SPD 7731E Flash Tool Download All Version

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SPD device users face different types of bugs in their devices and driver issues as well. Besides, many users complained their SPD phone got slow after the latest update. If you’ve also faced similar problems and want to fix them, you need to flash your SPD device!

Flashing your SPD device will solve all the problems mentioned above. It even helps to change the android version of your device, and you can go back to the previous one as well. But if the device has a driver problem, you’ll also need the SPD driver tools as well, and then you can flash it.

So for all the SPD drivers, we bring out his flashing guide. And the most important tool for this guide is SPD 7731E Flash ToolAs flash tools might not work or get undetected, we’ll share the SPD driver files/tools as well.

What is SPD Flash Tool?

The SPD flash tool is a device/application that is needed to flash the SpreadTrum powered devices. As flash tools vary from model and brand, that’s why you need the exact or supported flash tool to flash or root your SPD device.

Almost all android devices have bugs. But some devices really become unusable for them. Besides, there are other issues with custom ROMS as well. So to solve any of the issues/all the issues at the same time, the SPD flash tool comes in handy. This tool lets you flash PAC/PAC5 files on your SPD device.

The flash tool for Samsung devices won’t work for SPDs. So you cannot use the 7731E flash tools in other devices except for SPD phones!  Here, we’ll show the flashing/rooting process with the 7731E flash file for SPD devices.

Download SPD Flash Tool All Version

Features of  SPD 7731E Flash Tool

  1. This 7731E flash tool is easy to use for its interface. Even a beginner can use this flash tool to flash their SPD device. For its self-explanatory instructions, it is the best SPD flashing tool!
  • P5C firmware is found only in a few smartphones at present. So it’s really difficult to find flash tools for this firmware. But the good news is, you can use the 7731E file to flash this firmware!
  • This flash tool can come in handy alongside the recovery files for flash recovering.
  • You can hard reset your SPD device with this tool.
  • The 7731E flash file lets you check the RAM and ROM of your SPD device
  • You can also fix the SPD driver problems with this flash tool and SPD driver files.

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How to Flash SPD Devices with Flash Tool

Few things to Remember before Flashing

Keep a backup of your SPD device’s data. Flashing the device will erase everything (only internal storage data)

Keep more than 60% in the SPD device

Your device can get stuck/freeze during the flashing process

You need to download the USB drivers in both SPD device and PC

Flashing Process

  1. Download the SPD Flash tool and install it.
  2. Connect the SPD phone and PC with USB cable
  3. Transfer the download SPD flash file to your PC
  4. Extract the flash tool
  5. Open the 7731E flash file and click on load packet. Then you’ll need to find the PAC or P5C firmware
  6. Restart the SPD device
  7. In the flash tool, you’ll see a start button. Click on it
  8. Upon clicking the start button, the flash tool will start to flash your SPD device
  9. If you see any issues with the flashing problem, understand that the drivers are incorrect/faulty.
  10. Download SPD USB Drivers and try again. Now the flashing will work.
  11. And you’ll see a ticked/passed icon. Click on stop. Disconnect the SPD device and PC. And that’s it!


So that’s the way by which you can use the SPD 7731E Flash Tool and flash your SPD device. The 7731E flash tool can also be used to unbrick your SPD device. We recommend downloading the SPD USB drivers again, even if you have the working ones. Without the USB drivers, your SPD device won’t detect the Flash tool.

But remember that flashing the device will erase the internal data. So read the prerequisites carefully while flashing your SPD device. Good luck!

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