Samsunh J7 SM-J700H MT6572 All Version firmware flash file Download

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All model of Samsung clone firmware downloads files
In here, you will find all models of Samsung clone firmware files to flash your Samsung Smartphone. Original China official clone scatter firmware download files from all these firmware files are 100% tested from our expert mobile engineers. So here you can only find 100% active and checked firmware files without any password. All these Samsung clone firmware files work for: Spreadtrum, Mediatek Chipsets.
Download all models of Samsung clone firmware files.Direct Download Link Server.

Download Samsung New smartphone J7 SM-J700H Mediatek 6572 all version firmware flash file free & without Password.


preloader_rtech72_we_72_kk.bin :97.8Kb

Password: rtech72



preloader_tangxun6572_we_l.bin: 97.7 kB


preloader_j7270  ( 99.2kb )
Password: gsmmarhaba
Blank & white Solved firmwasre flash file
All the given Samsung clone firmware files including the procedures. However, these files are compatible with the all the Android version of Jellybean, Gingerbread, Kitkat, Lollipop, and Marshmallow. But before proceed for download and setup the Samsung clone firmware have a look below into this entire topic too.
Why do you need to flash your Smartphone?
Like you know, Androids are the easiest, popular and fast operating system from any others. Androids always look forward to presenting something new to their users. That’s why they keep updating the version, so the handset manufacturer updates their latest phone with the newest Android version. You may buy a latest Android version of Samsung phone six months ago, and it’s still working great. But once the recent version of Android arrives, it will stop taking new updates, can’t download new apps and the speed will gradually slow. That’s why a phone need to after using a while. If there is no critical problem, the slow performance phone is enough to think about to quite about it.
But get rid of a fully working phone is not an ingenious solution to have. You can speed up the performance just flash its STOCK ROM. And the bonus, if can get the opportunity to use a ton of latest application and all. Just a new custom ROM can revive the Smartphone just like that. There are some other things so flash the ROM and download Samsun clone firmware files. Such as, by using for some time if you notice your phone is unnecessarily slow or suddenly switch one unwanted application or download data without your knowledge then definitely is something wrong. Check the list below; here some cause given that point your phone need to be flash.
The phone is very slow, even after there is plenty of space in RAM.
Prevent is turning on any or some particular applications.
Often take restarts without giving notice.
Spend extensive data for downloading.
Take massive time charge battery.
Power drainage problem.
Get totally dead.
The benefit of having a flash to your Smartphone
Apart from above mentioned factors, a fully successful mobile flash will give multiple benefits like-
Get rid of white screen or Blank screen
Hang On Logo
Sudden Restart
Frp Lock
Pattern Lock
Pin Lock
Password Lock and much more.
How to flash your Samsung handset?
How to flash your Samsung (clone) android set?
Before download the Samsung clone firmware files and flash the handset let’s know something more about flash a custom ROM or what is flashing.
Flash means, loading a different version of operating system than the current one. Complete versions of Android OS which modified or customized by a third party or ROM builders. Usually, these versions are perfect for faster performance, good battery life, and upgrade features.
For example- one of the popular ROM for Android named CyanogenMod is ideal for using when you want a complete custom ROM just like a new one. The reason behind saying a ‘completely new and custom ROM’ is, many custom ROMs cannot completely remove previous files, they run contain with last files or data. So some problems remain on your handset. But the CyanogenMod can remove all the old data you added before, or the old version of Android carried. Like it can eliminate all your Samsung clone handset’s sense or spirit apps entirely. However, if you are going to use this ROM for Android or another ROM, it’s safe to root your Smartphone first. Because it will helps you to get a better result of flashing your mobile. Not only for getting a new fast working custom ROM but also complete the flash procedure without any interrupt.
Complete procedure of flash your Samsung Smartphone
Here given some simple procedure of how to flash your Samsung handset by using this Samsung clone firmware files. Just download the particular flash file of your handset model and follow the instruction.
Step 1- Download USB Driver Download and Setup, this process require Android USB VCOM Driver.
Step 2- Open your Samsung Smartphone SP flash tool and load the targeted Scatter firmware.
Step 3- Now select the MTK Scatter Document file and open it by double click.
Step 4- A download or upgrade button will appear on the screen, press the button.
Step 5- Turn off your phone, press volume key – or + continuously.
Step 6- Insert the USB cable.
Step 7- All step correct use or flash running, wait for 5 minutes.
Step 8- Flash is done!
Step 9- Open download green signal.
Step 10- Now unplug the phone and reconnect the battery.
Step 11- Press the power button to turn on the phone.
Step 12- Flash is Complete.
Remember …
Some of Samsung sets require some post work of STOCK ROM flash. After completing the flash, you may need to flash your mobile’s IMEI. Some Smartphone doesn’t work without flashing the IMEI. For flash the IMEI you need to download primary IMEI tool with the Samsung clone firmware files. Original IMEI tool comes with your Samsung (clone) Android set.
Your phone is ready with the new custom ROM. But it’s empty, but your phone is alive and kicking! So, transfer web browser, play station and other necessary setup files from your PC and install. If you find any complication during flash your Smartphone, or could not download the firmware file you need, then let us know. We will try to help you as soon as possible. For more information or download Samsung clone firmware files or other brands of mobile Firmware files visit

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