If you have anything to solder, choosing a great soldering gun to do the job for you will be awesome. However, with so many soldering gun brands coming through, it is hard to make the right choice.

That’s why I have prepared the best soldering gun reviews for you to work with. In this post, I have rounded up the best models, chosen the top-rated sellers, and rounded up other vital tips that will be of help.

That’s why you should read my post to the end. Hopefully, when you do that, you will find it to be extremely helpful. First, the reviews!

The List Of Best Soldering Guns

The first model that we will look at is the Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit. The 110V 60W soldering iron that features one of the most advanced printed heater technology.

The soldering kit has a ceramic heater that heats up your soldering iron to the most targeted temperature quickly.

The temperature range is also adjustable between 200-450℃and will be very viable as the soldering iron has large venting holes that maximize energy efficiency.

The set up again has a solder sucker that’s designed with a simple construction. You can, therefore, cock it and then press its trigger button while operating it with a single hand.

The body of this desoldering pump is again made from aluminum. It can, again, resist high-level beat, hard corrosion, and above all, attain the best heat dispersion.

More importantly, this is a multifunctional soldering setup that has a durable plastic case. As such, it is very convenient when you want to store the small tools that you use in your trade.

The kit is also light in weight and easy to carry. Thanks to this type of trait, you can easily move around with it without any damage. Use this top-rated soldering gun and enjoy one of the best warranties too.


  • Anti-Static tweezer
  • Solder wire tube
  • Desoldering pump
  • Tool case


  • Safe ceramic heater
  • Light in weight
  • Durable aluminum touch
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Comes with a safety stand


  • Does not illuminate your work

While the Weller D650 Industrial Soldering Gun may come through as ideal for new learners, it is another best soldering gun if you want a one-size-fits-all design.

But what makes this soldering gun a model to look for? Well, the Weller D650 Industrial Soldering Gun is an energy-efficient soldering gun with a voltage intake of about 200W/300W, 120V.

The gun is a dual-heat wattage gun that maximizes your production and ability to work your way through pressure.

It has a pistol-grip design that gives it a great ergonomic design. The heating up process is also fast, and within 6 seconds, the gun is often ready for use.

According to its design, the fingertip trigger will help you to select the highest to the lowest output, which is found in the 1st and 2nd trigger positions, respectively.

There are up to 4 soldering and smoothing tips that are available. Thanks to this soldering gun’s heavy-gauge, tin-plated copper tip,you will get a highly efficient work.

This gun again has twin lights that you can use to illuminate your work and prevent any forms of damages.

Get this two-wire cord soldering gun and get the best soldering experience for all your soldering jobs.


  • Two-wire cord
  • Tin plated copper tip
  • Heat level trigger


  • Heats up very quickly
  • Cool ergonomic design
  • Best for all technicians
  • Illuminates your work
  • You can regulate the heat


  • 4 tips are too many to learn quickly

Like the D650, this is another best soldering gun for all your soldering needs; the Weller D650PK Soldering Gun Kit is more of an improvement from the D650.

As such, the two share more or less the same features. Even so, the D650Pk produces one of the highest power outputs of all.

The soldering gun will give you up to 300 watts when at the highest range and just about 200 watts when at its lowest range.

While this type of output will ensure that you get the best energy efficiency, it is the trigger that most users love. The model has a high output regulator and a low output regulator.

It enjoys one of the best ergonomic designs and will work for you for extended work periods if you want that.

With a tin-copper tip, cleaning and using this soldering gun will be very easy. More importantly, this soldering kit also comes with a well-designed carrying case.

It is portable, light in weight, and you can use it for longer. The soldering kit again has a great design with a cool logo at the back.

It gives you quick heat-ups and, as such, will save you time and energy. This is a reliable industrial-quality soldering tool that easily fits into any manufacturing set up that you choose.


  • Soldering iron
  • Solder stand
  • 5 solder tips


  • Best for heavy jobs
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to clean after use
  • Energy efficient
  • Ideal for any level of soldering


  • Shallow user manual

Next in line and from the same brand as the one above is the Weller 9400PKS Soldering Gun Kit.

Since it comes from Weller, there aren’t any doubts that the gun is one of the best soldering guns that you will find today.

The gun is easy to use and has some of the best features that you’ll find only in a top-rated soldering gun.

For starters, the Weller 9400PKS Soldering GunKit comes with a 6-second heat-up technology, which saves time by making your soldering tip ready for use in no time.

There is the presence of the 3 inbuilt LED lights that will provide you with a spotlight for your projects. This will help you to eliminate the tip shadow and to get the smoothest cuts possible.

In addition to that, this model again has two trigger positions,such as the models above. You can, therefore, control the power that you need at high to medium levels.

The soldering iron will give you the perfect fit co-molded pistol grip that you can use for a long time. The grip features a soft and non-slip grip with an awesome ergonomic feel.

More importantly, this same soldering gun model has a 7-year warranty. This means that you will save so much money in case you experience some manufacturing defects.


  • LED lighting
  • Dual Power Trigger 140W / 100W
  • Tin copper tip
  • 3 LED lights


  • Six-second heat uptime
  • Clear illumination
  • Easy to switch on
  • Quick access trigger
  • Light in weight


  • Heavy duty

Finally, for our best soldering gun reviews, we have the Weller D550PK 260-Watt/200W Gun Kit.

This is another one of the top-rated soldering gun kits that you can buy today. The Weller D550PK offers professional strength and,again, smooth control to any top-notch technician.

With its2-clear front-facing LED lights, this model offers the best clarity even under the dimmest places.

