5 Best Soldering Iron for Guitar 2021 Review And Buying Guide

Do you love playing the guitar? Are you interested to repair instruments yourself? Then, this content will be useful to find the best soldering iron for guitar. As you are aware of the minor problems, repairing will be easy. So, it will become handy to have around.

Robin wanted to buy the perfect iron for soldering his guitar. He thoroughly researched the tool. And finally, after buying it for the fourth time, he found the perfect one. He is happy with the purchase.

This product can do several things together. While using regularly, minor problems occur. You should use it to solve those.

Unless the guitar is severely damaged, you do not need to go to a service shop every time. The user-friendly tool will enhance your experience.

What is the use of soldering iron?

The soldering iron is a hand device that is used for soldering. Solders are a mixture of metals in small quantities.

The iron is plugged in for heating. After that, working on solders to repair or build begins. There is a process where the heat melts the solder. That enables it to pass the joints around two elements.

The tip does the work. It is left for becoming firm and cold once the bond is complete. Until the further change, this will remain the same.

As a versatile product, the usage is widespread. But usually, this iron is useful for repairing, installing, or assembling. For example- in the case of guitars, you can use them for fixing damaged wires. Even making pedals are also possible.

Top Reviewed Soldering Iron for Guitar

It is never easy to find the right product for you if there is no proper research. There are thousands of products to confuse you with their presence. Sometimes it becomes difficult to differentiate as well.

This is where product reviews get in the picture. Authentic and useful reviews can save you a lot of money and time. So, we would love to provide you some to ease your search.

1. GLE2016 Electric Soldering Iron Kit 60W

At the top of the list in search of the best soldering iron for guitar is from GLE2016. This is the lowest priced product of all from our review. If you wish to do small projects with a low-budget, this will be helpful.

This product offers you seven different colors to choose. There are five types of tips included in the package. And also, a welding thread. The tip material is stainless steel with iron-plated. It has the feature of working on one side.

The manufacturer made sure to use quality materials. That has made the product impervious. You can heat it within 2 minutes and start working. As it is for light use, the body consists of ceramic materials.

It does not need any soldering station. Because of the 60 watts power, the temperature varies from 200°C to 450°C. The non-slip grip will ensure to avoid any accidents. This tool is useful not only for guitars but also for other solder jobs.



2. Weller SP40NUS Medium Duty LED Soldering Iron, Red/Black

Weller soldering gun is a well-known brand in the market. It has a wide range of products available for the customers.  

SP40NUS is one of them to provide customers with the best choices. This device can perform medium-duty. It also gives protection while soldering. 

LED technology is the main attractive feature. It has three lights attached to the pen. That means you can work even in the dark without light.


The tips are easily replaceable. They are inexpensive as well. If you want, there is always the restore option at a low cost. The product design offers a strong, stable, and comfortable hold while working. Also, the handle is non-slip. So, you can work without interruption. They work for accurate delivery.


It comes with the facility to change the pen tip with different ones as necessary. The highest allowed temperature is 900 degrees. While traveling, you can easily transport this inside the toolbox. The user manual will help to operate the machine properly.



3. Toolour Automatic Soldering Gun Kit Temperature Adjustment Auto Solder Feed

This device is a 6 in 1 soldering iron kit from Toolour. The product contains a satisfactory review from the customers.

It is a great product for different welding use. You can also say it is the best soldering iron for electronics.

The biggest advantage is the single-hand operation facility. Now you do not have to use both hands. With this automatic gun, it will be possible to complete every portion of soldering. 

Moreover, the automatic temperature control feature is magnificent. It can adjust the heat from 500 ℉ to 896 ℉. It is a useful product for different welding use.

The manufacturer placed the controls on the gun handle. That made the tool very handy for use. 

Inside the package, you will get a solder gun, two tweezers, one desoldering pump, one soldering wire, one mini driver, and a user manual. 

The multi-functional tool has a wide range of operating opportunities. This is a professional tool

that allows you to solder the following-

  • Printed circuit board
  • Integrated circuit
  • Vacuum tube
  • Large transformer’s wiring
  • CMOS circuits
  • The main ground of metal base plate



4. Weller SP80NUS 80-Watts LED Soldering Iron

Another Weller soldering iron is on our list. If you are looking for an affordable product with state-of-the-art updates, this is for you. The product is excellent for lightweight projects.

This model comes with the latest LED technology. The lighting system will ease your soldering process. So. there is no need to carry a flashlight everywhere. It means you can work in areas with low or no light. 

In the basement, garage, or parking area- it will provide you enough light. Weller soldering iron tips are well-built to deliver you a satisfactory performance. This iron device was inspired by consumers and DIYers who want a professional touch for their DIY projects.

The triangle handle works incredibly. When you start to approach the handle, it will give a comfortable and firm grip gradually. After the tip is pointed in the working area, and you start soldering, that is the time for getting the best hold of that. Additionally, the temperature can go up to 899.6⁰F or 482⁰C.



5. Weller WE1010NA Digital Soldering Station

The last one for review of the best soldering iron for guitar is the Weller WE1010NA. This time it 40% more powerful. The manufacturer launched it to replace two previous models. It is capable of heating faster. Also, provides a faster recovery time. That allows users to do soldering with efficiency.

