpful when users want to set it up Windows 11 using a USB Flash drive.
  • Now, select the download option
  • Choose your preferred language.
  • Press the confirm button.
  • After pressing the confirming button, a new download option will appear, and click on it to proceed with the download.
  • It may take almost half an hour or more, depending upon the internet speed.

How To Install Windows 11 On 64 Bit OS

Installing windows 11 on 64 Bit OS requires you to follow some simple steps as you did in the past for installing windows 10/8/8.1. Here are they:

  • First, download the ISO file on the computer and shit it to the USB drive or any similar portable drive. Make sure it has a minimum of 16GB of Space.
  • Keeping it on the USB drive will make it bootable. You can use software like Rufus to make the USB drive bootable.
  • After downloading the Rufus or similar software, open it. Choose the Windows 11 ISO file from the option.
  • Make sure you don’t change any section. Keep the ISO file default. Tap on the start icon from the lower section.
  • The flashing procedure will start and take a few minutes. Once the flashing process is completed, the Windows 11 will be flashed in the pen drive.
  • Now, insert this USB drive on the computer you want to install the Windows 11 operating system.
  • Next, reboot your computer. Once the screen comes, press the boot button several times.
  • Select the USB Drive as the main option from the several boot menus.
  • Afterward, press the enter button. The installation process of Windows 11 will start.
  • Select the language and time using the keyboard or mouse.
  • Choose the Install Now icon.
  • We are assuming you don’t have any official product key, so choose the “I don’t have a product key” icon.
  • There will be several editions of this operating system that will be visible on display to the next window. Choose your preferred one.
  • Now, Choose where you want to install Windows 11. Generally, choose the C drive.
  • Finally, click on the Next option. Wait until the process is completed. It may take one or more hours. Your computer will restart while installing Windows 11.
How do I download an ISO File in Windows 11?

Downloading an ISO in Windows 11 requires you to visit the official website of Microsoft and get it from there directly. Avoid getting it from third-party websites since they may have virus-included files.  

Is Windows 11 ISO Available Now?

Yes, Windows 11 ISO has been available on Microsoft’s official websites since they have officially launched the product on October 5, 2021.

How Can I Download Windows 11 For Free?

You can easily download Windows 11 For Free from Microsoft’s official website because Microsoft is not charging any money to download the Operating system. However, you can’t use some premium features unless you have the product key.

Final Words

We always push ourselves to the newest things. The introduction of Windows 11 can be a game-changer if you have been using a too old Windows operating system for a long time. Microsoft has focused on making the operating system as a whole user-friendly regardless of your profession.

Though there are some issues in Windows 11, Microsoft is working rapidly to solve this problem. It is advisable to use the latest hardware to get the best out of Windows 11. After all, the newest software and hardware are more compatible with Windows 11.

Hopefully, you have learned the proper way of downloading and installing the Windows 11 ISO file directly without any fuss. We recommend you not to use any third-party websites since they may contain viruses, which may harm your computer performance. Let us know if face any problems.

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