The soldering gun has the pistol grip design that provides a non-slip touch. The ergonomic grip allows you to work for longer without feeling any fatigue.

More importantly, it gives you an easy adjustment fingertip trigger that you can easily use to switch between the 260-watt and the 200-watt settings.

The model is also good and will heat up in just 6 seconds. Thanks to its heavy-gauge tin-plated copper tip that’s extremely reliable and easy to work with.

The soldering gun again offers 260W/200W dual-heat technology and a 2-wire cord for the best results.

Again, there is the presence of the coil of lead-free solder and a flux brush for cleaning. You will get three tin-plated copper tips that you will use for soldering and cutting.

The gun is portable and has a carry bag that keeps all your accessories safe. You will get a soldering gun that has a universal design and one that you can rely on for numerous types of jobs.


  • 3 soldering tips
  • Fingertip trigger
  • Deal heat technology
  • 2 wire cord


  • Quick heat up
  • Select high or low output
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to work with


  • Only three tips

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Best Soldering Gun Buying Guide

With the best soldering gun reviews comprehensively covered, the next thing that I’d love us to look at is the buyer’s guide. How do you tell that the soldering gun kit that you are buying is the right one for you?

Take a look at some of the most vital factors that you need to keep in mind whenever you are buying a soldering gun kit.


The first thing that you should look at is the price. You need the right price. In addition to that, you don’t need to overspend beyond your limits. The right price should revolve around your budget.

This means that you should determine a budget that you are comfortable with and then shop around that budget for your best soldering gun kit.


Once you have looked at the price, you’d want to understand the type of power output that your soldering gun comes with.

Having a model that’s equipped with dual power output is good. It allows you to regulate the amount of power and to get great results.


The next thing that you want to keep your mind to is the weight of the soldering gun. The weight of your gun will influence you in two different ways. First, it will determine how long you can hold and use the soldering gun.

Secondly, it will determine whether your soldering gun is portable or not. A portable model is easy to move around with at any time.


An ergonomic grip equals easy to control and handling of the soldering gun kit. It gives you easy access to the trigger and allows you to regulate the amount of soldering power output easily. More importantly, it prevents any form of slippage during an extended soldering experience. As such, it is important to pay attention to the type of grip too. Some of the grips that you can go for include:

  • Padded grips
  • Rubberized grips
  • Grooved grips
  • Ergonomic grips


Apart from that, you also require a soldering gun that you can use around dim areas. This means getting a model that comes with LED lighting for an added illuminating capacity. Make sure that you get reliable intensity for your use.

No. of Soldering Tip

Different soldering needs will require different types of soldering tips. Make sure that you have a soldering gun kit that offers several soldering tips. These tips will help you to get different levels of soldering experiences that you can easily work with.

You can switch between the tips that you have depending on the soldering needs that you are facing at the time.

Adjustable Temperature

Finally, having a gun that you can easily adjust your temperature levels with is also very important. It prevents overheating and ensures that you enjoy easy and direct soldering techniques.

Additional Information

It is true that we have seen a smart guide for any new buyer. Even so, there are still several other additional tips that you can work with. These are what we are going to look at in the following section.

Care and Maintenance

The one thing that you should remember once you have nailed your best soldering gun is proper care and maintenance of the soldering gun.

This is important because it will ensure that the gun you are using lasts longer, performs better, works faster, and, more importantly, gives you the value for your money.

To take proper care of your soldering gun, here is what you have to keep in mind from the first time you buy the soldering gun.

  • Follow the user manual
  • Store your soldering gun properly
  • Make use of the warranty for defects
  • Clean your soldering gun after use
  • Focus more on the intended use of the soldering gun

NOTE: Depending on the type of materials used to make the soldering gun, proper care of the soldering gun will allow you to enjoy a better soldering experience at any time of the day.


The last thing that we should look at is the common concerns that most people have about soldering guns. In that line, I will highlight some of the common questions that you’ll often meet on soldering guns.

What are the best materials for making soldering guns?

Aluminum, tin copper tips, and rubberized handles are some of the best materials that you will encounter for your soldering gun. They are durable, long-lasting, and comfortable. As such, they provide you with the best experience.

Where can I buy my best soldering gun?

The online purchase makes one of the best places that you can buy your soldering gun from. The choice of purchasing the gun online presents you with multiple advantages. You will get the best prices, direct warranties, a wide range of models to choose from, and doorstep deliveries. Consequently, you will save time, money, and energy.

How long should a soldering gun take to heat up?

To heat up to the required temperature, your soldering gun should take the shortest time possible. Often, the best soldering guns will last between 6 and 10 seconds. This is awesome and will save you so much time.

Which is the best soldering gun for a beginner?

The best soldering gun for a newbie is a power-efficient model. It should be easy to learn and quite affordable at the same time. Making sure that you don’t spend so much money before you love trade is very important for a newbie.


Now that you have seen the best soldering gun reviews, buyer’s guide, and other vital information, it is time to make up your mind and choose the best model for your use.

Whether you want to repair various electronics or a circuit board such as welding, jewelry, and guitar, choosing the right soldering gun will play a crucial role.

The same applies if you want to fix a watch, do some wiring, or get down on a mobile device, including computer hardware and other small electronic works.

The choice you make, however, should be taken proper care of for it to last longer and also give you great value for your money. This means keeping the care tips at heart and also going with the warranty.

More importantly, you should learn how to use your soldering gun kit by following the user manual. The manual will leave you with a clear picture and an easy experience.

Choose your best soldering gun depending on your needs so that you get the right experience out of it. You can start with any of the top-rated models that I’ve given you here.