Samsung J200H, J200G FRP Reset File (Manual Guideline) Download

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If you are using Samsung J200G smartphone and after reset device, you cannot access the device, this article is for you. Here, we are going to guide how to do Samsung J200G FRP Bypass using Samsung J200G FRP Reset File. FRP lock now becomes a common problem in all new devices. After coming android operating system 5.0 lollipop, Google launched the device with factory reset protection. The protection is to keep safe and secure your device from theft.

Samsung J200H FRP Solution

How to use Samsung J200G FRP Reset File (Manual guideline)

This method is applicable to any person. You do not need to have knowledge of computers, electronics, and electricity. Take a backup of important files, contacts, messages and other data. After reset, all of your data will lose.

Samsung J2 FRP Bypass in mobile access stage

Download the Samsung J2 FRP Reset File Odin on a PC. So, you can save it in a micro SD memory, then place the memory in the phone and turn it on respectively. Odin is a software developed by Samsung. It can be used to install ROMs or firmware on Android devices.

Connect to a Wi-Fi network. So that, by this means you can configure another existing Gmail account. After that, you can be able to log in normally.

Return to the start screen to enter the talkback setting, press with both fingers at the same time. Touch the fingers with the touch button, do not press too much. Until you indicate a voice note, stop press when a beep sounds…

You give in following until completing the instruction; the next step is to draw an “L” in the home screen and select “TALKBACK configuration”. Now, enter with the double click.

Then draw another “L,” in the new window that displayed and select “Stop comments”. So that, we can use the phone normally.

Attention Please
Go to the bottom of the screen, and select “Help and comments”. Select in the new window write any data and click. At this point, you will show you the options of “CUT, COPY, and a few dots,” we select the three dots “… “. Some versions show the options ” CUT, COPY AND SEE (HELP in some cases),” you select ” SEE or HELP.”

Samsung J2 FRP Unlock installation stage FRP

Making the previous point we will be in the google search, is where you write “ARCHIVES or ARCHIVES MANAGER”. Then the folder named above is shown, through which you can enter the micro SD memory. Here the necessary APPS are installed.

Install the Samsung J2 FRP Reset File. It will depend on the Android version of your mobile, then install the FRP and click on open…


You will find yourself in a window where you click on the three points and ACCESS TO NAVIGATOR. Here you will enter an existing Gmail account, enter the required information and RESTART the device. Download Samsung J200G FRP Reset File from here and don’t forget to share.

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