Weller soldering iron is well-known in the industry. This newly introduced model is a pen-style iron. The lightweight is ideal for doing the work with perfect balance. They have also included a safety rest. This will allow you to place it safely in between uses.

The LCD can easily show the temperature, power on-off, and navigation through the options. This device also possesses features like- password protection, standby mode, and energy-saving. The tips are easy to change as well.

The Weller soldering iron kit is available with two options. One will contain five pieces of tools and accessories.

The other one will have eight pieces. You can buy the one according to the requirements.

Moreover, you will be glad to know both vocational and professional users can use this tool. So, get your iron and start repairing freely.



User Buying Guide

Before buying your soldering iron, know the purpose for the usage. This tool is for repairing broken wires, pots, capacitors, or transistors. You can also build guitar pedals. So, it is a multi-functional tool for your instrument.

It is good to know the factors that will identify the best soldering iron for guitar. We have gathered the following information to help you find the appropriate one.


This represents the sum of heat, producing from the tool. There are products with different watts. They are suitable for doing several works. As it is an indicator of power, it is better to buy a compatible with the device.

Buying a powerful iron does not necessarily mean- it is the better one. Rather, focus on the purpose. In the marketplace, a variable wattage soldering iron is available. The standard unit commonly available is 20-60 watts.

When you lower the power within 5-25 watts, it becomes suitable for thin wires. Also, circuit board and other components with light duty. The iron can weld wires, jacks, and various guitar parts with a 25-40 watts range. However, for repairing audio cables and broad sections you need 40 or more watts.


Soldering irons are available using two elements. They are nichrome and ceramic. If there is a question of the better ones, the answer is critical. It depends on the purpose of your usage.

The nichrome element uses electrical resistance to produce heat. It can store more heat. Also, the tip temperature drops more slowly.  When you need continuous heat for the long run, you should use this one.

Soldering iron with ceramic elements is usually small. It heats the body that is close to the tip. The heating process is fast. But does not stays hot for long. This element can handle short and quick beads pleasantly.

Temperature Control

You should buy the iron with higher quality. This will sustain the temperature at a fixed amount. If it varies continuously, working can be difficult. Manufacturers sell them saying they are temperature controllers. But it is the watt regulation that sends the heat. So, check these before the final selection.

Type of Handle

You will find two types of handles for iron solders. The first one is a pencil type. It is a straight unit without bending. And, another one is the hatchet type that looks like “L”. This tool is bent up to 90 degrees. With this shape, it offers an ergonomic grip for working comfortably.


This is a crucial factor as you will be working with the tip. There are conical, chisel, and point tips for users. But the last one is best for repairing and building work. They involve in pots and switch contacts. Pointed tips are the tools for you. Additionally, for large wire soldering and cables, chisel tips are perfect.

Shape and Size

There are several sizes and shapes obtainable. The right one will depend on the purpose and volume of use. You will find most devices with extra tips.

Also, the specifications and compatible information are attached. See the requirement of the instrument and buy the soldering iron.


This feature will enable you to carry them without hassle. If frequent traveling is part of your lifestyle, it is a vital factor. Again, the type of work you will do will also define it.

For small usage, cordless solder irons are better. But for large jobs, you should get the corded ones.

Heating Time

The soldering machine should have a standard heating time. Generally, it should be three minutes before you start work. This time will give you flexibility and deliver quality finishing.

LED Lighting

When working in critical areas like circuit boards, lighting is useful. Otherwise, it can ruin the work. This feature is a must and valuable for new users.


If your tools come with accessories, it is an advantage. It is always better to have them as a kit. Cleaning sponge and brass coils are mandatory to keep them working accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What solder should I use for guitar?

The type of solder depends on the item and the purpose. For guitar, we will recommend Rosin-core 60/40. This solder expedites the bonding process. Here, the 60/40 means the ratio of tin and led. 

2. At what temperature should I solder my guitar?

Whenever you work with soldering irons, temperature becomes a crucial issue. It varies depending on many factors. If the solder is leaded, then 190°C will melt the whole thing. And solders that are not leaded needs 200°C to melt.

When you work on the printed circuit board, 325°C is enough. You can start working. This temperature can be insufficient. Increase the heat for better results.

It is always a good idea to start with low heat to minimize the damage. Specifically, if you are new to using this tool.

3. What is the best soldering iron for model railways?

When the rail transports are remodeled to reduce the size, they are called railway modeling. The Antex 25 watts iron is ideal for this purpose. It works at 230 volts. Using different tips are simple as they are replaceable.

4. Are soldering iron tips Universal?

The answer is- they are not universal. There are different manufacturers for producing soldering irons. Each of them has various types of tips depending on the models. Again, the tips vary regarding use. So, one tip will not fit on other brands. As a result, they are not interchangeable. 


After practicing for a few years, everybody already knows to solve the cable problems. All you need is to find the right one. For the best soldering iron for the guitar, make sure it is compatible with the device.

Please remember, there is no rush buying this tool. Take your time and learn how to utilize the tool in need. If you own a guitar, that is undoubtedly precious to you. 

For a non-regular usage routine, there is no need to spend high-price. But if you repair often, choose a versatile and heavy-duty soldering iron. You will find multi-functional tools for this purpose. This criterion is also applicable to DIY enthusiasts.

When you have gone through all the necessary information, you will easily find your right one. It will be difficult to miss the best one.

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